Who Is Super Spade Games?

Roulette Dealer Leaning on The Roulette Table

If you play any live dealer games, you’ll eventually come across the name Super Spade Games. Who is this company, what do they do, and what do they offer?

Super Spade Games is a live casino platform provider. They’re new to the industry, founded in 2016. Their live dealer games are hosted in Belarus with a license from Curacao. Known as SSG, they’re building a reputation by making deals with big names in global online gaming.

This post is an investigation of Super Spade Games, their business, and their library of games.

Super Spade Games – the Basics

Super Spade Games describes themselves as “a B2B live dealer supplier.”

They’re probably best known to online gamblers as designers of online live dealer casino games. However, they also provide back-end solutions and other stuff to operators of those games. Super Spade Games sells a live dealer gaming platform, as well as integration software, a management system, and a slate of online casino management tools.

Super Spade Games makes live dealer casino games and systems to host those games for online casinos and other gaming operators located “all over the world” according to their website. Their Clients page lists operators that host games in South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia, which I suppose is a global reach.

Super Spade Games claims to be industry leaders due to “innovative games,” a “user friendly interface,” and “superior H5 mobile technology,” among other things.

Let’s get to know Super Spade Games by investigating these three claims a little further.

Does Super Spade Games Offer Innovative Games?

The answer depends on what you mean by innovative. My Oxford English Dictionary says innovative in this context means “introducing new ideas.” In some contexts, I think Super Spade Games does offer innovative games.

Most players outside of Southeast Asia won’t recognize games like Teenpatti, Andar-Bahar, or Dragon Tiger. That said, those games aren’t exactly innovative in the markets where they originated, they’re only novel to players in America and Europe.

Live Dealer Blackjack Game

Their variation of blackjack, covered in more detail below, is fairly standard, with rules that aren’t particularly in the player’s favor. There’s nothing innovative about a blackjack game with bad rules, except the live dealer factor, which in this day and age isn’t really innovative anymore.

The rest of the library – ersatz baccarat, roulette, and casino war – won’t win any awards for innovation either.

Does Super Spade Games Offer a User Friendly Interface?

Here’s the ways in which I think Super Spade Games is user friendly – their software is available in a big range of languages, they have easily-accessible customer service, and their games are optimized for mobile play.

The dealers are all fluent in English. They also speak other languages – it changes depending on the dealer. On my last visit, I saw English, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, and a few other Southeast Asian languages represented. The game software is available in two dozen total languages. Language coverage at SSG is strong.

I like that they have a toll-free number you can call for customer service issues that’s available around the clock. That’s a nice feature that I think contributes a great deal to a site’s customer service rating.

Finally, optimization for mobile play makes these games idealized for the way most of us are playing them – on phones or tablets. If you’ve tried to play live dealer games on your iPhone or Android tablet or whatever in the past, you’ll appreciate the sizing, colors, and visuals here, which are optimized for the smaller oddball screens of our various mobile gadgets.

What Is H5 Mobile Technology?

H5 design is all the rage in China and Southeast Asia – it’s something of a misunderstood term, as it is sometimes used to refer to HTML5 programming, but more often used to refer generically to any programming that’s designed to be seamlessly integrated into mobile chat and social media platforms.

I’m not sure it’s meaningful enough to brag about all over their website.

In short, claiming they use H5 Mobile Technology is a way for SSG to let their potential clients know that their software is optimized for mobile. That’s really all there is to it.

Screenshot of Table Games

Super Spade Games Library

Here’s details on the eight games that currently make up the Super Spade Games library.

Blackjack One 2 Infinity

The innovative part of Blackjack One 2 Infinity is that it has infinite seats. There’s no limit to the number of players at each virtual table.

Outside of that feature, it’s a boring game of blackjack with rules worse for the player than you’d typically find in a casino. Blackjack pays out at 6:5 instead of the more advantageous 3:2, and try as I might, I couldn’t find any information on how many decks they use in the shoe, or how frequently they reshuffle the shoe.

Andar-Bahar (In Out)

This is an Indian game that SSG and other online casino providers are slowly spreading to other parts of the world. It’s a game of chance with a 50:50 outcome-based entirely on luck.

I have to admit I haven’t seen this game before and I didn’t fully understand the rules as I was learning it and trying it, but the dealer was really patient in helping me understand.

Teenpatti (and Teenpatti 20-20)

Teenpatti is another South Asian game that’s growing in popularity across the rest of the world. The name literally means “three cards.” Traditionally more of a social game than a gambling game, designers like SSG have turned it into a live dealer contest.

Teenpatti is something like three card poker. It’s a simplified version of poker with no discarding or community card mechanic. Teenpatti 20-20 is the same game but with the inclusion of two wild joker cards.

I have literally no frame of reference for talking about SSG’s version of the game, except to say that I enjoyed playing the game because the interface was simple as were the rules of the game.

Roulette & Baccarat

Super Spade Games’ Roulette is a standard American-style roulette game, not the more player-friendly European version. There’s no option to play on a European wheel, just American roulette, at least for now.

The same goes for their Baccarat game, which is literally not innovative in any way except for the presence of a live dealer.

Dragon Tiger

This is an unusual game, but if you’ve played at online poker sites in the past few years, you’ve seen Dragon Tiger before. It’s not a game you’ll find in brick and mortar casinos, but mobile, online, and live casino services are increasingly hosting the game.

You might think of Dragon Tiger as two-card baccarat. The dealer lays out two cards, one to the Dragon, one to the Tiger. Players bet on which card will be higher. A few other prop bets are available based on the color, suit, or rank of the cards drawn.

I read a review that claims the Dragon Tiger game from Super Spade Games is based on an 8-deck shoe. I can’t verify that, and the dealer in the test game I played for this review couldn’t tell me, either.

I guess it’s some kind of trade secret. If the shoe is made up of 8 decks, the house edge on the basic Dragon or Tiger bet is 3.73% – that’s not awful, but it’s not among the best bets on the casino floor.

Three Card Poker Table

Three Card Poker

Casino-style poker classic Three Card Poker is faithfully recreated here with a live dealer. There’s not much more to say about it – no special rules, jackpots, or other conditions exist. If you like Three Card Poker and you want to play with a live dealer, this is a perfectly acceptable way to get it.

Casino War

Super Spade Games says their version of Casino War uses six decks. Here’s the pay table they advertise:

  • Win pays 1 credit, odds of 50.2%.
  • Losing an original bet loses 1 credit, odds of 46.3%.
  • Losing after war loses 2 credits, odds of 3.4%.

The house edge on Casino War as presented by Super Spade Games is 2.7%.

These are considered stingy rules since they don’t pay any bonus for a tie result after another tie. Some versions of Casino War have this rule in place, and when they do the house edge drops to 2.3%.

Our Final Thoughts

Super Spade Games is a small outfit compared to the big names in mobile casino gaming, but the SSG profile is growing. Their software and games are in use at some big names in global markets – We Are Casino, Groove Gaming, Nektan Global Gaming, and Chippy among them.

With a growing library of live dealer games that boasts solid customer service and mobile optimization, I’m not surprised to see more and more questions about Super Spade Games. As they continue to expand into the non-US gaming market, I expect them to add new games, new ways to play, and even more language support to increase their worldwide fan base.