Why Gambling on Football is Popular Amongst Sports Bettors

NFL Player Adrian Peterson With a Sportsbook Background

The National Football League’s regular season is now in full swing. Despite a rash of injuries in the first few weeks, things have been mostly copacetic in the NFL.

Now that football is back, and seems like it’s here to stay, you might consider betting on the NFL. If you’re a first-time sports gambler or just new to gambling on football, the sport is a great starting point. Football is one of the most popular sports to bet on in the United States and relatively easy to learn to bet on. For those of you still considering betting for the first time, here are six reasons gambling on the NFL is so popular amongst sports bettors.

It Can Be Profitable, Especially Early

The primary purpose of betting on sports is to make money. For those of you thinking about getting into sports betting to add entertainment value to your Sundays, that’s fine. But, who says no to winning money? Betting on the NFL has one of the highest returns on investments of any of the major sports.

If you have any prior experience in sports betting, the NFL season could be profitable for you. Nothing gets ratings quite like the NFL, which I’ll get into later. This means that sports-related television programs are dominated by football this time of year. Most of these programs are reactionary and throw out takes to draw eyes to the screens.

Prominent talking heads are quick to offer hot takes about certain teams that lack substance or any truth. Teams are written off for poor performances and damned to finish 0-16, even when the season is still young. The betting public takes this information and runs with it.

When the public, armed with misinformation, make their ill-advised bets, they can influence line movement. As a knowledgeable sports bettor, it’s easy to sift through the hot takes to make intelligent, potentially profitable bets.

It’s Easier for Beginners

Unlike other sports, betting on the NFL has a low barrier to entry. Different sports require gamblers to engage in research and plenty of analysis to create a profitable betting system. With football, that’s not necessarily the case. You’ll achieve more success, the more time you spend researching, of course. But, if you’re looking for a casual way to start betting, football is among the better options.

NFL Players During a Running Play

Most avid sports fans grow up watching football, and there’s a good chance you have a base level of football knowledge. That knowledge you already have is crucial to starting out making successful bets. New gamblers commonly face several losses in the early going; that’s to be expected.

I’m not saying that football betting is easy, because winning money on sports gambling isn’t easy. Regardless of whatever sport you bet on, winning requires work. But, learning to bet and win on the NFL compared to other sports is easier for new gamblers.

Football is King

Football is the most popular sport in the United States. The most-watched television program in the country, year after year, is the Super Bowl. Football gets ratings, and major television networks take notice. The NFL and NCAA Football, to some extent, dominate the most popular programs.

If you consider yourself a serious football fan, you’ve spent your fair share of Sundays on the couch. The festivities surrounding football are sometimes more enjoyable than the game itself.

Whether it’s gathering at the local bar to meet up with your friends or hosting a watch party: football has become a spectacle in the United States. Somehow the culture around watching football has seemingly outgrown the game itself.

Not every football fan can sit down a few minutes before kickoff and place profitable bets. But that doesn’t stop them. The average sports bettor will lose money, and the betting public tends to bet with its heart on its sleeve.

Like I said earlier, there’s nothing wrong with looking for a way to add some fun to your Sunday. But, serious sports gamblers can take advantage of an under-informed public and make money off America’s favorite sport.

There’s More Information Available to Gamblers

In addition to the variety of shows revolving around football, several networks also dedicate entire shows to gambling. Outside of TV, media conglomerates, and popular sports podcast networks, each seem to have their own gambling shows. All of this content increases the media circus around football.

Sports Center Anchors

When there is a steady supply of sports betting sources out there, gamblers can be motivated to try their hand at betting. On these shows mentioned above and podcasts, primary advertisers are typically sports gambling sites. It’s no secret that online sports betting sites and casinos market their advertisements towards specific demographics.

One of the major demographics is young men fresh out of college. If sports betting sites can draw in that demographic early, they can make a gambler for life. When casual sports fans or sports bettors pursue these programs, and here ads, they might feel inspired to gamble. These ad campaigns are effective and can quickly draw new gamblers into the mix of sports gambling.

Daily Fantasy Continues to Grow in Popularity

Some of the most popular sports betting sites are primarily daily fantasy websites. Fantasy football is the most popular type of fantasy sport and adds to the appeal of the NFL. While that’s not the main reason football typically beats other leagues in ratings, it’s a major contributing factor.

You might have never placed a bet on football in your life. But, I bet there’s a good chance you’ve either participated in a fantasy football season or know some friends who have.

Daily fantasy takes two incredibly enjoyable activities: fantasy football and gambling, and combines them into something arguably better.

Daily fantasy continues to grow in popularity and offers potential gamblers a great introduction to sports betting. One of the more common reasons new gamblers avoid traditional football betting is sports gambling’s complicated nature. On a side note, if you fall into that category, consider giving it a try anyway. The industry’s jargon and makeup might seem overwhelming, but it’s less complicated than you would think.

Sports Betting Gains Steam Due to Legalization

While the legality of sports betting has never stopped gamblers in the past, legalization makes it easier for fringe gamblers. Sports gambling is now legal in 22 states, and more are in the process of legalizing sports betting. The nation-wide shutdown earlier this year put a brief hold on legalization in several states.

NFL Quarterback Before the Snap

At the current rate of progress, it seems like sports gambling will be legal in most states in the coming years. If you live in one of the states where sports betting has yet to be legalized, don’t lose faith. Bills will continue to be passed.

As restrictions continue to loosen, it will become infinitely easier for casual sports fans to get into sports betting. Whereas sports gamblers used to be forced to place bets at a sportsbook or find a bookie, now it’s as simple as logging on to your computer. As more states legalize sports gambling, anticipate an increase in the popularity of betting on the NFL.


Football is the king of sports in the United States, and Americans love to gamble on football. Every year billions of dollars are bet on the NFL, and that number continues to increase. The football season is still young, and there are plenty of opportunities to get in on the action.

The betting public prefers to gamble on the NFL over other sports for several reasons. First off, it’s easier to understand how to place profitable bets on football than other, more complicated sports. Novice gamblers and casual sports fans also enjoy betting on football due to its familiarity.

The NFL dominates rankings, and sports gamblers are privy to an abundance of information to aid in their decision making. Daily fantasy also provides a way for casual football fans an easy way to get a feel for betting on sports. Even if you have no interest in sports gambling, daily fantasy provides an exciting way to improve the football-watching experience. Finally, as states continue to legalize sports gambling, the industry will continue to grow as more people will access the industry.