Where to Find the Best 3:2 Blackjack Games in Las Vegas: Ranked by the Lowest House Edge

Closeup of a Dealt Blackjack Table

For casino gambling purists, those rare souls who pride themselves on never giving the house an inch, blackjack is basically the Holy Grail.

Only in real money blackjack can skilled players combine strict strategy and an innate card sense (read: counting) to whittle the house’s precious edge down to nearly nothing. And when the casino creates perfect conditions – by offering player-friendly rules in exchange for higher minimum bets – savvy blackjack sharks can attack the game while facing a microscopic statistical disadvantage.

Without further ado, the following guide showcases the 20 best 3:2 blackjack games in Las Vegas, serving up the lowest house edges anywhere in town.

1 – M Resort

To reach the very best blackjack game in all of Sin City, you’ll need to sojourn straight southbound from The Strip for about 20 minutes until you see M Resort.

This place is straight out of The Strip’s script though, so don’t think you’re venturing to some rinky-dink gambling hall. Nope, this place is legit from the buffet to the sprawling slot parlor, and it just so happens to spread the lowest house edge blackjack tables Las Vegas has to offer.

Make that three tables to be precise, each of which requires a $25 minimum bet (with a $5,000 max for high-rollers). Instead of the typical six- or eight-deck shoe which defines modern blackjack, M Resort opts for the double-deck game of yesteryear. That’s right, only 104 cards in play for potential counters to sort through, rather than the 312- or 416-card monstrosities.

Crucially, these games require the dealer to stand on their soft 17 (Ace-6) hands, which reduces the house edge by 0.22 percent compared to the usual “hit on soft 17” tables. Throw in player-friendly rules like doubling down after a split, and re-splitting Aces, and 3:2 payouts on blackjack, and M Resort’s signature game runs with a miniscule house edge rate of only 0.14 percent.

2 – El Cortez

If you thought a $25 minimum for 3:2 blackjack was fair, wait until you get to the El Cortez in Downtown Vegas.

This iconic casino first opened way back in 1941, and at the time, a shoe was something you wore on your feet. No six- or eight-deck games back then, just straight blackjack dealt from a single deck.

Well, you can experience a blast from the past at El Cortez, where six single-deck games can be found running around the clock. Even better, the minimum bet comes at the low, low price of $5, another holdover from the good old days.

The dealer hits on soft 17 here, but that’s not enough to overcome single-deck’s inherent tilt toward sharp players. At 0.18 percent, El Cortez’ games hold the second-lowest house edge in Sin City.

3- Aria

Arriving on The Strip for the first time, we’ve reached the Aria Resort & Casino and its trio of top-notch 3:2 tables.

These are double-deck, stand on soft 17 games, which is sweet, but you’ll pay a pretty penny at $100 per hand minimum. Doubling after splits helps to winnow the house edge here down to 0.19 percent.

Aria Las Vegas

4 – Bellagio

And here’s where we discover just how monotone The Strip has become thanks to corporate consolidation…

Because the Aria and the Bellagio both fall under MGM Resorts’ ownership umbrella, both venues run identical slates of 3:2 blackjack.

Accordingly, look for three double-deck, stand on soft 17, double after split tables with a $100 minimum and the same 0.19 percent house edge.

5 – MGM Grand

It’s right there in the name, so you know what to expect at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino.

The only discrepancy between Aria and Bellagio, however, is that MGM Grand has two of these tables rather than three.

6 – Treasure Island

Even though Treasure Island isn’t owned by MGM Grand, the ‘90s classic appears content to copy its larger rival’s 3:2 blackjack structure.

The best games at TI run on three double-deck tables with a $25 minimum, stand on soft 17, and double after splitting for a 0.19 percent house edge.

In a departure from the MGM family, TI doesn’t permit players to enter the game mid-shoe.

7 – Bighorn

Never heard of the Bighorn Casino in North Las Vegas?

Well, me neither… until today, that is. While researching the best blackjack games around, my wanderings took me to Lake Mead Boulevard about 10 miles from The Strip.

Bighorn isn’t exactly the lap of luxury, and don’t dare play here after dark, but by day you’ll find a pretty great 3:2 blackjack game. Three tables play at the bare $5 minimum, and although the dealer hits on soft 17, a slew of player-friendly rules conspire to lower house edge rates to 0.25 percent.

8 – Longhorn

Take a straight shot eastbound for 7 miles from the center of The Strip and you’ll reach Longhorn Casino.

As the name suggests, this is a sister property to Bighorn, so the rules, table count, and low house edge are all identical.

9 – Venetian

Mercifully moving back to the (relative) safety of The Strip, the Venetian offers a much more Vegas-centric experience than the last two entries.

And at 0.26 percent, you’re only sacrificing a single point of house edge equity by coming here instead of the Horns.

You’ll find four 3:2 tables here which have the dealer hit on soft 17. That demerit aside, a $50 minimum makes Venetian stand out from the crowd, as do liberal rules like double after split, late surrender, and re-splitting Aces.

Venetian Las Vegas

10 – Caesars Palace

Six tables at Caesars Palace spread six-deck 3:2 action, but dealers stand on 17 and utilize the aforementioned liberal rules to create a 0.26 percent house edge.

The minimum wager on these 3:2 games climbs to $100, however, so the action at the Palace is twice as steep than Venetian.

11 – Encore

The Wynn’s sister casino, Encore is home to five 3:2, stand on soft 17 tables where six-deck shoes and liberal rules are in effect.

Accordingly, players enjoy the same 0.26 percent edge while grinding at neighboring Wynn’s replica.

12 – Palazzo

Yet another sister casino, this time to the Venetian, the Palazzo offers the same style of 3:2 blackjack as Encore – just with three more tables on the floor.

13 – Palms

Palazzo upped the ante to eight tables, while the Palms drops down to just a single $100, six-deck, 3:2 game with liberal rules and 0.26 percent house edge.

14 – Rio

Best known as the home of the World Series of Poker (WSOP), the Rio also runs three $100 minimum 3:2 tables using a six-deck shoe and liberal rules. By now, you should know the house edge using that recipe, so 0.26 percent it is.

15 – Sahara

The former SLS rebranded as Sahara in 2019, bringing back an iconic casino brand which first debuted in Vegas back in 1952.

The best 3:2 blackjack tables here come in two, with six-deck shoes, stand on soft 17, and liberal rules in effect for the $100 games.

16 – Tropicana

The new Sahara is a remake, but the Tropicana standing today is a true original having opened in 1957.

The links between these two old-school brands continue today, as Tropicana runs the same 3:2 blackjack game as Sahara. Two tables, six decks, liberal rules… you know the drill.

Tropicana Las Vegas

17 – Wynn

Wynn Hotel & Casino puts six $100 minimum 3:2 tables in play, each of which use stand on soft 17 and liberal rules for the ol’ 0.26 percent rate.

18 – Cosmopolitan

At the Cosmopolitan, blackjack players have four 3:2 games to work with where the dealer stands on soft 17.

It’ll cost the $100 minimum, but liberal rules ensure a house edge of 0.28 percent.

19 – Bally’s

Take the liberal rules described earlier, remove re-splitting Aces, and you’ll get Bally’s version of stand on soft 17 / 3:2 blackjack. The absence of that player-friendly rule causes these two tables to tick upward into the 0.33 percent house edge range.

The minimum wager here is only $50, so you can double the volume of your bankroll by choosing Bally’s over the $100 alternatives.

20 – Flamingo

And finally, the Flamingo offers the same 0.33 percent house edge 3:2 game on three tables, using the same restricted rules as Bally’s – but for a $100 minimum instead.

In Summary

Many aspiring gamblers scoff at the notion of the house edge, mistakenly believing that long-term probabilities don’t matter during short-term sessions. And indeed, while random variance will create many short-term ripples as you play, paying close attention to house edge comparisons can be quite the long-term cash cow.

For every percentage point, you shave that edge down, you’re essentially pulling a portion of your future lost bets back from the dealer’s tray and into your pocket. By sticking to the 21 casinos listed here, and applying your very best in basic strategy play, you’ll enjoy one of the rarest sights in any casino – a fair fight.