Where to Get the Latest Las Vegas Casino News

Man Reading Newspaper at the Caesars Forum Shops

I’ve spent months planning my Las Vegas trips down to the finest detail. I’ve scoured over blogs, kept up with the latest weather forecasts and tried to stay in the loop on the best offers in town to ensure the best outcome possible.

Sometimes, you may just want to keep tabs on the latest news at your favorite casino or be up to date on the latest casino news. Sure, you can just google Las Vegas or casino news and read through articles that may or may not be applicable to you personally.

Even if you find an article specifically about where you’re interested it may be weeks or months old. And in the constantly changing Las Vegas, yesterday might as well be last year.

What if I told you there are places for you to receive the hottest Las Vegas casino news catered to you and even delivered directly in your inbox? That’s right, I’ll give you 5 of the top places for you to get your Las Vegas casino news.

After all, who couldn’t use a little heads up on all things Vegas casinos before their trip? Hopefully, these sites will help to make your next adventure as enjoyable and even profitable as possible.

1 – Las Vegas Advisor

The Las Vegas Advisor was started back in 1983 by Anthony Curtis a Las Vegas transplant. Curtis drew on his own experiences of taking advantage of every coupon, steak special, and drink discount in town, to become an authority in navigating Vegas on the cheap.

It didn’t take him long to realize that plenty of Las Vegas visitors and locals could profit from his expertise and advice.

In the ensuing 37 years the Advisor has gone on to publish over 100 books, thousands of web pages and grown a monthly subscription base of over 400.

Las Vegas advisor offers you a little bit of everything Vegas casinos. From $8 steak dinners to the best deals on hotel and air travel, it gives you Las Vegas on a budget.

The Advisor offers much more than good deals though. One interesting feature of their site is the addition of live webcams. Easy, it’s 100% safe for work. Some showing casinos like the Bellagio or Vegas attractions like the Raiders new stadium.

Maybe you’re strictly business and only desire the news that pertains to the casino and gaming aspects of Las Vegas. Don’t worry, “LVA” has got you covered. In fact there’s an entire section of their website devoted to gambling.

Included for you here are things like betting lines, scores, a game room to hone your skills and gambling tips.

At the Las Vegas Advisor their philosophy is all about getting the most out of Vegas. They check all the boxes for this gambler.

2 – Casino Life

Since being launched in 2005, Casino Life Magazine has grown to become the leading business-to-business publication that focuses on Casino Operations and, Manufacturers and Suppliers of Gaming Equipment and Services.

Their innovative editorial includes exclusive interviews with industry leading lights, no nonsense guides to gaming legislation and case studies on manufacturers blazing a trail with their innovative gaming systems and associated products.

Casino Life’s editorial reflects the multi-tasking roles of its readers.

By listening to readers and understanding their challenges, Casino Life ensures that the magazine has content that readers read and value.

Casino Life is for the serious casino aficionado and may not be your cup of tea if you’re just looking for the latest reviews on Cirque du Soleil. However, if you are looking for attempting to quench your thirst for knowledge of the casino industry insights. Casino Life will exceed your expectations.

3 – Las Vegas Review-Journal

Tommy Callahan Jr. once said “I can get a good look at a T-bone by sticking my head up a bull’s ass, but I’d rather take the butcher’s word for it”. In walks the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Nevada’s most circulated daily newspaper.

Las Vegas Review Journal Newspaper

In fact, the paper has been around since 1909, long before the strip was lighting up the desert sky. You may not think a local newspaper would be your hot source for breaking casino news, but you’d be wrong. I’m not saying that the Las Vegas that exists beyond the glitz and glamour of the casinos isn’t important, quite the contrary.

Obviously, casinos are a huge business in Las Vegas and when you have the money, you have the attention. The casinos employ thousands of Vegas locals and gambling talk definitely plays more here than it would in say Little Rock, AR.

Which is exactly why the online pages of the Review-Journal are a wonderful resource for casino low down. I pay particular attention to the business and entertainment sections on the paper’s website.

On any given day the business section will have a nice selection on the latest casino news. You may find an article about new games coming to the MGM Grand on Monday and a spa review of the Aria on Thursday.

Newspapers are in many ways, sadly, a dying breed. You would be well served to take full advantage of the Las Vegas Review-Journal when looking for the latest Las Vegas casino news. Thinking outside of the box like this could prove to be just the thing that sets your next trip over the top.

4 – Vital Vegas

Vital Vegas is everything Casino News isn’t. Always keeping it fun and light with a cabana party vibe. Don’t get me wrong, Casino News provides a wealth of great information. Vital Vegas brings an equal amount of wonderful content to you and it is all centered around Las Vegas of course.

Vital Vegas tells us they know people and they dig things up. The honor of “Best Las Vegas Blog” they’ve won over 5 years in a row tells me that they do definitely dig things up. I’ll not ask them where the bodies are buried.

Bottom line is the fine people at Vital Vegas seem to really love all things “Vegas”. If you want the latest scoop on casinos, restaurants or shows in Las Vegas, Vital Vegas needs to be in your search history.

If you have a friend or family member booked for your next trip, Vital Vegas probably has a lot more to offer them than a few others on the list. The often-overlooked downtown Vegas is featured on their site and offers some outstanding opportunities to explore and enjoy another side of Las Vegas for gamblers and non-gamblers alike.

Man and Woman in Las Vegas Comedy Show

VV is sure to scratch the itch of the most discerning gambler. Fresh content regarding the latest table games and information on slot machine jackpots is updated several times a week. Always staying current for their huge online following.

5 – Hey Google

Most people receive Google Alerts in email. With one or two alerts that track rarely used keywords, you might receive an occasional alert. But try to track several popular topics and alerts can fill your email quickly. That’s when Inbox by Gmail comes to the rescue.

Instead of showing each email separately, Inbox by Gmail gathers your alerts into a bundle. Alerts can flood your inbox, but they’ll all be put in the bundle until you choose to review or archive them.

Alerts won’t overwhelm other emails. Not interested in the alerts? Mark the entire bundle done and move on to other things.

Want even more control? Create different bundles for different alerts and customize notifications for each bundle.

Google now enables Inbox by Gmail by default for schools and nonprofits, as well as for personal Gmail accounts. To try Inbox, go to inbox.google.com or install the Inbox Android or iOS app on your mobile device.

Improve your search criteria to improve your alert results. Don’t just search for keywords. Instead, refine your Alert results by:

  • Adding quotes to search for a specific phrase. For example, “Las Vegas casino news” finds mentions of Las Vegas casino news. Without quotes, pages that include any combination of the 3 words, Las Vegas, casino, and news, display.
  • Placing a hyphen in front of a term to exclude results with that term. For example, -“Las Vegas Casino slots” excludes results that include the phrase.
  • Limiting your search to a single domain with the site: term. For example: site:vitalvegas.com will monitor results only from the VitalVegas.com site.

Of course, a few people, mostly geeks and news hounds, receive Google Alerts in an RSS reader. For example, Google Alerts sends an alert to my RSS reader when a new page with my name appears.

Since I use an RSS reader and my alerts aren’t time sensitive, this setup works for me. But most of you will likely prefer Google Alerts sent to Inbox by Gmail and packaged in a bundle.

Google Alerts fill a wide variety of needs personally. I’ve set alerts to track companies, products, and topics. One alert notifies me of any news related to “Las Vegas casino news” while another tracks “online progressive slots.”

It is incredibly easy to set up and it pays tremendous dividends for minimal investment of time. Set a Google Alert and receive it in Inbox, and you’ll never miss news you should know.


You have hundreds of choices when looking for your Las Vegas casino news. It can be incredibly difficult to narrow it down to 1 or 2 sites with so many potential suitors. Even if you find a site that seems to have all the news you crave, how can you be sure of the site’s legitimacy?

I do want to make clear that the 5 resources on this list are in no way listed best to worst. Also, you may already have a go to place for your Las Vegas casino news, I’m not suggesting you abandon it. I’d actually love for you to drop it in the comments for the others.

I merely wanted to help the gamblers new to Las Vegas or the ones that may be planning their first or second trip. I know how stressful travel to a new place can be, but it doesn’t have to be.

Casino gambling is supposed to be highly entertaining. So, I suggest you make the most of the sites providing all of this news for free. Having a head free of fear and uncertainty may just be the break you need.