XFL Week 1 Betting Odds Are Finally Available Online

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Super Bowl LIV just wrapped up, but football season is far from over. On Saturday, the XFL returns after 19 years with eight teams set to compete. It’s an intriguing new league that football fans around the country are keeping an eye on. Now, XFL week 1 betting odds are finally becoming available.

Many fans are now looking to wager on the week’s first few games. Fortunately, this is easier now than ever before. Today, I’m going to breakdown the odds for each game this week, and discuss which teams are worth throwing some money on.

The odds below are provided by BetOnline. Feel free to check the site out for even more unique XFL betting options.

XFL Week 1 Betting Odds

Dragons vs Defenders Betting Odds

Team Point Spread Over/Under
Seattle Dragons +7.5 (-105) Over 48 (-110)
DC Defenders -7.5 (-115) Under 48 (-110)

Wildcats vs Roughnecks Betting Odds

Team Point Spread Over/Under
Los Angeles Wildcats +6 (-108) Over 49 (-110)
Houston Roughnecks -6 (-112) Under 49 (-110)

Vipers vs Guardians Betting Odds

Team Point Spread Over/Under
Tampa Bay Vipers -3 (-115) Over 50 (-110)
New York Guardians +3 (-105) Under 50 (-110)

Battlehawks vs Renegades Betting Odds

Team Point Spread Over/Under
St. Louis Battlehawks +9 (-110) Over 51 (-110)
Dallas Renegades -9 (-110) Under 51 (-110)

Obviously, there are a lot of questions surrounding the XFL. No one really knows how these first few games will play out. There are several important rule differences between this league and the NFL that will have a major impact on the way the game is played.

As you can see, the actual betting odds above are all the same. You’re really betting against the spread. For now, these spreads are somewhat speculative and offer a fantastic opportunity to win big.

Many of the most hardcore football fans are completely unaware of who is even playing this weekend. As a result, the bets being placed are all over the place. Here are some of the teams that I feel will get the victory this Saturday.

The Dallas Renegades Get the Win Over St. Louis

As you may have noticed, the Dallas Renegades are the biggest favorites in the XFL week 1 betting odds. When you take a look at the team’s lineup, you begin to see why. Several top players are competing for Dallas and many feel this team will end up winning the season championship.

Perhaps the most noteworthy player on the team is former Carolina Panthers running back Cameron Artis-Payne. Cameron wasn’t one of the NFL’s standout players, yet he had an impressive collegiate career and has experience playing at the sport’s highest level. The 29-year-old will be instrumental in rallying his team to victory.

The Renegades also have Bob Stoops as head coach, which doesn’t hurt. Stoops was a longtime University of Oklahoma coach and will be hugely beneficial for the team. The combination of these two players is likely a key reason why they’re listed as the season winner betting favorites.

At the moment, the Renegades need to win by 9 points in order to beat the spread. Considering the XFL’s action-heavy set of rules, this shouldn’t be too difficult. If you’re looking for a safe bet, this might be the one.

The New York Guardians Pull Off the Upset

Expectations aren’t exactly high for the XFL’s New York Guardians. I feel this is unfair. The team has a respectable roster including Mekale McKay and is led by head coach Kevin Gilbride. They have more than enough to pull off the upset this week.

Spalding XFL Football, Coach Kevin Gilbride

Things won’t exactly be easy against the Vipers, though. This team has some star players like Aaron Murray competing. With all things considered, though, I feel the Guardians will earn the win.

The slight point spread advantage also makes this a fantastic wager to make right now. As you can see, New York is listed as the +3 spread underdog. That may come in handy for bettors on Saturday.

Most analysts feel this will be the most competitive game of the week. XFL owners are likely banking on this one to be exciting. Those looking for an underdog bet may have a winner with the New York Guardians.

The Houston Roughnecks Make Things Look Easy

Texas football fans have a new team to root for. On Saturday, the Houston Roughnecks take on the Los Angeles Wildcats. I don’t think this will be particularly competitive. This prediction is more based on feeling than any kind of analysis. With the XFL week 1 betting odds set the way they are, this bet could earn you some serious cash.

Perhaps it’s the news of PJ Walker now starting as QB for Houston that’s swaying my opinion. Walker isn’t a well-known name in the football world, yet he probably should be. He was a superstar at Temple College and still holds the school’s records for just about every single passing statistic.

“I’m an undersized QB so I’m always going to carry a chip on my shoulder,” Walker told the media this week. “I am always going to walk on the field like I am the best player on the field.”

Based on what’s being said, the XFL is going to push for as much offensive output as possible. With a quarterback like PJ Walker, the Houston Roughnecks should do great. In fact, I think they make things look easy against the Wildcats.

The XFL week 1 betting odds are set and with just a few days until game day, they aren’t likely to change. Feel free to place your wagers today on the safest XFL betting sites and stay tuned for more betting predictions over the next few months!