Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Book Your Vegas Vacation

Overhead View Of Las Vegas Strip With Las Vegas Logo In Top Left Corner

For many casino gamblers, Las Vegas is the pinnacle of casino gambling delights. Many of you could use a relaxing weekend away for one reason or another.

The weather across a wide swath of the United States has been plunged into a frigid winter. Las Vegas offers a warm(er) escape for many gamblers.

After travel restrictions across the United States have been loosened, we are now free to move around the country once again. Let’s examine why now is the perfect time to book your Vegas vacation.

1 – The Weather

Las Vegas has a climate that can be nothing short of suffocating during the summer months. From June through August, the average daily high temperature soars above 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even throughout all of the baked summer days, the massive casinos are kept crisp and cool thanks to the wonder of air-conditioning.

Strolling the Strip with a bottle of water during the scorching hot Las Vegas summer and then dipping into a passing casino to feel that rush of cold air against the sweat covering my entire body is a guilty pleasure of mine.

If you are looking for fun in the great outdoors or on the golf course, the summer can be an especially harsh time of year in Las Vegas.

However, the winter months offer up some of the best weather in the entire U.S. Las Vegas averages fewer than two days of rainfall, and daytime highs rarely sneak above 80 degrees.

Vegas is the busiest during the spring and fall months. This makes winter an excellent time to enjoy all of your favorite Las Vegas attractions with diminished crowds.

Still, the exceptional winter weather is only one reason to book your Vegas vacation now.

2 – The Atmosphere

It’s Vegas, baby! Las Vegas didn’t earn the title of the entertainment capital of the world by being boring.

Vegas has tons of exciting things to do year-round for casino gamblers and non-gamblers alike. That’s right; Las Vegas has so many astounding attractions that those with no interest in the casinos can enjoy the city as much as the most ardent gamblers.

The city streets, casinos, and entertainment venues of Las Vegas are an electric scene. There’s so much going on that the scene borders on chaos.

Sahara Casino Las Vegas

Fortunately, each moving piece has a purpose. The pedestrians and street performers seem to unison to prevent any pile-ups on the sidewalks while allowing those who wish to participate ample time and opportunity.

Then there are the casinos. There’s a reason that Hollywood often taps Las Vegas for the backdrop to their feature films or TV shows.

Walking into a Las Vegas casino is unlike anything a casino gambler can experience anywhere else on the planet. Many visitors will never forget the feeling they got when they first stepped foot into a Vegas casino.

Veteran casino gamblers can still get that same feeling on each return trip. I sincerely hope all of you get that feeling each and every time you visit a Las Vegas casino.

3 – The Cuisine

The casinos aren’t the only thing in town that are world-class. Las Vegas has a ton of culinary options that are among the best in the world.

You won’t need to clean out the bank either. Sure, Vegas is well known for its wonderful fine dining experiences. Still, there’s plenty in Vegas to enjoy on a budget.

Las Vegas helped to create the celebrity chef. Many of the most celebrated names in the culinary world have restaurants in Sin City.

Wolfgang Puck, Jose Andres, Guy Fieri, Giada de Laurentis, and Gordon Ramsay are only a few of the famous names you’ll recognize as you peruse the dining options during your Vegas vacation.

Of course, you may want to get a more raw Vegas experience. If so, then the famous Las Vegas buffets may be precisely what you’re looking for at dinner time.

The Las Vegas buffets range from the bizarre to the luxurious. They will fall into a comfortable range for any budget.

Don’t sleep on the Vegas diners and restaurants away from the Strip. You can rarely go wrong by eating where the locals gather.

Remember, the residents are well versed with where the best places to grab a bite are, and staying away from the tourist traps can save a significant amount of money.

4 – The Bargains

You may never see lower airfare than we have in this precise window. The uncertainty of the future travel plans possibly being interrupted mixed with low demand has forced the airlines to take what they can get essentially.

This is excellent news for anyone that may be planning a Vegas getaway in the coming months. You can find flights from many major cities to Las Vegas for well under $150 round-trip.

I can’t remember ever going to Vegas and back for under $250. You can add that extra money to your gambling bankroll to stretch it as far as possible.

The exquisite Vegas resorts are also having to slash their rates dramatically. The hotel-casinos in Vegas, which typically operate at a high capacity, have struggled to hit anywhere near a full house.

Las Vegas Strip

Without having guests in rooms, there aren’t players on the casino floor. The casino floor is what drives revenue in the Las Vegas casinos.

Over and over, the casinos have shown that they are willing to do anything they can to get butts in the seats. Lately, that is significantly reducing the costs for visitors to stay at their property.

Prices may go up at any time. The price drop was a sudden reaction to a changing climate, and then return to standard pricing will likely follow the same steep climb.

So, it would be best if you didn’t sit on your wallet for too much longer. Strike while the market is cold, and you’ll be a winner before you ever touch down in Las Vegas.

5 – The Family

We had a lot thrown at us over the past year, and families deserve a stress-free getaway. Las Vegas is excellent for gamblers, but there are a ton of family-centric activities for all ages.

One of my favorite attractions in Las Vegas is Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay Resort. The aquarium offers hours of fun for the entire family.

You’ll have thousands of entertainment options to choose from when you book your Vegas trip. Some visitors are so overwhelmed by the sheer variety of ways to spend a day with the family that they try to plan each day down to the minute.

As a fellow Type A, I understand your plight. However, I assure you that allowing yourself the mobility to plan and enjoy events as the day unfolds can be a much more rewarding experience for everyone in the family.

The bottom line is that the family could use a getaway, and taking the entire crew to Vegas will undoubtedly bring smiles across the faces of generations.

6 – The Gambling

People flood to Las Vegas for one main reason, gambling. Sin City has some of the best casino gambling in the world.

Players can find any casino game imaginable on a table that will fit any bankroll. For the largest selection of slot machines and table games in the United States, Las Vegas is a must for casino gamblers.

While the Strip’s excitement is hard to beat, try the off-the-strip casinos for the most bang for your buck.

The Cromwell is a luxurious boutique hotel-casino with some of the friendliest table rules and loosest slots in Sin City. You’ll get all of the excitement of the Strip and the full Vegas experience without battling the large crowds at MGM Grand or Aria.

Casino Floor

The Palms is an off-strip casino that offers up all of the amenities you’d expect from a premier Las Vegas resort with better room prices and higher RTP on slots.

There is an endless list of reasons to book your Las Vegas casino trip now, but gambling is among the best. Give yourself some much-needed relaxation under the Vegas sun.

7 – The Memories

Now is the perfect time to book your Vegas vacation because of the memories you’ll make. Look, the odds are that you’re going to leave Las Vegas a loser.

Even for the veteran gamblers that employ the best possible strategy on every hand, winning is an iffy proposition. That’s okay, though, because you’re paying for the entertainment.

So, take the proper mentality with you on your gambling adventure. Whether you lose $500 or win $1000, it will probably fade from your memory with time.

However, the fabulous dinner you had atop the observation tower at The Strat or watching the fountains at the Bellagio will remain with you forever.

Make an effort to make memories with friends and family while on your Vegas vacation. You’ll see in time that these are the real treasures Vegas has to offer.

Book Your Trip to Vegas Now!

These are my top reasons why now is the perfect time to book your Vegas vacation. Still, there are many great reasons to head to Las Vegas right now.

What’s your motivation for a smooth getaway in Sin City?

We have plenty of reviews on the Hotels in Las Vegas. So check it out and plan your next awesome trip to Fabulous Las Vegas!