Which Casino Bets Have the Highest Odds of Winning?

People Playing At Casino Tables

Everybody is different when it comes to chasing wins in casino games. Many gamblers like going after huge jackpots that can make them rich in an instant.

Other players, however, enjoy frequent wins that improve their chances of leaving the casino with a profit. If you’re in this category, then you’ll appreciate bets that offer high odds of winning.

But which wagers have the absolute highest or best chances of winning? The following guide covers seven casino bets that give you a great opportunity to win consistently.

While reading this post, keep in mind that it’s not really about bets that boast high return to player (RTP)—although many of the same wagers do feature favorable RTP. Additionally, none of these bets involve complex strategy like blackjack does.

1 – Odds Bet (Craps)

A craps odds bet goes behind a pass line or don’t pass line wager. You must wait for the shooter to establish a point number before placing an odds bet.

These wagers pay at your exact odds of winning, based on the given point number—hence the name “odds.” Here’s a look at your chances of winning based on the point:

Pass line

  • 2:1 odds & payout on point numbers 4 and 10 (66.67% probability of winning)
  • 3:2 odds & payout on point numbers 5 and 9 (60.0% probability of winning)
  • 6:5 odds & payout on point numbers 6 and 8 (54.55% probability of winning)

Don’t pass lineTwo Red Dice Stacked on Top of Each Other

  • 1:2 odds & payout on point numbers 4 and 10 (33.33% probability of winning)
  • 2:3 odds & payout on point numbers 5 and 9 (40.0% probability of winning)
  • 5:6 odds & payout on point numbers 6 and 8 (45.45% probability of winning)

You can be selective when placing odds bets and simply wait until the most-favorable point numbers come about.

As seen above, the don’t pass line point numbers offer the highest odds of winning. You stand well over a 50% chance of winning with any of these bets.

As an added bonus, odds feature 100% RTP. They’re the only wagers in the casino that offer this high of payback without in-depth strategy involved.

2 – Banker Bet (Baccarat)

Baccarat features three main wagers, including the banker, player, and tie bets. The banker bet features the best odds out of these three options.

It involves wagering on the banker hand to beat the player hand. It carries 1:1.03 odds (50.68% probability) when not accounting for ties, which means you’ll win slightly over half of the resolved bets.

Your bet is a push whenever the player and banker hands tie—unless you place a tie wager, at which point you’ll win in this situation.

The banker bet is so favorable, in fact, that the house takes a 5% commission from wins to retain its edge. Even with the commission taken, the banker wager offers 98.94% RTP.

3 – Casino War Ante Bet

Casino War is a simple game that’s similar to the common War card game. After placing your ante bet, you and the dealer each receive one card.

You win if your card outranks the dealer’s card. The odds of this happening are 1:1.01 (50.27% probability), meaning you’ll win just over half the time.

Much like with the baccarat banker wager, the house modifies the rules to retain their advantage. If you go to war during a tie (rather than forfeit), you’ll have to risk another unit just to win the same profit.

Screenshot of Online Casino War

Here’s an example to explain:

  • You bet $5 to win $10—a $5 profit.
  • The dealer and you tie.
  • You go to war and bet another $5.
  • You’re now wagering $10 to win $15—still a $5 profit.

This rule modification swings the advantage in the casino’s favor. Nevertheless, this game still offers a respectable 97.1% RTP.

4 – Gamble Feature (Slots)

You wouldn’t think that any slots bet would make this list. After all, slot machines are among the most-volatile games in the casino.

The slots gamble feature, on the other hand, differs from regular wagers. It allows you to gamble a payout for a larger prize following any winning spin.

The exact gamble depends upon the game. However, one of the most-common options involves choosing if a card suit will be black (club/spade) or red (diamond/heart).

This double-or-nothing wager can offer as high as 1:1 odds of winning. At this point, you’re flipping a coin with the casino to double your payout. In other cases, the gamble feature may slightly favor the house with something like 1:1.02 odds. Even in this case, you’re getting a good deal compared to most bets.

The main downside, though, is that the gamble option isn’t available in every game. Furthermore, you might not feel like risking a payout after you’ve already won. But just keep in mind that you stand a great chance of winning your gamble.

5 – Pass Line Bet (Craps)

Pass line is a bet that the shooter will beat the house edge when tossing the dice. It wins on the come-out roll when a 7 or 11 come up. Meanwhile, it loses if a 2, 3, or 12 are tossed.

Any other number combination will establish a point (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10). As mentioned before, this represents the time when you can put odds behind pass line.

When a point number is established, you need the shooter to roll the point before a 7 to win. You’re paid 1:1 whenever winning a pass line wager.

The overall odds behind this bet are 251:244 (49.32% probability). This means that you’ll win with pass line nearly half the time.

6 – Player Bet (Baccarat)

The player bet runs a close second to the banker wager in baccarat. It’s a bet on the player hand triumphing over the banker hand. This wager carries 1.03:1 odds and features fairly generous RTP at 98.76%.

Two Images of Baccarat Tables Combined

You can see that the player bet is slightly worse than the banker wager regarding odds and RTP. However, it does have the advantage of not taking 5% commissions from wins.

Commissions aren’t such a big deal in online casinos because the software removes them automatically after each hand. However, they can be quite annoying in land-based casinos when you have to settle them after a session.

This aspect alone may be enough to convince you to make a player bet, especially if you’ve ever had trouble holding back the commission money.

7 – Roulette Even Money Bets (European Roulette)

Roulette offers two common wheels in the American and European versions. You definitely want to choose the latter option for the sake of both odds and RTP.

European roulette offers three even-money bets, including high/low, odd/even, and red/black. Each of these wagers provide 1.055:1 odds (48.65% probability).

Every bet on the European roulette board offers 97.30% RTP. This payout percentage certainly outdoes American roulette, where wagers only deliver 94.74% payback.

That said, you have a solid chance of making money with any European wager over time. But if you’re mainly concerned with winning consistently, then you should stick with the even-money bets.

You may even want to look for a French roulette game. It offers the same 1.055:1 odds on winning even-money wagers.

However, it comes with the added bonus of paying half your bet back when the ball lands on zero. This rule boosts the RTP to 98.65%

Our Final Thoughts

Consistent winnings will definitely make you feel like a winner. They also help you sustain your bankroll and last longer in the casino.

The seven wagers covered here can provide consistent payouts because they have high odds of winning. The banker bet, gamble feature, and craps odds are the best of the best in this regard.

Of course, these wagers don’t offer the largest payouts (1:1). As long as you don’t have jackpot dreams, though, then all of these bets are worth considering when you’re hoping for frequent wins.