Casino Etiquette

When you are thinking about going on a trip to a casino, there are a few things you must keep in mind. Though casinos tend to be labeled as being lawless lands of drunken revelry, there are plenty of etiquette tips you would do well to know and understand. Believe it or not, there are a multitude of manners that must be employed at casinos in order for you to have a decent time.

Though your etiquette may not mean the difference between you being allowed to stay at or forced to leave a casino, it can mean a world of difference in how great a time you have at the casino. On top of it all, you will be doing well to ensure that servers and staff are having an enjoyable time. Because let’s face it, working at a casino is hard work, dealing with thousands of tourists is hard work, the last thing staff wants is to be harassed by you.

Gameplay Etiquette

When we talk about gameplay etiquette, we are talking about the way in which you should conduct yourself when you are sitting at a table or in front of a screen playing a game. The first and arguably most important rule regarding gameplay at table games is to understand the game you are playing. No one wants to be sitting at the table where someone sits down, slows down everything, and asks ceaseless questions with regard to how the game works. First and foremost, you are being as rude as you possibly can be. Not only are your incessant questions going to be holding up gameplay, you are forcing a dealer into an awkward situation by forcing him or her to explain the finer workings of a game to you. In the same breath, you must also understand that different casino chip colors denote different dollar denominations.

When you are looking to exchange cash for casino chips, you must always do this in between hands. Do not be the unaware person who sits down in the middle of a hand and immediately begins bothering the dealer for casino chips.

Another piece of etiquette stemming from table play is that if cards are laid down face-up, they should never be touched by you. Only cards that are placed directly in front of you face-down are able to be held and viewed by you. When viewing face-down cards in front of you, be certain to use only one hand. This is a small piece of etiquette, but is one that will surely be noticed if it is not obeyed. Dealers may not be harsh every time, but do not be the least bit surprised if you are spoken to for handling cards with 2 hands.

If you are on a trip to Las Vegas or Atlantic City on vacation, there is a strong likelihood that you will, at some point, end up with a drink or two in your hands. While this is true and something that you will not avoid doing, please do your best to avoid becoming overly drunk while sitting down and playing a table game. In the same breath, smoking should be addressed as well. If you are someone who will smoke cigarettes, it is common etiquette to avoid chain-smoking, or smoking one cigarette right after another. In addition, if and when you do indulge in a cigarette, you would do best to avoid blowing smoke anywhere near other players. At the risk of greatly offending someone who would like to return home not smelling like smoke, you should be aware of where you are blowing your smoke. If the table is so crowded that you are unable to avoid blowing smoke in the face of others, you should simply avoid smoking until there is a more opportune time.

Casino Etiquette FAQs

Will a lack of etiquette get me kicked out?

In most cases, poor etiquette will earn you nothing more than a dirty look or smart remark from someone else. In more severe occasions, like if you get overly intoxicated, you may be thrown out by the casino.

How do I learn every bit of etiquette there is to know?

In all reality, the best way to understand every bit of casino etiquette is to get out there and experience the casino atmosphere for yourself.

Does casino etiquette remain standard at every casino?

No matter if you are at a regal, luxurious casino, or one that is dirty and run down, casino etiquette is standard and should be abided by no matter where you are. People tend to become a bit more relaxed at casinos that are not the most prominent, but the fact of the matter is that casino etiquette is a fancy way of saying you should have nice manners, and this is always true.

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