Where Can You Find the Lowest Blackjack Stakes in Vegas?

Blackjack Being Dealt on Left Las Vegas Strip on Right

Many gaming jurisdictions are featuring higher and higher blackjack stakes. Even in Atlantic City, you’ll rarely find a $5 table.

Most casinos throughout the US and beyond require between a $10 and $25 minimum bet. With that said, you won’t find too many cheap real money blackjack games these days.

Las Vegas, however, presents an exception to the norm. It’s filled with $5 blackjack tables. In some cases, you can even find minimum bets as low as $1!

Where exactly are these ultra-cheap tables located in Vegas? The following guide discusses where you can play as cheaply as possible in Sin City. It also covers other aspects to consider when picking a table.

Vegas Casinos With the Lowest Blackjack Stakes

Plenty of casinos in Las Vegas offer low minimum wagers. You can especially play for cheap at the establishments covered below.

Lucky Club – $1 Minimum Bet

Located in North Las Vegas, Lucky Club offers four tables that accept $1 minimum bets. It also boasts extremely favorable rules for such cheap stakes.

This casino pays 3:2 on natural blackjacks, lets you double down on any total, and double down after splitting. The result is a reasonable 0.64% house edge.

OYO – $1 Minimum Bet

The OYO Hotel and Casino is situated off the Vegas Strip on Tropicana Boulevard. It offers a single $1 blackjack table.

Besides having to wait for a seat to open up, you’ll also need to deal with less-favorable rules. OYO only pays 6:5 on natural blackjacks, which plays a big part in the 2.0% house advantage.

Poker Palace – $1 and $2 Minimum Bets

Poker Palace is a North Las Vegas casino that’s fashioned into a castle. It’s unique in that it offers both a $1 and $2 blackjack game.

The lone $1 table pays even money on naturals, which is a rare and terrible rule. You’ll be facing a 2.79% house edge in this game.

The two $2 tables are much better from a rules perspective. They pay 3:2 on natural blackjacks, let you double down on any total, and allow re-splitting aces. These rules combine for a low 0.41% house advantage.

Numerous Casinos – $5 Minimum Bet

You won’t have much trouble finding a $5 table in Las Vegas. Many Vegas casinos offer these low stakes.

Most of the $5 games are located off the Strip. You’re not going to find these cheap stakes in the Bellagio or MGM Grand, for example.

Las Vegas Strip Casinos

Some casinos are better than others when it comes to the house edge and rules. Bighorn and Longhorn both feature $5 tables with just a 0.26% house advantage.

You Should Also Consider the Casino House Edge

You might jump at the chance to play a $1 or $2 blackjack game. After all, you’re risking next to nothing at these tables.

As with any blackjack game, though, the casino house edge also plays an important role. The following information will help guide you towards low-stakes tables that provide a solid chance to win.

Many Casinos Have Different Rules

Several key rules govern the odds of winning in blackjack. You want to find games with as many favorable rules as possible.

The size of the natural blackjack payout is especially important. A 3:2 payout reduces the house edge by 1.39% as compared to a 6:5 payoff.

The number of decks also plays a major part in the house edge. A single deck is the best you can do in this department. It lowers the house advantage by 0.49% when compared to an eight-deck game.

The ability to double down on any total is also crucial. This rule drops the house edge by 0.25% when compared to only doubling down on 9 through 11.

No blackjack table is absolutely perfect in Vegas. However, you want to choose games that include a reasonable combination of favorable rules.

A single-deck game with 3:2 blackjack payouts is about as good as it gets. A single-deck game with 6:5 blackjack playoffs, on the other hand, isn’t so good.

Low Stakes Casino Games Often Feature the Least Favorable Rules

Casinos make their money through a combination of the house edge and betting volume. They stand to make the most when the house edge and minimum bet are both high.

Of course, many gamblers won’t play at such tables. Therefore, casinos often compromise by offering either low stakes or a low house advantage.

With real money blackjack, certain casinos will offer really low stakes. Most of them, though, also include unfavorable rules that boost the house edge. After all, the casinos want to get something back for offering such low bets.

Closeup of Blackjack Table

The Poker Palace’s $1 blackjack game is a perfect example of this. It only pays even money on a natural blackjack (instead of 3:2 or 6:5) and doesn’t let you double down after splitting.

Some Casinos Still Offer Quality Rules and Low Minimum Bets

Not all Vegas casinos force you to choose between low stakes and reasonable rules. Instead, some rare gems combine both elements to create excellent games.

For example, you might find a $5 table that still pays 3:2 on naturals and has a single deck. In this case, you can look forward to a 0.5% house edge or lower.

What Low Stakes and Favorable Odds Will Do for Your Bankroll

Sin City has a reputation for being a very expensive place. The gambling tables are part of this lavish reputation. To help we put a guide together on a good budget for Las Vegas.

As seen throughout this guide, though, you don’t have to bet much to play here. You also don’t need to lose much when choosing quality games.

Here’s the math on how little your theoretical losses will be with some of the games covered so far:

$1 Game at Lucky Club

  • The table sees 75 hands per hour
  • 75 x 1 = $75 bet per hour
  • House edge is 0.64%
  • 75 x 0.0064 = 0.48
  • You’ll theoretically lose $0.48 an hour

$1 Game at OYO

  • The table sees 75 hands per hour
  • 75 x 1 = $75 bet per hour
  • House edge is 2.0%
  • 75 x 0.02 = 1.5
  • You’ll theoretically lose $1.50 an hour

$1 Game at Poker Palace

  • The table sees 75 hands per hour
  • 75 x 1 = $75 bet per hour
  • House edge is 2.79%
  • 75 x 0.0279 = 2.09
  • You’ll theoretically lose $2.09 an hour
$2 Game at Poker Palace

  • The table sees 75 hands per hour
  • 75 x 2 = $150 bet per hour
  • House edge is 0.41%
  • 150 x 0.0041 = 0.62
  • You’ll theoretically lose $0.62 an hour

$5 Game at the Average Vegas Casino

  • The table sees 75 hands per hour
  • 75 x 5 = $375 bet per hour
  • House edge is 0.55%
  • 375 x 0.0055 = 2.06
  • You’ll theoretically lose $2.06 an hour

$10 Game at the Average Vegas Casino

  • The table sees 75 hands per hour
  • 75 x 10 = $750 bet per hour
  • House edge is 0.5%
  • 750 x 0.005 = 3.75
  • You’ll theoretically lose $3.75 an hour

Which Vegas Blackjack Casinos Are the Best for Low Rollers?

Cheap stakes are the only ingredient for a great low-roller experience. You also want to consider your chances of winning too. The following casinos offer the best of both worlds when it comes to blackjack.

1 – Lucky Club

In terms of house edge and the minimum bet, Lucky Club’s blackjack action can’t be beat. This casino combines a dollar wager with a 0.64% house edge. You can also look forward to four different $1 tables at Lucky Club.

2 – (Tie) Bighorn and 3 – Longhorn

Bighorn and Longhorn both offer the best chance to win on a per-dollar basis. They each provide $5 games with just a 0.26% house edge. If you’re looking to wager a little more than a dollar, then you should consider these establishments.

4 – El Cortez

El Cortez also has a pretty good $5 game. Featuring nine $5 tables, this Downtown Las Vegas casino boasts a 0.30% house advantage at each one.

El Cortez Las Vegas

5 – OYO

Oyo may not quite compare to Lucky Club in terms of house edge (2.0% vs. 0.64%). However, it does still give you the opportunity to play dollar blackjack.

6 – Poker Palace

Poker Palace has the worst of the $1 blackjack games with a 2.79% house advantage. Its $2 game, though, is much better with just a 0.41% house edge.

You Should Still Learn Blackjack Strategy

The only way to truly capitalize on the great odds covered below is by learning blackjack strategy. This way, you’ll make optimal decisions and reduce the house edge to its lowest point.

Blackjack strategy cards provide an excellent starting point. These color-coded guides show the best strategic decision in every situation.

Here’s an example on using one of these cards:

  • You hold A-2.
  • The dealer’s upcard is 5.
  • The strategy card shows to double down in this situation.
A blackjack trainer is another great resource worth using. It’s a program that shows whenever you make mistakes while playing.

The idea is that you’ll learn from these mistakes and gradually eliminate them. You can find free blackjack trainers across the internet.

Our Thoughts on The Lowest Blackjack Stakes in Vegas

$5 blackjack may not be common across the gaming world. However, it’s actually quite accessible in Las Vegas. Many casinos feature $5 tables.

Amazingly, though, you can play for even less than this. A few of the gaming establishments covered here offer $1 games. In this case, you may feel like you’re playing a slot machine due to the low stakes.

Of course, not everybody lives in or around Vegas. Instead, most gamblers only visit here once in a while.

If you’re in this boat, you won’t be able to play $1 to $5 stakes all the time. But whenever you do visit Vegas, though, you should take full advantage of these extremely cheap games.