Online or Offline Roulette

The modern form of Roulette has been around since the 17th century. The game is immensely popular and one of the most commonly played table games in casino establishments, because it is fun to play and the rules are fairly easy to get your head around.

You always see players flocking to the Roulette tables in large numbers in casinos, and it wasn’t until the late 90s that the game of roulette made its appearance in online casino establishments, much to the delight of millions of online roulette players from around the world.

Fortunately, the online and offline versions of this game are identical in pretty much every way, so there’s literally no learning curve even if you’ve never played at an online casino. Furthermore, the latest addition at online casinos is their Live Dealer games, so it’s now possible for online players to play the game with actual live dealers that you see in real time via a video stream from the comfort of your own home.

But, of course, although the rules of both online and offline roulette are the same, there are some basic differences in how the games play that you need to be mindful of, and we’ll discuss the specifics of this in greater detail below.

The most notable difference when playing roulette at a real casino, rather playing against a random number generator (RNG), you’ll be playing against an actual dealer who spins the roulette wheel for each consecutive game. With that being said, online players should know the RNG used in online roulette simulates the old-fashioned way of playing roulette.

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As already alluded to above, convenience is a nice perk you get when playing online roulette. You can play your favorite roulette games to your heart’s content at the click of a mouse button or tap of your smartphone when playing roulette on a mobile device. No matter where you’re located, you will have access to the best online roulette games at anytime (obviously in keeping with the terms of the online casino).

At the live roulette tables, the game begins with the players exchanging money for special colored casino chips. The most common denominations of chips are 10, 25, 50 and 100. You also use different denominations of chips when playing roulette online, however, online roulette is slightly different because there are both “Play money” and “Real money” roulette games available, meaning it’s possible to play roulette for fun without using your hard-earned money.

Speed of the Game

When comparing online and land based roulette, there is definitely a difference in the speed of the game. In live roulette, there is a lot more the dealer has to do. The dealer will assist the player if they’re not in a position to place a wager. Bets that are not won are swept away, and winning bets are paid to the winners. Players who decide to leave get the dealer to convert their roulette chips into regular casino chips. Everything is automated in online roulette. Bets are placed automatically and if the ball falls on one of your numbers wins are paid out instantly. The speeds up the game significantly!

Betting Limits

You’ll find online casinos have lower betting limits than their land-based cousins. Online roulette games cater to players of all levels and bankrolls. Expect the majority of live roulette tables to have minimum bets of $1 on inside bets, while online roulette games will allow you to wager as low as $0.50, even sometimes as little as $0.25 per spin!

Roulette Games

When you’re playing roulette at a brick-and-mortar casino, you’re typically going to only find one variant of roulette you can play. American Roulette is found at North American casinos, and European Roulette is found pretty much everywhere else. However, at online casino websites, they are not limited by space, and hence, they can offer any games they think players will like. You can often find three or more roulette variants offered in the table games section of the online casino platform. You’ll often see American Roulette, European Roulette and French Roulette (which is essentially just like European Roulette, just with the En Prison rule) side-by-side.

In Conclusion

After all is said and done, there are lots of benefits of online versions of roulette. But if you’re looking to take in the whole atmosphere that comes with gambling at land based casinos, then it’s hard to look past offline roulette.

It’s not a case of whether you should play one game or the other, either. What tends to happen is that online roulette creates an appetite for the real experience at a casino. Of course, if you’re not sure if you’re quite ready to play online roulette games for “Real Money”, you can always try the “Play Money” roulette tables first.

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