Why You Should Never Mix Recreational Drugs and Gambling

Man With Head in Hands and Casino Logos on Left with a Red Crossed Circle Over it

Casinos are forever associated with a welcoming party vibe. The casinos emphasize entertainment; they hand out free booze to grease the wheels.

Marijuana is now legal in Nevada, and Las Vegas is littered with dispensaries. That adds a whole new element to the party atmosphere.

Many Las Vegas guests already have the mindset that anything goes. The legalization of marijuana is only cementing that into the partygoers’ psyche.

Yet, there are real consequences for the debauchery. Some of these can hurt your pride, but they all affect your wallet.

If you’re reckless, it could impact your freedom. You should never mix drugs and gambling.

Impaired Judgment Will Cost You

Drugs impair your judgment. That’s a fact that won’t change because you’re on vacation or cutting loose.

Cutting loose is why people use drugs in the first place. Still, drugs and gambling shouldn’t mix.

When you are leveraging real money in games of chance, it’s vital that you have all your faculties. Otherwise, you’ll lose money at an incredible pace.

Casinos build the games to defeat players. But they’re careful to draw the beating out over time.

That arrangement allows guests to have a great time while the house edge works against them.

AS the effects of the house edge increase, you lose money at a much faster rate. Gambling with impaired judgment costs you money.

When you start with a disadvantage, any mistakes you make will kill your chances. Casino gambling is about having fun. But having a good time doesn’t mean you act recklessly.

Your Ability to Focus May Diminish

Some casino games don’t need much focus. The slot machines are an excellent example of games where players can zone out for hours.

Yet, many popular casino games will require gamblers to focus on each result. Poker, blackjack, and the poker derivative games are the most obvious of the bunch.

Yet, losing your focus at the craps or roulette table can cause you to miss opportunities to cash in at the casino.

Poker Hand on Table with Chips

I’ve played poker in casinos across the country against players under the influence. It was a feeding frenzy as the good players shared turns emptying their bankrolls.

I’ve watched as players wholly zoned out and forgot they were even in a hand. The amount of money I’ve seen players hand over while high or drunk could buy a beautiful house.

If you want to have a more enjoyable casino experience, save the party favors for after the casino.

The truth is that the best parties in Las Vegas don’t happen in the casinos. Keeping sharp while your gambling will also keep you fresh for the actual party scene.

You Can’t Afford the Dulled Reaction Times

Another side effect of marijuana is delayed reaction times. That’s also true for gamblers that have had too much to drink.

Some casino guests never acknowledge the importance of being able to act quickly. I’ll illustrate the importance of not making the entire table wait on your move.

Imagine you’re sitting around the blackjack table and trying to use basic strategy. Each time it’s your turn to act, the dealer and other players are forced to wait on you.

The dealer may even need to alert you that the action is on you. That will become a problem for you in a hurry.

Dealers keep the games moving to make casinos the most money possible. So, they will grow tired of babysitting you.

The pit boss will come over, and they’ll remove you from the table. If your behavior is particularly egregious, you’ll be banned from gambling altogether.

Then there are the fellow players to consider. It won’t take many hands of slowing the flow to begin annoying other players.

Unless you want to be despised by dealers and gamblers, you should act with purpose at the tables.

Your Fellow Casino Guests Won’t be Impressed

Let me present a few examples to further expound on how your fellow casino guests won’t be impressed.

The blackjack table isn’t the only area of the casino where guests won’t appreciate your slow play. Real money craps is a community affair from front to back.

Players will often back the shooter with their bets. This dynamic creates a team mentality, and most players agree that it’s “all for one and one for all.”

If you’re making the entire table wait as you fumble around to make wagers, the pack will turn on you. Yet, things can get worse elsewhere in the casino.

When a player puts a target on themself in the poker room, the consequences are harsh. Poker players tend to make things personal.

Poker Room at Derby Lane

That’s part of the competitive nature that makes for an intense poker game. It’s also what will kill your chances when you act like a moron.

If an entire table is annoyed and put off by your mere presence in the poker room, they’ll push you off the table. You may want to leave the casino purely because it’ll be impossible to have any fun.

Casino patrons aren’t interested in babysitting an intoxicated stranger.

Drugs and Alcohol Can Lead to Confusion

Imagine becoming confused in the casino. Suddenly, you’re unclear about the strength of your hand, how much you wagered, or the game’s rules.

All these things cause gamblers to lose money. The worst part of the confusion that can come from drugs and alcohol is many don’t recognize it.

Players continue making sloppy plays without realizing how much money they’re burning.

Becoming confused in a casino can also lead to other concerns. There are predators in a casino that will take advantage of that confusion.

Whether they harm you physically or rob you, the confused state from overdoing it will expose you. Remain alert and on top of your actions to avoid any terrifying ordeals.

There Could be Legal Consequences

Every day tourists arrive at casinos with the illusion that there are no rules. That is especially true in Las Vegas, thanks to the slogan “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

The reality is that Vegas and other casino destinations have laws. Some laws vary from where you live, but you’re not in the Wild West. And there are some things that you should not do in Vegas, just because you are in Las Vegas!

View Of Las Vegas Strip

One of the top offenses around casinos is public intoxication. I’m confident the local police won’t show you a ton of leniency because you’re on vacation.

If you go to jail while out of town is a horrible way to spend your getaway. Keep yourself in check, and you typically won’t land in a terrible situation.

Remember that just because it’s legal doesn’t mean you should do it.

Casinos Haven’t Embraced the Marijuana Industry

Many guests to Las Vegas assume the casinos are somehow in cahoots with the dispensaries. You can’t make it far on the Strip without passing one marijuana dispensary after another.

However, the casinos and the marijuana industry aren’t the friendliest neighbors. The fact is that the casinos would prefer if the adjacent shops weren’t there at all.

Weed dispensaries are subject to federal raids, regardless of the state laws. The casinos have a great thing going; they prefer not to have anybody impeding their business.

They could lose their gaming license if marijuana is being allowed on the property. The laws in Las Vegas are clear, and users must be on private property.

Because of the casinos’ aversion to marijuana, they ban any use on their property. You shouldn’t take this lightly.

If you get caught enjoying a smoke in your room, the casino is going to give you the boot. The casino may also notify local law enforcement.

Again, staying out of jail is always a high priority. Don’t test the casinos by bringing your goodies to smoke in the room.

Drugs Lower Your Inhibitions

The impact drugs have on your inhibitions could impact you long after you leave the casino.

When gamblers’ inhibitions lower, they tend to become much looser with money. That can lead to wildly inflated wagers.

As a gambler begins losing money faster due to the increased bet size, they feel a need to win some money back. Many gamblers will take money not set aside for gambling and use that to chase their losses.

Closeup of Blackjack Table

That only leads to more significant losses. I’ve sat at a blackjack table and, throughout a couple of hours and several drinks, watched a player dig a huge hole.

The player began by betting $10 per hand for the first hour. Then as the alcohol started kicking in, they bumped it to $35.

By the second trip to the ATM, this player was utterly wasted and betting the table max of $200 per hand. After sitting down to the table with $400-500, I estimate they lost north of $3k.

That’s the type of casino gambling that can lead to severe problems back home.


You should never mix drugs and gambling. The cons outweigh any benefits you may imagine.

Save your partying until after you’ve finished gambling for the night. The parties in casinos last all night, and there’s plenty of time to get plenty of both.