Online Gambling Fairness & Testing Companies

While regulatory commissions are one animal, fairness testing companies are another. Companies that test for fairness will be, on occasion, related to the licensing company, this is not always the case. Whether they are related entities or not, the fairness organization serves one primary purpose—to ensure that randomized casino games are, in fact, random and not geared to simply hand the casino money over and over again. Online games like slots, roulette, and craps are just a few of the many games that are regularly tested for fairness and randomness. After all, staring at a spinning roulette wheel on your computer screen is a bit different than watching one spin on the floor of a brick and mortar casino. As such, you want to be sure that the game you are wagering on is fair and offers you a legitimate chance of winning money. At the end of the day, both of the two entities talked about above exist in order to protect you and your online casino playing experience.

The name eCOGRA is actually an acronym for the name eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. Since shortly after the turn of the 21st century, eCOGRA has made a name for itself by testing the games of some of the biggest online casinos that exist. Through their listing of approved operators, potential players can quickly and easily tell which casinos have been tested by the best name in the industry and which ones have not. In addition to testing the casino games of operators from the United States, eCOGRA tests the games of online casinos from all parts of the world.

iTech Labs

iTech Labs is an Australian Company that has been around for little more than ten years. Like eCOGRA, iTech has built a solid reputation for itself and has its logo on some of the biggest operators in the online casino industry. While they have not existed quite as long as some other testing companies, they have quickly gained the trust of the wider population of online casino-goers.

Once again, even though this company is not from the United States, casinos that operate within the United States often have their game selection tested by this company simply because of their massive reputation.

Why They Exist

It goes without saying that online casinos are just a bit different from their brick and mortar counterparts. In a physical casino, it is much more difficult to get one over on an unsuspecting customer because they can see, touch, and feel everything that is going on. If a ball is spun around the roulette wheel, they can see the exact moment the ball leaves the dealer’s hand to the moment it comes to rest on a single colored, numbered slot. When playing the same game online, a digital ball will appear and will eventually stop somewhere on your screen. Though you see that the wheel is spinning, you know that the game in front of you is not being acted upon by gravity, but by long lines of code written in a specific sequence to show you a spinning roulette wheel.

Companies that monitor the fairness of games at online casinos exist in order to help ease the mind of the consumer. Because you can never be sure that the game you are playing is fair, these companies run test after test to ensure that the game is not set up in such a way that the casino wins every time, or even a disproportionate amount of times.

Before fairness companies came into being, there was a lot of skepticism across the industry. Even though people wanted to trust everything that an online casino was telling them, it became impossible to do that mostly because they had no way of knowing whether the game they were playing was fair or not. Nowadays, you will be hard-pressed to find even one US online casino that does not have their games regularly tested for fairness and randomness. While some sites will have their games checked only once a year, the more prominent names in the industry will have their game offering constantly checked to ensure that customers are receiving a top-notch playing experience. When it comes down to it, these companies exist for that reason and that reason only. If players are not enjoying their time at an online casino, the fact of the matter is that they are not likely to return. This is why online casinos do everything in their power to convince customers and potential customers alike that they are operating within the standards that have been set across not only the online casino industry, but the brick and mortar industry as well. Because after all, brick and mortar casinos also have their games regularly tested for fairness as well.

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