Why Mobile Gambling Growth Is Poised to Get Even Bigger

Colors Bursting out of a Smartphone With Roulette and Casino Chip Background

Personal computers and Macs once dominated the online gambling world. However, smartphones and tablets have become the tool of choice for internet gamblers today.

Mobile devices represent the most-convenient way to enjoy online games, poker, and sports betting. Furthermore, they now offer a very user-friendly experience.

You may be surprised to know, though, that mobile gambling is set to get even bigger in the near future. I’ll begin this discussion by going over how mobile gaming got to this point and what will make it even more popular.

The Humble History of Mobile Gambling

Up until the mid-2000s, people could only use their PC or Mac to gamble online. However, the increasing use of cellphones at this point gave players another option.

Of course, the average person was still happy to use their laptop or desktop over a mobile phone back then. Computers still offered a far superior gambling experience in these days.

Improving phone technology eventually made mobile gambling more appealing. But the phones of yesteryear still didn’t offer the type of casino/poker graphics or utility as PCs.

The now-defunct BlackBerry was the gold standard for mobile devices in the mid-2000s. The problem, though, is that it was geared towards businesses and not consumers.

Larger online casinos, poker sites, and sportsbooks offered BlackBerry apps. However, they didn’t get the same huge mobile crowd that’s present nowadays.

When Did Mobile Gambling Become Popular?

In 2007, Apple launched the first iPhone. This moment was revolutionary not only for mobile gambling’s future, but also for internet usage abroad.

By this point, consumers didn’t realize how user-friendly a smartphone could be. They also couldn’t have predicted just how much smartphones would impact their lives.

IPhone passed BlackBerry’s sales within just a few years of being launched. Apple’s regular release of updated iPhones helped their devices stay relevant and surpass BlackBerries in every way.

Android devices, including the Samsung Galaxy, have collectively become even more popular than Apple’s iOS-based devices. Now, Android and iOS (Apple) devices comprise nearly 100% of the mobile gambling market.

They give people the ability to wager with crystal-clear graphics. Smartphones also provide capabilities that impact people’s lives far beyond just gambling.

Smartphone Owners Will Increase Greatly in the Coming Years

The vast majority of people now gamble through their Android, iPhone, or iPad versus a Mac/PC. Again, they appreciate the convenience that mobile devices offer over computers.

But as popular as mobile gaming is now, it’s only going to get even bigger within the next few years. Data from Newzoo shows that the number of smartphone users will surpass 3.8 billion by 2021.

The amount of smartphone users hit 3 billion in 2018. According to Newzoo statistics, this number is increasing at a rate of approximately 270 million people each year.

Closeup of Woman Using a Smartphone

Even when 3.8 billion people have a smartphone, though, this statistic leaves out another 4 billion. This leaves plenty of room for growth in the future.

Another interesting stat from Newzoo shows that gamblers comprised 76% ($69.9 billion) of the $92.1 billion dollars spent on gambling apps in 2018. The research firm predicts that this number will increase to $106.4 billion by 2021.

Other Reasons Why Smartphone Gambling Will Grow

The number of new phone owners by 2021 provides major reason to be optimistic about mobile gambling in the future. Here are more reasons why this sector figures to get even bigger within the coming years.

Sites Will Continue Focusing More on Mobile Players

Gambling sites didn’t have much reason to focus on mobile players up until 2010. The iPhone was still in its early years at this point, and the Blackberry was mostly a business device.

That said, gambling sites have only been catering to mobile players for the past decade. Now that the majority of people wager through their smartphones and tablets, sites will only increase their focus on mobile players.

They won’t completely forget Mac and PC users, but they fully realize that the biggest piece of the pie lies in the mobile department.

Nearly Half the World Still Doesn’t Have a Smartphone

At the time of this writing, approximately 3.5 billion people own a smartphone. This amount doesn’t even represent half of the world!

Newzoo forecasts that 3.8 billion people will have a smartphone by the end of next year. This figure still leaves half the world without a phone.

That said, the number of smartphone owners will see a steady rise into the foreseeable future. Online gambling will definitely benefit from this increase.

Mobile Gaming Capabilities Will Only Improve

Internet casinos, poker rooms, and betting sites have done an excellent job of adapting to the mobile world. They’ve improved graphics and website navigation for smartphone and tablet users.

Again, though, they’ve only been focusing on this crowd for a decade. The gambling industry will continue improving its mobile experience to appease the greatest crowd.

You can expect a fine-tuned smartphone gambling experience that will fully optimize casino/poker graphics and the sports betting experience

PC Market Keeps Declining

Computers still have a place in the world of modern technology. However, their appeal has dropped greatly over the past several years.

Most people now carry out most of their online functions through a smartphone. Some of the same crowd saves money by not buying a PC.

Of course, a computer offers a bigger screen for gambling purposes. But the average person is willing to sacrifice screen size for a more-convenient, all-in-one device.

How to Enjoy Smartphone Gambling to the Fullest

If you’re an online gambler, the chances are great that you’re already betting through a smartphone or tablet. But you can take your experience even further with the following tips.

Look for Gambling Sites with Lots of Variety

The internet gambling world features thousands of sites. You’ll find countless casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms across the net.

But not all of these sites offer a great degree of variety. Some only feature the basics in comparison to the industry.

For example, an online casino that only has around 100 slots and a dozen table games is nothing special. But you can find the best online casinos that feature well over 1,000 slots and 100+ table games (including live dealer games).

This type of variety ensures that you don’t waste time when registering and depositing with such a gambling site. In fact, you may never need to leave a site like this!

Choose an Operator with Simple Navigation

Most mobile gambling sites ensure that their navigation is simple and self-explanatory. After all, they don’t want you bouncing off the homepage right away

Unfortunately, not every operator follows this near-universal rule. Some include too many promotions on their front page and/or an exotic navigation process that provides more confusion than anything.

Person Playing Roulette on a Smartphone

I recommend spending at least five minutes on any gambling site you’re considering. This small time investment foreshadows how easily you’ll find your way around.

Get a Bonus

If you’re going to gamble online, you might as well get a bonus in the process. Luckily, the vast majority of sites offer some sort of welcome bonus.

For example, many mobile sportsbooks give you a free bet. This deal provides you a chance to win back losses when/if you lose your first wager.

Casino and poker sites offer deposit bonuses. A deposit bonus matches a percentage of your deposit amount (e.g. 100% up to $500).

Of course, you shouldn’t just stop at the welcome offer. You also want a gaming site that features regular promotions and gives you more chances to earn free cash.

Buy the Latest Smartphone

I’m not trying to push you to run out and spend $700 on an iPhone 11.  If you have the money, though, you can upgrade your gambling experience along with your phone.

An updated iPhone or Samsung Galaxy brings more to the table in terms of gaming graphics and everyday use. That said, you’ll not only be improving you’re gambling sessions but also everything else you do.


Mobile gambling may already seem big enough when considering that people collectively bet nearly $70 billion annually a year on this industry. However, it’s only going to grow as more people across the world get smartphones.

As mentioned earlier, Newzoo predicts that $106 billion will be wagered through mobile gambling sites by the end of 2021.

I have no idea exactly how this staggering growth will impact the mobile gambling world. My guess, though, is that you can continue looking forward to great bonuses and an even larger variety of casino games and sports betting markets.