You Won’t Be Able to Beat Casino Roulette Without These Secrets

Woman With Finger Over Lips With Cash and Roulette Wheel

You can’t find many professional roulette players. The main reason for this is because most roulette tables are unplayable. And even when you find the perfect roulette table and wheel, you still can’t quite get the edge down to zero.

Of course, the casinos don’t want you to win, so they make it as hard as they can. In fact, you’re not going to even come close to beating roulette if you don’t know a few secrets.

Here are five secrets about real money roulette that the casinos don’t want you to know.

Why Most Roulette Games Are Unplayable

The odds are good that every roulette game you’ve seen in your life is unplayable. When I say unplayable, what I mean is that the odds, return to player percentage, and the house edge is so bad that you shouldn’t play.

The most common roulette variant is what many players call an American table or wheel. The way to tell if a table has an American Roulette wheel is to see if the table or wheel has a space, which is usually green, that has 00, or a double-zero space.

When a roulette table has an American wheel, there are a total of 38 spaces on the table and wheel. The pay outs on these wheels are the same as the pay outs on wheels and tables with only a single zero, but the odds are worse on the wheel with 38 spaces.

If you bet on an even money option you have 18 chances to win on either wheel. On a table with 37 spaces there are 19 spaces that lose an even money wager. On a 38 space table, there are 20 spaces that lose on an even money wager.

This is basically the same for every wager on the table. On a table with 38 spaces, when you bet on a single number like 12, there’s one winning number slot and 37 losing spots. On a 37-space table, there’s one winning slot and only 36 losing slots.

John Huxley Roulette Wheel

Now you know why an American Roulette table is bad. But what you probably don’t know is that most roulette tables that only have 37 slots are still bad. They aren’t as bad as American tables, but they’re still not good.

The most common roulette table with 37 slots is called a European table or wheel. The return to player percentage for an American Roulette table is less than 95%. The return on a European Roulette table is 97.3%.

This sounds good when you compare it to under 95%, but when you compare it to other good casino game options, it’s not very good.

Here are some better options:

  • Blackjack – Return of 97% to 99.75%
  • Craps – Return of 98.64% on don’t pass and odds combination
  • Video Poker – Return up to 99.75% depending on pay table
  • Baccarat – Return of 98.94% on the banker wager

But what if I told you about a roulette table that offered wagers at a return of 98.65%? This would push it onto the list of the best casino games you should consider playing. Learn more about this in the next section.

The Only Roulette Wheel That Is Playable

The only roulette table and wheel that’s playable is called a French rules table or wheel. When you play roulette using French rules and make the correct wagers, the return to player number is 98.65%.

A French Roulette table and wheel looks exactly like a European table and wheel. The only difference is a special rule used when you make an even money bet. All losing even money wagers on a French Roulette table are put in prison until the next roll.

Two things can happen on your next even money roll. When you win, the money that was in prison is returned to you. It’s like a push in some other casino games. When you lose the second even money wager, the money that was in prison is lost.

You need to realize two important things here. All other wagers at the French Roulette table besides the even money wagers are exactly the same as they are on a European roulette table. This means the return on these wagers is only 97.3%.

The second important thing is that only the even money wagers on a French Roulette table are playable. All other forms of roulette and wagers on roulette are so bad that they’re unplayable.

Small Even Money Roulette Wagers

Now you know that only even number wagers at a French Roulette table are playable. But even when you make these wagers, you’re still getting a return percentage under 100%.

When you gamble with any activity that returns less than 100%, it means that you’re losing money in the long run. The amount of money you’re losing depends on the return to player percentage and how much you risk.

Here’s a simple calculation you can use to see just how much you can expect to lose when you play roulette.

(Return to player percentage) x (the total of all of your wagers) = return

Roulette Bets on Black 20

Subtract the total amount returned to you from the total amount of all of your wagers to get the total amount you can expect to lose.

If you’re playing even money wagers on a French Roulette table and make 231 wagers at $20 each, you risk a total of $4,620. When you multiply this times the return of 98.65%, you get a total return of $4,557.63. This means that you can expect to lose $62.37.

The best way to reduce how much you’re going to lose playing roulette is to make smaller wagers or make fewer wagers, or both.

The Ultimate Roulette Betting System

The ultimate roulette system is something that you just learned. I know that there are casino betting systems for sale that claim to beat roulette, but these systems are scams.

The best roulette system is to play with the smallest wager size you can on a French Roulette rules table and making only even money bets.

Anything else that you do is just going to cost you more money in the long run.

Most roulette systems use wager management to try to beat the odds. Many require you to double your wager size after losing. This works for a short time, but in the end, it just costs you more money. Stop wasting your time and money on roulette systems.

Is Mobile and Online Roulette Better?

Mobile and online roulette isn’t really better than playing at a roulette table in a land-based casino, as long as you’re playing at a French Roulette table wherever you’re playing. But this doesn’t mean that mobile and online roulette tables don’t offer an advantage or two.

The number one advantage that mobile and online roulette tables offer is that you can make smaller wagers. The table minimums are almost always smaller online and in mobile casinos, so you don’t have to risk as much.

Another advantage is that it’s easier to find French rules roulette tables in online and mobile casinos. These tables are hard to find in land-based casinos, and when you do find them, the table minimum is usually quite high because they’re in the high limits or high roller section.

Vegas Casino Online Roulette Table Game

The final advantage to mobile and online roulette is that some sites and apps give you an online casino bonus when you make a deposit to play for real money. A roulette bonus isn’t going to help you win in the long run, but it does make your bankroll considerably larger, which in turn lets you play longer.

Consider playing online or mobile roulette with a bonus at a French table using a small wager. This is a combination that can double or triple or more how long you can play. The only thing that can ruin this is when you play too fast. It’s easy to play too fast when you play mobile and online roulette.

Become a Pro at Playing Roulette

All roulette tables and wheels look the same to casual gamblers. But the best roulette players know that not all roulette wheels and tables are the same. And this is what sets the roulette pros apart from everyone else.

Only one type of roulette wheels exists that professional players use. And when they find the right roulette table, they only make one type of wager. You can play roulette just like a pro when you do the same thing.

Be careful of roulette systems because they usually cost far more than they’re worth. The only roulette system that you should ever use is the ultimate roulette system listed in this article.