YouTube Social Media Influencer Designs Casino’s Slots Floor

Youtuber Brian Christopher and the Plaza Las Vegas

10 years ago, you might have never guessed that a YouTuber playing slot machines would be a big deal. However, slots social media influencers have become quite popular.

Brian Christopher is one of the more-popular influencers. He’s amassed a YouTube following of over 336,000 thanks to his entertaining videos.

Christopher has become so big in the gaming world that he recently got the chance to design a casino’s real money slots area. You can read more on Christopher along with the details on his new venture.

“Brian Christopher Slots at the Plaza” Launches in Las Vegas

The Plaza Hotel & Casino Las Vegas has teamed up with Christopher to present a newly designed slots section. Brian Christopher Slots at the Plaza features many of the YouTuber’s favorite slot machines in one spot.

Plaza CEO Jonathan Jossel spoke with the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Baily Schultz on the new gaming area. Jossel had this to say:

“Social media has transformed the casino experience, and we are very excited to partner with Brian on this unique space that I know our guests will enjoy.”

Some of the notable slot machines that are available in this space include Cleopatra II, Dollar Storm, Huff N Puff, and Lightning Zap. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to celebrate the launch of this slots area, which includes 16 machines in all. Brian Chirstopher stated:

“For years, my fans have been asking which games were my favorite, and now I finally have a place where they can experience it for themselves, the new Brian Christopher Slots at the Plaza is like having my own miniature casino. I hand-selected the games that represent everything I love about playing slot machines.”

More on Brian Christopher

Christopher has been streaming his slots play for several years. He visits land-based casinos and provides glimpses of popular slot machines.

For example, one of his videos shows him playing Buffalo Gold and Dragon Cash for $25 per spin. Those who watch videos like these get to see games that they might not have played before along with high-stakes play.

After all, most gamblers can only afford to bet $1 or less per spin. Few have the bankroll to survive long with $25 spins.

Christopher’s videos have helped him draw over 302 million views to date. He’s arguably the most-influential slots influencer in the game today.

Slots & Casino Gaming YouTube Channels Are Growing

Slot machines are solo affairs that pit you against the games. Watching somebody else play slots doesn’t seem like it would be a thrill.

However, it actually does resonate with many gamblers. YouTubers like Christopher have gained large followings just by visiting casinos and playing slots.

SlotsLady is another popular influencer who has many followers. She often plays slot machines in downtown Vegas—rather than at the glitzier Vegas Strip venues.

Despite her name, SlotsLady also plays a fair amount of casino table games. She shows clips from blackjack, casino hold’em, and Let It Ride sessions.

The SlotsBoom channel showcases slot machines everywhere from Vegas to southern California. It offers in-depth explanations of how bonus rounds and other features work.

VegasLowRoller provides helpful hints to gamblers—especially those who are entirely new to the casino gaming scene. This channel discusses the basics of slot machines and how much more detailed the newer games are.

Launched in 2008, RocknRolla has been in the industry since the early days of YouTube. He plays a broad range of games, including blackjack, poker, roulette, and slot machines.

Casinodaddy is a popular YouTube channel that operates out of Europe. The three Swedish brothers who make up Casinodaddy offer highlight reels of their gambling sessions, including funny moments and big payouts.

What Will You Get Out of Following Casino YouTubers?

You can see that plenty of gamblers are gaining fame and fortune through their channels. But what exactly do they have to offer? Here are the main benefits to watching gaming YouTubers.

See Cool Casino Games

Unlike with online casinos, you can’t preview land-based casino games from home. You also can’t play them for free either.

Assuming you want to check out the latest slot machines, for example, you’d need to actually visit a local casino. Such trips involve time and travel expenses. Social media influencers do this work for you.

They visit brick-and-mortar casinos and stream the games they’re playing. As a result, you get to see different land-based slot machines without even leaving the house.

Learn the Basics

The casino is an intimidating place when you’re new to gambling. You may wonder around aimlessly looking at all of the slots and table games.

As with SlotsBoom and VegasLowRoller, some YouTubers gear content towards beginners. They show everything from how certain slots bonuses work to the basics of blackjack.

Of course, you can learn some of this through basic research. However, social media influencers provide visual game instructions and familiarity with the casino environment.

Pick Up Gambling Tips

You can find slots strategy and tips for many other casino games across the internet. But you might also enjoy getting advice from YouTubers too.

A live streamer might play casino hold’em, for example, and provide tips afterward. They could also give advice on other strategic table games, such as blackjack, Caribbean stud, and three-card poker.

Check Out the Casinos

As mentioned before, visiting casinos takes time and money. You might not have enough cash to take a 2-hour casino trip—let alone fly out to visit Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

If you’re planning a future gambling trip someday, though, then you may appreciate seeing the casinos in advance. Watching a YouTube channel gives you a great look at a casino’s gaming floor.

Have Some Fun

You don’t always have to get something out of watching slots channels. Instead, you can just kick back and have fun.

If you’re a gambler, you may appreciate seeing a slots or blackjack session through the eyes of somebody else. You can critique their play, enjoy seeing new games, and celebrate in their big wins.

Will Gaming Social Media Influencers Stay Popular?

No slots YouTuber is anywhere close to taking over Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg (108 million subscribers) any time soon. However, this niche as a whole is definitely growing.

Back when RocknRolla started in 2008 hardly anybody was watching slots YouTubers. Things have changed greatly in this regard today.

Some gambling social media influencers have amassed hundreds of thousands of followers. If this trend keeps going, Brian Christopher Slots or somebody else is going to crack one million followers.

Speaking of which, Christopher shows just how popular slots influencers have become. He has, after all, now designed a section of the Plaza’s slots floor.

Other slot machine YouTubers could also be in line for trend-setting moves like these. That said, you shouldn’t expect to see popular slots social media influencers going anywhere. They’ll only continue growing their audiences.

Should You Care About Social Media Influencers?

I don’t use social media much, and most of the old time gamblers I spend time around don’t either. For this reason, I don’t care much about what the social media influencers have to say about slot machines or gambling.

But I also know that the younger generation of gamblers uses social media a lot more than I do. And I also know that some of these influencers have a large sway over what some gamblers do and where they play.

Plaza Wheel of Fortune Slots

If you’re a business owner you need to be aware of social media influencers. But if you’re just a gambler and don’t currently use social media much, there’s no need to start paying attention.

In the end, whether you care about watching real people gamble and what they have to do with slot machines is up to you.

Check Out Social Media Gamblers on YouTube

The slots YouTubing industry has become quite notable. Case in point, the Plaza Hotel and Casino tabbed Brian Christopher to choose some of their slot machines.

Christopher is a worthy choice for this honor. After all, he boasts more than 336k YouTube followers and 302 million-plus views.

The Plaza and Brian Christopher Slots may very well start a trend. It’s certainly possible that other casinos will partner with gambling YouTubers in various ventures.