Where to Get the Latest Atlantic City Casino News

Newspaper and Glasses With Atlantic City in Background

New Jersey has a deep and rich history of gambling centered around Atlantic City and its historic Boardwalk on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The resort city has endured countless legal and economic shifts as a major tourist location, and is again finally on the upswing.

You’ve spent months planning your Atlantic City trip down to the finest detail. You’ve scoured over blogs, kept up with the latest weather forecasts and tried to stay in the loop on the best offers in town to ensure the best outcome possible for your stay.

Sometimes, you may just want to keep tabs on the latest news at your favorite casino or be up to date on the latest casino news from home. Sure, you can just google Atlantic City or casino news and read through articles that may or may not be catered to your interests.

Even if you find an article specifically about where you’re interested it may be weeks or months old. And in the constantly changing Atlantic City casino landscape, yesterday might as well be last year.

What if I told you there are places for you to receive the hottest Atlantic City casino news catered to you and even delivered directly in your inbox? That’s right, I’ll give you a few of the top places for you to get the latest Atlantic City casino news.

After all, who couldn’t use a little heads up on all things Atlantic City casinos before their trip? Hopefully, these sites will help to make your next adventure as enjoyable and even profitable as possible.

The Press of Atlantic City

The Press of Atlantic City is the fourth-largest daily newspaper in New Jersey. Originally based in Pleasantville, it is the primary newspaper for southeastern New Jersey and the Jersey Shore.

The newspaper’s designated market runs from Waretown in southern Ocean County down to Cape May . It also reaches west to Cumberland County. The paper has a combined print and digital daily circulation of 72,846 and a Sunday circulation of 95,626.

The Press closed its printing facility in Pleasantville in 2014, at which time it outsourced printing to a facility in Freehold. That printing plant closed in 2017, with most of the New Jersey printing and production operations consolidated in Gannett’s Rockaway plant.

Interior of Bally's Casino in Atlantic City

Coverage focuses mostly on local and regional news, with limited state, national and international news appearing on the Nation & World page in the Money section. The Press also publishes numerous other products, including At The Shore, the area’s entertainment guide.

The paper launched  a paid content site, and was the first daily newspaper in New Jersey to request payment for access to its digital content. It is also available in a replica e-edition that allows viewers to see the entire paper digitally as it appears each day in print, along with page-turning technology and links.

All of this combines to offer you a great place to stay up to date on the latest Atlantic City casino news without ever leaving the couch.

At the Shore

At the shore is your one stop shop for all things related to entertainment and tourism in Atlantic City. Bringing you the best and latest news about the Arts, Casinos, Dining, Entertainment, Events, Fishing, Golf, Movies, Nature, and NightLife.

Your guide to having fun in South Jersey, At the Shore provides deep insights into the Atlantic City casino industry on a weekly basis.

You can check it out for yourself at AtTheShoreOnline.com, or find At The Shore on newsstands every Thursday.

Atlantic City Weekly

Atlantic City Weekly has been the dining, entertainment, nightlife, and community news source for the Atlantic City area for 40 years.

Established in 1974, this award-winning publication remains the region’s most widely read guide to South Jersey/Atlantic City nightlife.

Published every Thursday, the Atlantic City Weekly print edition covers entertainment, casinos, dining, movies, gambling, local news, local events, and much more. Online, AtlanticCityWeekly.com brings you all that and more 7 days a week.

By offering fresh content on a daily basis, you are sure to be kept current on the latest casino news coming out of Atlantic City.

True Jersey

NJ.com is the top provider of local news in New Jersey. NJ.com drives daily conversations and engages millions of people through quality journalism on NJ.com social channels and in newsletters and print publications, including The Star-Ledger, The Express-Times and other daily and weekly newspapers.

NJ.com has the knowledge, experience, and resources to create innovative and effective cross-channel marketing solutions. They offer firsthand data collected from more than 170 million devices owned by consumers of the 12 affiliated websites across the United States.

Having such a large network of news sites to pool from works as a huge advantage for you. You can be sure to always have the latest Atlantic City casino news dropped straight into your inbox.

Additionally, having multiple sources pooling their content will give you multiple views on the same topic. Providing the balance you need to draw your own informed conclusions.

Hey Google

Most people receive Google Alerts in email. With one or two alerts that track rarely used keywords, you might receive an occasional alert. But try to track several popular topics and alerts can fill your email quickly. That’s when Inbox by Gmail comes to the rescue.

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Atlantic City Boardwalk

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  • Placing a hyphen in front of a term to exclude results with that term. For example, -“Atlantic City Craps” excludes results that include the phrase.
  • Limiting your search to a single domain with the site: term. For example: site:nj.com will monitor results only from the NJ.com site.

Of course, a few people, mostly geeks and news hounds, receive Google Alerts in an RSS reader. For example, Google Alerts sends an alert to my RSS reader when a new page with my name appears.

Since I use an RSS reader and my alerts aren’t time sensitive, this setup works for me. But most of you will likely prefer Google Alerts sent to Inbox by Gmail and packaged in a bundle.

Google Alerts fill a wide variety of needs personally. I’ve set alerts to track companies, products, and topics. One alert notifies me of any news related to “Atlantic City casinos” while another tracks “online poker.”

It is incredibly easy to set up and it pays tremendous dividends for minimal investment of time. Set a Google Alert and receive it in Inbox, and you’ll never miss news you should know.


You have hundreds of options to choose from for your Atlantic City casino news. It can be incredibly difficult to narrow it down to 1 or 2 sites with so many viable choices. Even if you find a site that seems to have all the news you crave, how can you be sure of the site’s legitimacy?

I do want to make clear that the potential choices I’ve covered on this list are in no way listed best to worst. I merely wanted to help gamblers learn more about Atlantic City or for those looking to plan a trip. We also recommend you check out our posts on Atlantic City casino news and make sure to check back in for the latest updates coming out of Atlantic City.

Casino gambling is supposed to be highly entertaining. So, I suggest you make the most of the sites providing all of this news for free. Having a head free of fear and uncertainty may just be the break you need.