The 7 Worst Types of People You Might Encounter at the Casinos

Two Angry Men Yelling

Gambling trips to casinos should be an overwhelmingly positive experience. More often than not, I would like to think that they are. However, you will come across a person at the casino on some unfortunate occasions who can completely ruin your experience.

You might not have been gambling long enough to run into one of these deviants. Rest assured, your time is coming. For the most part, people at casinos are normal, courteous patrons just like you and me. But like anything else in life, there are people whose sole purpose is to cause negativity.

Sometimes the person in question might be harmless but still finds a way to irritate you to no end. Others are universally hated by everyone in the casino; not all terrible casino-goers are created equal. Here are the seven worst types of people you might run into at the casino.

1 ‒ The Violent Gambler

Taking the cake as the worst type of person to encounter at a casino is the violent gambler. This type of person is combative, argumentative, and verbally abusive to other players and dealers. If they disagree with your style of play, they’ll let you know immediately. When they can’t catch a break at the table, they will berate the dealer.

Angry Poker Player

The violent gambler doesn’t care if anyone else enjoys themselves. If they’re losing money, everyone will hear about it. Don’t even think about celebrating your own victories if they’re on a losing streak. These gamblers can especially be the worst types of poker players, often getting bounced from the table due to a lack of skill. Instead of realizing they aren’t good at playing cards, they project their inadequacies on other players.

2 ‒ The Drunk Couple

There are a few different variations in this classification. Some are perfectly innocent, but others can be impossible to deal with. The harmless drunk couples usually bounce between slot machines trying to catch a machine at the “right time.” They stay out of everyone’s way, for the most part. Occasionally they might violate your personal space to offer unsolicited advice about nonexistent slot strategy.

The worst kind of drunk couple is the one that decides to try their luck at a game and are first time gamblers. They might be on their honeymoon or in a city like Vegas to renew their vows or even get married.

You might consider them to be entertaining at first, but with every drink, they become more intolerable.

Craps and roulette are typically their game of choice. One member of the couple might have played a few times and feels compelled to explain the rules loudly. The problem is that most of the information is incorrect, and they’ll lose all of their money. Eventually, their night will end with a raucous argument, tears, or a combination of the two.

3 ‒ The Young Pup Who Just Watched Rounders

I know this type of gambler is just flat out terrible because I used to be this type of gambler. This person is usually in their late teens to early 20s, either in college or recently graduated. They are entirely too overdressed and might even be donning a pair of sunglasses even though you’re inside a dimly lit casino.

Their buddy, who is most likely a degenerate gambler, invited them to the casino for the first time. Instead of engaging in quality preparation, they opted to watch their favorite gambling movies, again. While they usually drink light beer, this person can be found choking down a whiskey or vodka on the rocks.

Ed Norton in the Movie Rounders

They might make a big deal out of throwing down a stack of money they can’t afford to be spending. Typically they are braggadocious, loud, cocky and overconfident in their lacking gambling acumen. You might find yourself irritated with their presence. Don’t worry; they will make a series of careless mistakes and be riding home with their tail between their legs in no time.

4 ‒ The Dreadful Dealer

Dealing cards at a casino is difficult. Not only do card dealers have to approach the job with complete precision, but they must handle a variety of different personalities. Occasionally you’ll run into a dealer who would be more successful doing anything else as a career.

The worst kinds of dealers are the ones who consistently make careless mistakes. Either they struggle to properly deal cards, mess up basic math, or can’t figure out the correct amount to pay out. They’ll most likely make you question how they got the job in the first place. At some point, you’ll have to decide that it’s not worth sitting through the trainwreck.

The only thing worse than a dealer who can’t deal cards properly is a dealer who has no desire to be at work. Usually, they complain to anyone who will listen or refuse to speak to the table at all. When it’s time for their shift change, you cross your fingers that their shift is over.

5 ‒ The Overaggressive Cocktail Waitress

Depending on your opinions on alcohol and gambling, you might disagree with this one. As any veteran gambler knows, drink runners are a mainstay in any reputable gambling establishment. Casinos exist to make a profit off of gamblers. The drunker gamblers are, the more comfortable they are to part with their money.

A majority of cocktail waitresses are perfectly courteous and attentive. If you like to drink while you gamble, then cocktail waitresses might be some of your favorite people at the casino. However, if you’re of the mindset that drinking and gambling shouldn’t be mixed, overaggressive cocktail waitresses are a nuisance.

Cocktail Waitress With a Drink Tray

Certain casinos like to employ bubbly personalities to serve drinks to patrons. Once again, the more distractions there are, the better the casino fares. Sometimes, cocktail waitresses cross the line between being accommodating and aggressive. I’ve seen several waitresses ask the same gambler for their drink order over and over again. The purpose of their pestering is questionable and annoying, especially if you’re abstaining from drinking.

6 ‒ The Gambling Addict

On a recent gambling trip, I was at a blackjack table during a lull, so I decided to strike up a conversation with a dealer. I asked her about the types of gamblers she hated interacting with. Before I could finish the question, she emphatically stated that gambling addicts were the worst.

Encountering a gambling addict at a casino is terrible in a different kind of way. Whereas the aforementioned types of people listed are a nuisance, this one is more heartbreaking and gut-wrenching. If you spend enough time gambling at casinos, you’re going to run into a few people suffering from gambling addiction.

They might walk into the casino with a pep in their step, but eventually, that joy will fade. Typically, these addicts have the same defeated look in their eye by day’s end. It’s never enjoyable to see someone succumb to their vices, especially when that vice is as expensive gambling.

7 ‒ The Con Artist

This final type of person is typically found in areas and cities with multiple casinos. While they might not be brazen enough to waltz through casinos, they seem always to situate themselves nearby.

Gambling dens typically attract a specific clientele. I’m not trying to stereotype here; I’m just stating facts. While some gamblers don’t fall into a stereotypical gambler category, there is a sect that can easily be targeted. These con artists offer clients a myriad of products, trips, club offers, and a host of other items.

Con Man Giving Thumbs Up

For innocent and inexperienced casino-goers, it might be hard to spot a con artist. But if you’ve been around the block a few times, you can spot them a mile away. If you’re vacationing to a city like Las Vegas and are approached by someone on the Strip or outside a casino, stay far away. These people are typically unlicensed and are held to know business standards.


Most types of gamblers are usually is a delight to play with. Many casinos typically feature quality people who are perfectly enjoyable. However, if you visit enough casinos, you’re bound to run into a few miscreants and degenerates.

Some of the worst types of gamblers in casinos are those who become aggressive after losing. The only time they seem to be in a jovial mood is when they’re winning. Some of them are awful at playing cards, so those wins aren’t frequent.

Drunk couples and gambling movie fanboys might be harmless at first. But, after a while, their shtick will begin to rub you the wrong way. The most aggravating type of person you commonly interact with at a casino is an inattentive dealer. Whether they’re bored with the job or simply can’t deal cards, bad dealers can completely ruin your experience.

For the most part, casinos are sources of pure entertainment for avid gamblers. If you’re unfortunate enough to run into one of these types of people, brush it off and keep on gambling.