Why Have NetEnt Slots Jackpots Fallen Off the Map?

NetEnt Logo With Casino Background

Net Entertainment has been one of the premiere online slots providers for over a decade. They were arguably the best developer in internet gaming throughout the early and mid-2010s.

During this time, NetEnt featured some of the biggest online slots jackpots in history. They still offer huge payouts relative to other providers.

But in comparison to the past, NetEnt’s jackpots seem to have fallen off the map. Why is this the case? You can find out below as I cover this developer’s past along with their current state.

NetEnt Jackpots Used to be Record Setters

Net Entertainment has been operating as a company since 1996. However, they didn’t truly hit their stride until around the late 2000s.

This is the point when they began rolling out hit online slots that have since become iconic. Most notably, Mega Fortune has become their signature jackpot game.

Mega Fortune is a wealth-themed slot that offers three different progressive payouts. The “Mega” Jackpot is its defining prize.

You need to trigger the bonus game to have a chance at the Mega Jackpot. Once in the bonus, you must reach the center of a concentric circle, where the biggest jackpot sits.

Mega Fortune made headlines when it paid out €17,860,868 to an anonymous Finnish gambler in January 2013. This amount was a record at the time.

It also delivered another record in September 2011, when an anonymous Norwegian player hit a €11,735,446 payout.

Mega Fortune isn’t the only NetEnt game that has offered gigantic jackpots. Here are some other notable payouts in the developer’s history:

  • €8,635,872 through Arabian Nights in November 2012
  • €8,577,104 through Mega Fortune in November 2015
  • €7,820,888 through Hall of Gods in April 2015

Aside from Microgaming, NetEnt has the most-impressive history of delivering massive progressive jackpots in online gaming.
They’ll always be known for Mega Fortune first when it comes to huge payouts. However, they also feature big prizes through Arabian Nights and Hall of Gods too.

What Is the Current State of NetEnt Jackpots?

Net Entertainment Jackpots aren’t quite what they used to be. In fact, they’re a shell of the sizes I covered above.

Mega Fortune Dreams has become their new leading jackpot game. At the time of this post, its Mega Jackpot is worth €1,521,931.

Hall of Gods checks in with the second-largest prize for the Swedish developer. Its jackpot is worth €1,264,903 at this time.

Image of NetEnt Casino Game

As for the original Mega Fortune, well, its Mega prize is much lower than the record-breaking days. It currently features a €323,588 top prize.

Arabian Nights isn’t much higher than Mega Fortune. Its progressive jackpot is worth €363,254 at the moment.

You certainly wouldn’t complain if you were to collect any of these prizes. On the other hand, you have to admit that NetEnt’s jackpots just don’t reach the same heights they used to.

Reasons Why NetEnt Slots Jackpots Aren’t As Big Now

No glaringly reason exists for why NetEnt no longer delivers prizes worth over €10 million. Instead, the following reasons all play a part in their diminished jackpot values.

They’re Not the Hottest Developer Right Now

As covered earlier, NetEnt used to be the hot thing in online gambling. They were on the cutting edge of development and even introduced completely new concepts to the gaming world.

Case in point, they invented “cascading reels” and pioneered 3D graphics in internet gambling. NetEnt showcased both feats when they dropped Gonzo’s Quest in 2009.

Based on a Spanish conquistador, Gonzo’s Quest offers graphics and features that were ahead of their time. The world had never seen cascading reels at this point.

Cascading reels refer to when symbols from winning combinations disappear and allow other icons to take their place. They’re now featured in numerous slots today.

NetEnt is no longer innovating the gaming world like they once did. Their slots are still entertaining and visually appealing.

But other developers, such as Big Time Gaming, Blueprint Gaming, and Red Tiger, get the most attention for new releases these days.

Many Gamblers Look for Features over Huge Progressive Prizes

The era of progressive jackpots is far from dead. Microgaming’s Mega Moolah proves this by currently featuring a jackpot worth over €16 million.

However, online gamblers don’t fixate on giant one-off payouts like they once did. Instead, features are driving the internet gaming world more than ever before.

Many players are no longer satisfied with the standard five-reel, three-row slots of yesteryear—which, coincidentally, is still NetEnt’s bread and butter.

Instead, gamblers want grid slots or Megaways games that offer countless winning possibilities. They’re fine with a maximum payout worth 20,000x their stake as long as they have up to 117,649 winning ways and/or unlimited multipliers.

In short, the modern gambler craves more action in each round. They don’t want to just spin the reels over and over in hopes that they might get lucky and win a jackpot.

NetEnt Has Yet to Recapture Their Mega Millions’ Glory

Net Entertainment reached its height from 2011 to 2015. This was the period where every new NetEnt release was met with high anticipation.

This provider still draws attention whenever they drop a new game. However, other developers steal the headlines with more-feature-packed slots.

Time hasn’t run out on NetEnt. They’ve only been out of the top spot since 2015 and could reclaim their glory days once again.

The problem, though, is that they don’t really appear close to doing so. NetEnt lost the spotlight when Mega Fortune stopped offering record-breaking wins.

Does NetEnt Still Have a Bright Future in Gaming?

The top slots providers rise and fall. Before NetEnt came along, Microgaming was the gold standard in online gaming.

Microgaming is still a very relevant developer. But they also foreshadow what Net Entertainment can expect now that it’s no longer the “it” provider.

They’re probably never becoming the hot producer again, and neither is NetEnt. However, this doesn’t mean that Net Entertainment won’t enjoy a bright future in online gambling.

They still offer a number of popular slots and have exclusive deals with major real money internet casinos. Many casinos offer players free spins deals that center on popular NetEnt games like Gonzo’s Quest and Starburst.

Image of NetEnt Casino Game

This company has also managed to gain a strong foothold in the newly regulated American internet gaming market. Their Divine Fortune slot has paid out record jackpots in New Jersey and is probably the most-played game in the Garden State.

NetEnt stands out in the American market due to its games’ polished graphics, fun bonuses, and entertaining themes. They’re a head above other US-approved brands, such as Ainsworth, High5 Games, and International Gaming Technology (IGT).

Sure, NetEnt isn’t going to swoop in and reclaim their unofficial hottest game designer. But they also aren’t fading into the woodwork either.


NetEnt was once in a rivalry with Microgaming to see who could offer the world’s biggest online slots jackpots. Now, however, they don’t offer one progressive payout in the top 10.

Mega Fortune’s jackpots are a shell of what they used to be. The replacement, Mega Fortune Dreams, tops NetEnt’s list with a €1.52 million payout.

Of course, jackpots aren’t everything in the online gaming world. Gamers seek features, new formats, and polished graphics more than ever today.

Net Entertainment doesn’t offer the most-innovative features right now. However, they do still produce some of the best graphics and themes in the game today.

Don’t expect to see NetEnt at the forefront of gambling news sites when they release new slots. But you should still expect them to be highly relevant for years to come.