Online Live Dealer Casino Games

The coming of the internet certainly was a huge turning point in the world of online gambling, and ushered in a completely new era for it. Prior to this, while casino gambling had been enjoyed by a great many people for a very long time, you actually had to visit a particular location, where the casino was, in order to play at it.

Given that casinos were often in rather far flung locations, unless you lived in one of these locations, you had to travel to one, and this involved the additional expense of that as well as generally needing time away from one’s occupation.

So we’ve always had casino holidays, and those who have been in a position to go on one and didn’t mind spending the extra money for travel have always had this as an option. This certainly wasn’t very efficient though, in terms of the additional time and money that was required to visit a casino, for most people anyway.

In addition, the physical requirements of a casino added a lot of additional cost to the operation, costs that of course were passed along to players. Casinos tend to be pretty expensive to build and run and the money for this has to come from somewhere.

So when the internet made it possible for people to play at an online casino, with no expense other than just having an internet connection, and play anytime and from anywhere they wanted, instantly, this sure changed the access and convenience of gambling.

Online casinos, just existing on computer servers basically, also saw their operating costs minimized, and therefore they could offer better odds to players than land based casinos could. So the whole operation was made completely efficient.

The Advantages of Land Based Casinos

This is not to say that the experience of playing at a land based casino and playing at an online casino are the same. First of all, there’s the social aspect that computer based online gambling simply can’t duplicate. You are playing on a computer, the casino itself is a computer really, but you can gamble, and that part of the game is preserved.

However, the interface is computer based as well, there are no real cards dealt of course, there are no real wheels spun, there are no real dealers to interact with.

There are of course other advantages that land based casinos enjoy, for instance the other amenities that come with staying with them, the great food, the entertainment, the drinks, and so on. Online gambling isn’t going to provide that, but this is really all apart from the gambling experience, and one does not have to visit a casino to go on a vacation or an outing.

So amenities aside, what really separates computer based gambling with live gambling is that live gambling involves real people dealing real games with real devices, not virtual ones. Some players missed the realism that was lost, but believed that this is the price you pay for remote gambling, even though they would prefer that their hands be dealt from real decks of cards for instance.

Even though virtual representations of gambling devices are well tested by third party companies and can be fully trusted, there’s nothing like seeing the action unfold in real life instead of just virtually.

Online Casinos Come Up With The Answer

What if you could gamble just as if you were at a casino but didn’t actually have to be physically present?  Well some wondered if this were possible, and it would be if remote casino floors could be set up, with players connecting via live high definition video feed.

With all of the improvements in communication that we have seen lately, this was indeed possible, and it was then made a reality. So online players now can enjoy live dealers dealing live games to them, in addition to still being able to play all of the virtual casino games they want.

Live dealers afford the opportunity to be right there on the casino floor, and these casino floors are actual locations, but you don’t have to physically travel to where they are at, they come to you via live broadband feed.

This is just like you were sitting down at the table, only the dealers don’t see you, and you send your bets to them electronically, but other than that this offers as close to the identical experience that you would have to playing at a live casino as you could ever get sitting in the comfort of your own home.

Real cards are dealt to you playing blackjack or casino poker, you watch a real roulette wheel spin in real time, and you can also watch baccarat hands unfold before your eyes. This really is the best of both worlds and it’s no wonder that so many online casino players just love live dealer games.

We are seeing more and more of live dealer games being offered on the internet and it’s certainly an idea whose time has come.

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