Blackjack Online Versus Offline

Choosing whether to play blackjack online versus offline is an important decision for blackjack players. This is true whether you’re just starting out play as a newcomer or are an experienced veteran deciding how to maximize your experience. We’ll hopefully show you all need to know about the blackjack online versus offline debate to make a good selection.

Jack and SpadeFor years, real money blackjack has proven to be a reliable attraction in land-based casinos all over the world. It hits the sweet spot of being a game that’s relatively easy to learn and play while also offering competitive playback. And the excitement of the game can really raise your adrenaline.

But recent years have witnessed the rise of online casinos that offer blackjack competing with live casinos. And it’s no surprise that blackjack has become one of the top games on those sites as well. Players can play the game for real money without ever having to make it to a casino.

In this article, we’ll explore all you should know to make the choice of blackjack online versus offline. We’ll show you the main differences between the two. And we’ll also look at the advantages of both so you can make the most well-informed decision possible.

Differences Between Online and Offline Blackjack

Pace of Play

When you’re playing online blackjack, you can usually take as long as long as you want to make your decisions. You might find some online games with other live players that might impose some sort of limit on the time you take to decide about hitting, standing, and all the rest. But, for the most part, you’re at your leisure.

Online Blackjack and Casino Blackjack

When you’re playing blackjack offline at a casino, you’ll find that the dealer will insist upon you’re playing your cards not too long after your turn comes up. In addition, if there are other players at the table, they’ll apply some pressure as well.

Presence of Other Players

This one comes with a bit of an asterisk. You can find online blackjack games where there are multiple people at the virtual table. And there are also times where you’ll be the lone player at a table in a casino.

What we mean by this is that the presence of live human beings at a blackjack table in a casino adds an extra layer of pressure. You have to worry about the correct etiquette and protocol for playing the game. And you also have to deal with people right next to you scrutinizing your every move.

Number of Decks Being Used

When you play online blackjack, you’ll most likely be dealing with an automatic dealer. As a result, the amount of decks being used is mostly irrelevant. There will usually be a digital reshuffle after every hand, making every fresh deal random.

But when you play in a casino, you have to watch out for how many decks are being used. The less decks there are and the less the cards are being shuffled, the better it is for the player.

Advantages of Playing Blackjack Online

Hassle Free Blackjack Experience

Whether you’re an expert or novice blackjack player, you’ll find that the luxury of playing online can be hard to resist. For experienced players, you never have to worry about having other players “steal” cards that you need. And you can move at a blistering pace online if you know your stuff and can make your decisions quickly.

For beginning players, you never have to worry about what other players feel about your play, because you never have to interact with them when playing online.

That also means that you don’t have to worry about how to make the right hand signals to the dealer when playing your hand. It can be intimidating to deal with all of that in a casino if you’re new to blackjack.

No Distractions

When you’re playing blackjack in a casino, there are distractions are everywhere. There are all kinds of blinking nights and loud noises all around you. You might find yourself thinking about playing another game.

All of this can lead to poor decisions while playing blackjack, which then leads to winning less. When you play online, you can play in absolute comfort. That could lead to better play overall.

Blackjack Strategy Assistance

This is an advantage that online blackjack possesses primarily for beginning players. If you want to get started playing right away online, you can utilize strategy charts or lists of rules for playing hands to help you make the correct decisions and play with ideal online blackjack strategy immediately.

Most deals in blackjack will provide you with a clear-cut choice.

But if you’re dealing with a situation where it feels like you can play a hand one of two ways, being able to consult your information can take the guesswork out of it. And you can actually achieve high-level blackjack play even if you’re just starting out with the game.

Advantages of Offline Blackjack

Rewards as You Play

It’s important to realize that most of the best online casinos have perks and rewards for online blackjack players in the form of free play, various different bonuses, and other things. They are only monetary and might not seem like much of a big deal to you. But when you’re in the casino, you can take advantage of your blackjack rewards as you play.

The key to doing this is to sign up for the rewards card available at the casino then to use it as you play your blackjack game. This can entitle you to all kinds of perks that are right there in the casino for you to enjoy, such as free food and drink, shopping, even event tickets. As you continue to play, these rewards will keep piling up.

Atmosphere of Excitement

Casino BlackjackYou can look at the atmosphere within a casino in two ways. If you’re all about playing blackjack at the highest level possible, you might like the idea of online blackjack because it takes you away from all the distractions. But if you’re in it for a good time, you might welcome the excitement that can come from playing blackjack offline in the casino.

It’s definitely a thrill to play a crowded table where everybody is enjoying themselves and there’s a pleasant dealer in charge. And the excitement of hitting a blackjack or coming up with a winning hand thanks to a lucky card is magnified at tables like these. That doesn’t even take into account all the amenities available at the casino for you to enjoy.

Card Counting

Quite simply, card counting, an advanced blackjack strategy which can improve your payback, is significantly more difficult in the world of online blackjack. Most games reshuffle all the time so that you couldn’t count cards to get any edge. Even games with live dealers will shuffle much more than you would expect in a casino.

When you play in a casino, card counting is possible because there’s a set number of decks in play and they are shuffled infrequently. As you see certain cards played, you can estimate whether the advantage in future hands is with you or the dealer. By adjusting your bet based on where this advantage lies, you can really improve your chances of making a profit.

Blackjack Online vs Offline FAQ

  • Can I Play With a Live Blackjack Dealer Online?

    More and more, online casinos are including options for blackjack games where a live dealer is involved. In these games, the dealer can be seen on your screen. They’ll usually deal from a shoe, just like in the casino, and they’ll cue you when to make your choices by clicking on the icons you see on the screen.

    Some people like this option because it allows for just a little bit of card counting (more on that below). Others might just feel like the game isn’t as alien to them, especially if they’re used to playing blackjack online. Live dealer blackjack games will likely be a bigger part of the online blackjack experience going forward.

  • Is There Any Way to Count Cards Playing Blackjack Online?

    Not to the extent that you can in a casino. Live dealer games give you a slight window for card counting in online blackjack. But, as we said above, the more frequent reshuffling cuts down your chances.

    One positive is that you’re less likely to be called out for card counting online. Casinos can clamp down on card counting by asking you to leave the table. Then again, the reason that it doesn’t happen with online casinos is that the proprietors of these establishments realize that players can’t get too much of an edge from card counting online.

  • Can I Earn Blackjack Rewards From Online Casinos?

    As we mentioned above, you can. It’s just that they wont come in physical form. They’ll most likely be realized in giving you small monetary bonuses as you play online blackjack.

    What you have to realize, though, is that these bonuses often come with restrictions. For the most part, you won’t be able to collect winnings based on these bonuses until you wager a certain amount. As a result, only regular players can expect to see these online blackjack bonuses make a big difference.


Choosing online versus offline blackjack can be tricky for the uninitiated. We hope this page will give an idea of all the pros and cons. You should not be able to choose the blackjack setting that suits you the best.