What Are Casino Hosts?

Many casinos, especially the larger ones, employ a team of casino hosts whose sole job is to make players happy and assist them in getting the most out of their experience with the casino, within reason, and sometimes even beyond reason depending on the value of the player.

Casino hosts work for the marketing department of a casino, and marketing is what they do. The idea here is to develop relationships with higher value players so that they not only stay at your casino longer, they come back more often, and they hopefully play less or preferably not at all at competing casinos.

So as marketing agents, their role is to provide extra value, reasons to play with them, and these reasons go beyond the normal features of the casino or even the players club. Pretty much all casinos have a players club which reward players based upon their play, and casino hosts pick up where that leaves off and provide additional value, incentives, and special to very special treatment.

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As a rule, casino hosts server higher value players, not necessarily the huge ones, the whales, but certainly players that the casino finds to be very desirable. How desirable does vary by casino, and it is probably easier to get assigned a casino host at a smaller casino or one that doesn’t tend to attract a lot of high rollers than at one of the higher end casinos on the Las Vegas strip, where your more modest play will get rewarded but won’t be enough to get the personal treatment a dedicated casino host can offer.

The higher your value as a player, meaning the more you bet in total, the better treatment you will get, and while this is true for all players really, where you can earn yourself things like discounts off meals or tickets at the casino resort, or even free meals or tickets if your play warrants it, or even be able to stay there for free, we’re talking bigger than that really, when having your meals and room comped doesn’t do quite enough for you and you deserve more.

So we’re talking fairly high rollers here generally, those who would typically use $100 black chips and up, and have a pretty good stack of them, and preferably a nice line of credit to buy more.

How You Get Assigned A Casino Host

Higher rollers at casinos often don’t bring money actually, they are given credit lines and are expected to pay back losses within a set period,  depending on the arrangement.

Not surprisingly, this is a more effective way to part big players with their money as this tends to have them risking more than they perhaps would if they just brought a bankroll to play with.

Based upon how much of a credit line you get approved for, if it’s a worthy sized one, you may get assigned a casino host right off the bat, especially if we’re talking a real large sum here. The bigger players, the whales, who are good for a million or more a trip, don’t have to ask, casino hosts will aggressively pursue you if you are in this category, and the competition for these players is pretty fierce as you might imagine.

Other than that, as a rule if you are playing at a casino and wondering whether or not you merit being assigned a host, typically they will find you, not the other way around, and casinos are well on top of your play if you are in the players club, and you can bet that big enough play for this will not go unnoticed.

However, one is free to ask to be assigned a host if they feel like they may warrant one,  and at some places more modest players may get treated to this extra service.

What Casino Hosts Do

A casino host may be called upon to do a lot of things, with the lengths they are prepared to go for you, for the most part anyway, limited only by one’s imagination and one’s value to the casino.

They are there to assist you, that’s their only job actually, although keep in mind that they do report to the casino so they have to justify both their time and their spending the casino’s money to their bosses, so you have to be worthy of this special treatment.

To the extent that you are though, casino hosts can do anything from helping you book your dinner and show reservations, to just about anything. Some of the requests can be quite strange, like the player who had a fetish for urinating on walls, and so his host provided that opportunity to him as requested.

Sometimes casinos have special events where you have to be a VIP to even be invited, and the bigger VIPs get even better special treatment, such as things like ringside seats, or invitations to private parties.

If you’re worth it, you may be treated to one of those very expensive villas that you might see at a casino’s site, although it might be very difficult to impossible to book them, because they are often kept for these huge players to stay at for free as a token of the casino’s appreciation for their play.

Some of these accommodations run five figures a night, so you can get an idea of how big this stuff goes from that.

Given that casino hosts often actively recruit players, in addition to providing all they can at the casino, the hosts themselves may propose deals, such as an expensive trip to an exotic location, where the casino host himself or herself may accompany the player on and continue to take care of the player’s needs while they vacation together.

Of course any problem a player may have is sent to the casino host, who sometimes go a long way to resolving them. It doesn’t even matter if the request is reasonable or not, for instance one casino got in trouble with gaming authorities when it was discovered that they were permitting late bets from a player, the player felt that he deserved to make these late bets and he was important enough that even this sacred rule was broken for him.

There’s also a lot of babysitting that goes on with this job, especially given that some big players act in ways not considered appropriate, like throwing temper tantrums, and your job is to help keep them out of trouble and smooth things over as much as possible, because after all, these are valuable players.

Having a casino host though is definitely a very nice perk that will almost certainly make your stay at a casino better, and you get to decide what better means for the most part.