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Flash Online Casinos & GamblingFlash technology, currently owned and marketed by Adobe, has been around in its current form since 1996, when Macromedia acquired a software company called FutureSplash and used the technology to create Macromedia Flash.

In order to promote the use of their Flash, Macromedia started offering their Flash player for free, and soon their product was the number one media software add on in the world. While its original purpose was in displaying animation, and was used in the original Simpsons episode for instance, it later became embedded into browsers as a web application and became seamlessly integrated into browsing sessions.

In 2005, Macromedia was acquired by Adobe Systems, and further developed Flash with enhanced its capabilities and use with internet content. This included robust rendering capabilities including GPU enabled 3D graphics.

As the product evolved, among the many things flash became used for is with browser based games, which have proliferated over the last few years in particular. There are many sites now that offer flash games which are embedded in browsers and therefore require no download, and can be played instantly.

This presents some real benefits for both websites and users. People don’t really like to have to wait for downloads, and the additional time that they are engaging the software can be taken advantage of by exposing players to their web advertising.

More than anything though, it is the ease of getting involved that users have found to be the most appealing, where you can start playing with a single mouse click.

As Flash has improved over the years, it has allowed for better and better content display, including better graphics, and more sophisticated and appealing programs could be written for it, improving its usefulness and demand.

Flash is available across all platforms, including Windows, Apple, and mobile applications. While a lot of the applications that it used to be used for has been replaced by a newer technology, HTML5, flash still plays a significant role on the internet and with video games in particular.

Play Flash Casino Games for Real Money

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Flash Meets Online Casinos

While Flash and online casinos were born around the same time, it did take a little while for Flash to be developed enough for it to be a viable alternative to downloadable casino software.

Given that online casinos started out with software based play, they had already invested a lot of resources in it, and casinos always have competed to a certain degree as far as the quality of the visual experiences they provided to their players, and downloadable software really did have any competition back then.

So this is where most of the focus was on, and even with the emergence of no download casino play, based upon Flash technology, this was at one time considered by players to be more of a last resort.

So in situations where you couldn’t download casino software, such as playing on a public computer such as one at the library, or at work, you could use the no download version and still play, and although the experience was a clearly inferior one, you could still gamble and there really wasn’t an alternative in these situations.

For a number of years, this was the role that no download Flash played in the world of online casinos. More and more online casinos started offering both download and no download versions, and soon enough just about everyone offered the no download flash format as well.

Some players found themselves preferring flash over downloaded software for other reasons, such as wanting to preserve disk space on their hard drives, or just being more comfortable not downloading anything. There was a price to be paid though, not only with the quality of the graphics that the no download version offered, but with a reduced selection of games generally.

Today’s Flash Online Casinos

As time went on though, the quality of the gaming being offered in Flash became better, to the point where these days, in a lot of cases it’s very hard to tell the difference between download and no download experiences.

While a lot of online casino players are driven by not only the excitement of the casino games themselves, but by the richness of the visual experience provided by leading edge graphics, for Flash to really make it big in the online casino world, to compete with downloaded software, it had to improve in this regard, and it clearly has now.

While it really doesn’t take a lot of time to load up online casino software once it’s downloaded, if you can offer players a high quality experience without the need to download anything, the thinking is that you can get more people involved, and that’s proven to be the case.

So players visit an online casino, and they can just click play now and be off playing in a flash so to speak. Flash technology certainly earns its name in this regard.

There is less and less of a reason to download online casino software as time has gone on, and this does tie up resources on your computer, both in terms of disk space and memory, so flash certainly has some real advantages. Given the fact that the disadvantages, the reduced quality of the display, has been virtually eliminated, no download Flash based online casino games have now become a big hit indeed.

This is the case with mobile computing as well, and when it comes to playing casino games on your phone or tablet, some sites have written apps for the major mobile operating systems, iOS and Android, but it’s just simpler and easier if you can just play in your browser on your device.

Mobile casino gaming has in fact driven a lot of the improvements that we see in no download play today, and some newer casinos have even cast off the download approach and only offer no download play now, which you can play on either your desktop or your mobile device, seamlessly.

It’s now very easy to find some great online casinos that offer Flash no download online casino play, and the experience is nothing but great now.

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