Online Roulette Bankroll Management

Roulette Wheel, Chips, MoneyRoulette bankroll management refers to the way that you configure your bankroll and the size of your bets while playing roulette. When you’re playing online roulette, you have a little more control over your roulette bets because you can play at your own pace. It’s an important skill to learn so that you can enjoy yourself while playing roulette for real money and not have to worry about your gambling bankroll taking a hit.

Online roulette allows gamblers to enjoy one of the most exciting of all casino games without actually having to visit the casino. But just because you might be playing at home, or somewhere else far away from the casino lights, it doesn’t mean you should change your strategies. And with roulette, a big part of the strategy is the ability to manage your gambling bankroll.

In the following article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about bankroll management when playing online roulette. We’ll talk about how to judge the amount that you put in your bankroll by your goals when playing. And we’ll also look into some good tips to use while answering some important questions about online roulette bankroll management.

The Basics of Managing your Roulette Bankroll Online

When you’re playing online roulette, you won’t have much control over whether you’ll win individual spins. That will be decided by luck more than anything else. But bankroll management is important because it will give you a little bit of control over the game.

When you settle in to play online roulette, you should first decide what you want out of the game. That will help you determine the bankroll management you use. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How much can I afford to lose?
  2. How much do I need to bet to reach my target winnings?
  3. How long am I hoping to play?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you can start to look at the factors that will affect how much your bankroll goes up and down. Take a look at some of those factors.

Pace of The Game

When you’re playing roulette in a casino, you’re at the mercy of the table in terms of how fast the game will go. Most likely, you’ll be looking at somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 to 40 spins per hour at most casinos. You can factor that into your bankroll management plans.

But the great thing about playing online roulette is that you can play as fast or as slow as you wish. You can fire through spins in the amount of time it takes to get your bets down. Or you can ease it up if you don’t want to blow through your entire session too quickly.

Look at the Size of Your Bets

This is another aspect of online roulette that is entirely under your control. And when you’re playing online, the minimum bet tends to be a bit lower than it would be in a casino. For those who want to keep their budget under control, this is a good thing.

European Roulette

When you’re playing online roulette, you can make multiple bets each time the digital wheel gets spun. You should decide how much you’re comfortable betting on each spin in total, then divvy it up among all the bets you want to make. This will keep you from going above your budget.

The Online Casino House Edge

One other thing you should consider when dealing with online roulette bankroll management is the house edge. That’s the amount that you’re expected to lose while playing the game.

It doesn’t mean you will lose that amount exactly. You might be one of the lucky people that wins during your play. Over the long haul, however, the house edge will win out over luck.

  • In European-style roulette, the house edge is between 2% and 3%
  • While it’s between 5% and 6% in most American-style online roulette games

You have to imagine that you’ll be losing that percentage and multiply it by the amount in your bankroll. That will help you know how much of your bankroll you might exhaust in your session.

Adjusting Your Bankroll as You Play

How you adjust your online roulette bankroll as you play is as important as setting your initial budget. There are things you should consider depending on whether you’re winning or losing.

What to Do When You Win Real Money Online

As we mentioned above, the house has the edge when you’re playing online roulette. Because of that, when you do get ahead, you might want to take advantage of that. You should consider banking your winnings when you can.

For example: you might set a limit of 10% above your original bankroll. If you should go on a hot streak, you might want to bank the amount that you won and return your bankroll to the starting limit. That will ensure that you don’t lose what you’ve won.

What to Do When You Lose

If you’ve gambled in any shape or form, you probably have heard the term “chasing losses.” And just as it is in all other forms of gambling, it’s a big no-no when you’re playing online roulette. You should never deviate from your set budget just because you want to keep playing.

That’s why it’s important to do your homework and your math to figure out the best size for your original bankroll in the first place. It should be what you can afford to lose and should allow you to play for as long a session as you wish. If you do that properly, you shouldn’t ever get to the point where you’re chasing losses.

Roulette Betting Systems That Can Help Your Bankroll

One of the things that you’ll find when you do a little bit of research into the world of online blackjack is that there are number of betting systems that are promoted by different outlets. Some of these systems are well-known and have been around for a while. And others might be new on the scene.

The thing that they have in common is that their proponents all believe that they can somehow “beat” roulette if you use them. Since you can’t possibly know how the wheel spins are going to turn out, a roulette betting system might make you feel like you have some control over the action in some respect, which might affect how you think of your bankroll.

Martingale System

Perhaps the most common of these systems is the so-called Martingale system. It’s one that’s been around a while, perhaps because it’s one of the easiest to understand. The idea is that you should double the size of your bet after a losing spin, and keep doing so until you win.

Spin Bet Win/Loss Profit
1 1 Loss -1
2 2 Loss -3
3 4 Loss -7
4 8 Win 1
5 1 Loss 0
6 2 Loss -2
7 4 Loss -6
8 8 Loss -14
9 16 Loss -30
10 32 Win 2

The idea behind this system is that you can make up your losses if it works correctly. This system only works with bets on the wheel that pay off at 2 to 1, such as all black or all red.

The problem with the Martingale system is that a losing streak will push the size of your bet to a high amount. And that amount might exceed the limits of the bets that are allowed.

Do These Roulette Betting Systems Work When Playing Online?

The problem with any betting system in online roulette is that it can’t eliminate the house edge. That stays in place no matter how many different ways you change up your bets. Sadly, no betting system has even been proven to overcome the house edge for the long term.

In the short term, anything can happen. Many proponents of betting systems might believe in one based on the fact that one of their sessions happened to work in their favor.

Their mistake is that they believe that a short session is representative of how the rest of their online roulette action will turn out.

You are much better off finding a style of betting that fits your own personal budget and your desires in terms of potential winnings and length of play. If you go with a betting system, you could end up denying these specific needs. And whatever you do, don’t pay for access for any betting systems, as they are almost surely a scam of some sort.

Roulette Bankroll Management FAQ

  • How Does Online Roulette Bankroll Management Contrast From Playing in a Casino?

    First of all, the rules of the specific game that you’re playing will have more to do with your bankroll needs than whether you’re playing online or offline. You might find some online roulette games with more favorable rules (to the player) than you can find at the casino, or vice versa. Make sure to search for the game that provides you with the best advantage, especially if you’re going to be a long-term roulette player.

    Besides that, you’ll be more in control of the pace of play with online roulette, since you’ll be the one deciding how often the wheel spins. That, along with the lower minimum wager that you can usually find online, gives you a little bit more control of your budget when playing online roulette. With casino roulette, you have to expect that you’ll cede some of that control.

  • Should You Consider RTP When You’re Deciding on the Size of Your Bankroll?

    For those who are unaware, RTP, or return to player, is the inverse of house edge. For example, if the house edge is 5%, it means the RTP is 95% (100 minus 5). The RTP just looks at it from the player’s perspective.

    If it’s easier to understand, feel free to use RTP as a determining factor when thinking about your online roulette budget. For example, if you know you can expect 97% of your budget to be returning to you at the end of a session, you might be able to be freer with your bets than if the RTP was only 95%. You might be able to adjust your bankroll based on this knowledge.

  • How Does the Website That I Choose Factor Into My Online Roulette Bankroll?

    First of all, the website you choose will have its own specific limits in terms of the size of your bets and the rules for moving money from the game to your gambling account. Those will obviously be factors, almost as much, if not more, than the given RTP and house edge.

    On top of that, you might find that certain top gambling websites offer much better bonuses for online roulette than others. You can add those bonuses to your projected bankroll and make adjustments in the size of your bets with them in place. That’s why you should be on the lookout for the best possible bonuses as you the choose the website you’re going to use.