Will a Lack of College Football Wreck Your Betting Profits?

NCAA Football Player With a Sportsbook Background

College football has been a big part of the bookmaking industry for decades. It routinely brings in tens of millions of dollars to sportsbooks every year. But bookmakers aren’t the only ones who can win big with college football. You can also earn serious money by wagering on this sport.

NCAA football offers unique opportunities that give you a stronger chance to win when compared to many other sports. Unfortunately, you won’t have as many opportunities to bet on college football this season.

Many schools have been forced to rework their schedules. Some teams have canceled their fall seasons entirely.

If you’re somebody who looks at college football as a profitable game, then you’ll definitely be affected by this situation. But will your entire fall be wrecked from a gambling perspective?

I’ll cover more on the current situation surrounding in NCAA football. I’ll also discuss if you’ll have enough opportunities to make serious money through this game.

NCAA Teams Are Canceling or Postponing Seasons

Athletes are constantly in close proximity to each other. Many games, like football and basketball, require athletes to come in direct contact with other players.

Therefore, football conferences and individual schools have made changes to their schedules. Teams are now divided on whether they’ll be continuing play.

Some schools have even canceled their seasons entirely, but plenty of teams still want to play in the fall. A number of schools and leagues are targeting the spring of 2021.

Bookmakers Will Undoubtedly Take a Hit

College football won’t be entirely gone this year. Some teams will still be taking the field when the leaves are falling. But this season definitely won’t be the same for sportsbooks. First off, not all 130 Division 1 FBS teams are playing this year or even next spring.

Therefore, the bookmaking industry won’t enjoy the same profits on college football as they have in the past. They may only earn a fraction of the revenue through the sport that they normally do.

NCAA Football Teams Lined Up

No exact estimates exist on betting revenue from college football. After all, Las Vegas sportsbooks combines both the NFL and NCAA football when releasing statistics.

However, the college game earns bookmakers at least eight figures annually. With that in mind, the bookies will be praying for NCAA football to return to normalcy at some point soon.

How the Lack of NCAA Football Could Affect You

You can see that the bookmaking industry will definitely suffer losses from the current situation. But what about you as a bettor? Much depends upon how much you actually risk on college football each year. Assuming you never wager on the sport, then you may not miss it.

If you only risk a small portion of your sports betting bankroll on the NCAA game, you probably still won’t lose any sleep over this upcoming season.

Assuming you’re somebody who loves college football betting, though, then you really need to make some adjustments. After all, this sport provides some of the best chances to beat the bookies.

You aren’t going to find much of an advantage when betting on high-profile matchups like Alabama vs. Auburn or Ohio State vs. Michigan. Bookmakers are extremely good at handicapping games like these. However, you can find large advantages in some of the many low-profile games throughout the season. Bookmakers don’t always produce tight lines for matchups like UNC Charlotte vs Old Dominion.

Herein lies your advantage with college football. You can find juicy lines each week due to the large schedule that bookmakers must deal with.

Unfortunately, you won’t enjoy as many of these scenarios this year. Bookmakers don’t have as many games to handicap and, as a result, can dedicate more time to each game.

What to Bet On Instead

The limited NCAA football schedule might be alright if you had lots of other options to choose from. However, many other sports are in the same boat.

The NFL is one of the few leagues that plans on running a normal schedule this year—albeit with fewer fans in the stadiums. If you’re a football fan, the NFL represents an obvious alternative towards betting on college football.

The only problem, though, is that NFL football betting is largely tougher to beat than the NCAA version. Every professional game draws considerable attention when compared to the average college matchup.

Major League Baseball will provide another alternative. If you’re not into betting on baseball, some major college football games and conferences will still be taking place.

NCAA Football Quarterback

The NBA playoffs begin this week, and it offers some pretty juicy lines just like college football’s Big Ten and soon, Pac-12. I don’t really see much downside with betting on the NBA if you’re focused on profits. The only catch is if you simply don’t like betting and or watching pro basketball.

As you can see, there are a few options that you can use to replace college football with. You might even consider going outside of the popular North American sports and looking towards something like Premier League football (soccer), which starts in early September and concludes in May.

Dealing With Unexpected Changes From a Betting Perspective

Use the following advice to help you continue having fun with sports betting regardless of any unexpected changes or events that may occur.

Concentrate on Online Sportsbooks

While the options for land-based sportsbooks could be limited depending on your area’s restrictions or availability, you still have other choices.

The good news is that you can still place bets at sportsbooks in many countries. But you may prefer to do your wagering without a mask on or deal with other restrictions.

If so, you can easily place bets through your phone at online sportsbooks. The latter don’t come with any restrictions and allow you to make wagers in the same way that a land-based venue would.

Pick Up a Betting Bonus

Online sportsbooks also offer another advantage in the form of bonuses. This isn’t something land-based bookies provide for new bettors.

These awesome deals can come through a deposit bonus or free bet. You simply need to place a deposit to take advantage of either offer.

A deposit bonus usually matches the size of your first deposit. For example, a bookmaker might offer a 100% bonus worth up to $200. There are plenty of lucrative bonuses that you can find at reputable sports betting sites.

Free bets allow you to earn back losses if your first wager is a loser. Some bookmakers let you place free bets worth $100 or more.

Get Into New Sports

Earlier, I outlined alternatives if this year’s version of college football doesn’t feel like enough. Betting on the NFL, NBA, and MLB all present popular alternatives.

As mentioned before, you might even try looking outside of these routes. Here are some of the various sports that will be running when NCAA football is supposed to be in full swing:

  • Cricket (international play)
  • Esports (certain leagues and competitions)
  • NBA (starts in November)
  • MLB (concludes in late October)
  • NFL
  • Premier League
  • Tennis

Prepare for College Football in the Spring

Many schools have exercised their rights to run a limited schedule or even switch their games to the spring. With that said, you’ll still have chances for betting on college football with a few conferences coming up ahead.

The timing is the main thing that will be different. And if you’ll be betting on NCAA games, then you should start your preparation.

In other cases, you can stick with the normal summer/fall preparation. After all, the majority of schools are still suiting up here in the fall.


NCAA football isn’t messing around. Many schools have canceled their fall schedules and are hoping they can resume operations come springtime.

If you’re somebody who looks forward to winning money through college football, you’ll find 2020 to be a trying year. Your betting opportunities will be split between the fall and spring 2021. Furthermore, most teams will be playing fewer games when they do take the field.

This means that you can still bet on the gridiron action over the next several months. But you’ll need to temper your expectations due to the varying schedules and limited opportunities.