Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to online casinos in the United States, there are hundreds of sites and even more hundreds of questions about how those sites can exist and how you, as a person residing in the US, can play at them. Not only that, most people also would like to know what exactly it is that is preventing the police from knocking down their door every time they play a casino game online.

When it comes down to it, there is a lot of information you should know about the US online casino industry, but only a limited amount of time to talk about it. The following FAQs should help you understand online casinos in the United States just a bit better than you might have before.

Is it legal to play at US online casinos?

This is a very simple that also has a very simple answer; that answer is yes. There are hundreds and hundreds of online casino options for people in the United States and each and every one of those options will present you no legal problems. The reason for this is that the main Federal Law(s) that people often believe make gambling illegal only make it illegal for banks to deal with monies that have been involved with the US online gambling industry. So while you may not be able to have your bank pay an online casino, you are still able to play for real money without too much hassle whatsoever.

No matter what your preferred game, the simple fact of the matter is that you can play all sorts of online casino games for real money in all parts of the United States.

How do I deposit money at an online casino if I cannot use banks?

Once again, even though banks are not explicitly allowed to deal with online gambling funds, they still do; albeit unknowingly. Because almost every online casino that operates in the United States handles their money through a privately-owned, offshore payment processor, the credit card deposit that you just made at an online casino is not going to be flagged as gambling.

Though this may seem like some risky business, the fact of the matter is that it really isn’t. Even if the Federal government were to crack down on deposit methods as we know them now, it would be the online casino and payment processor operators who would face the ire of the DoJ. So, the short answer is that there are a multitude of online casino deposit methods that are all legal.

Where does intrastate gambling exist?

Right now, only New Jersey and Nevada have intrastate online casino networks that are regulated by their respective state governments. In addition to this, Delaware allows for some online gambling activities to be regulated by the state. At this point, there are many other states that are considering the implementation of online casinos, but so far none of them have made legislation like Nevada and New Jersey have.

Does cashing out take weeks?

This is a fear that has existed for about a decade now, but nowadays you do not have to worry about waiting weeks in order to receive your winnings. There are now more methods by which you can cash out winnings and, because of that, you can receive your money now, faster than you have ever been able to previously. In most cases, and so long as you are dealing with a reputable online casino operator, you will not be waiting weeks in order to receive your winnings.

What does do?

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Our job is to keep you as informed as possible as to what the online casino laws are from state to state and how they impact you. In addition to reviewing different sites and telling you what is and is not legal in a given state, we will make you feel confident that online casinos are something that are not a matter of fiction.

The great thing about this site is that it is never finished. No matter the time nor the date, we are constantly searching high and low to bring you any and all developments across the US online casino landscape. As laws in this country change at every turn, we will be right there keeping up with everything so that you don’t have to. We do all the work so that you can have all the fun.