What’s the Point of Touch Roulette?

Roulette Table Board and Wheel
Roulette is one of the biggest casino classics of all time. First introduced in Parisian casinos in 1796, the game has been played on polished wheels for centuries.

However, a new variation threatens to shake up roulette. “Touch roulette” blends the classic version with technology.

This is an interesting game that should draw plenty of players in the coming years. But is the touch version really necessary when given the long-term popularity of regular roulette?

Keep reading to find out as I contrast the two types of roulette and determine if the touch variation is worthwhile.

How Does Normal Roulette Work?

At its core, roulette is one of the simplest games in the casino. You place your bet on the board, which represents wheel’s the various numbers and sections.

Once all wagers are placed, the croupier spins the wheel to determine the results. You win if the ball lands on your chosen number or section.

The difficulty in playing roulette is understanding the betting process. The board looks like a jumbled mess when you’re first learning how to play roulette.

After all, it features a large number of potential wagers. But you can get past this confusion by knowing the different bets and their odds of winning.

The categories for roulette wagers include the following:

Wager Odds Payout
Single Number 36:1 35:1
Split 17.5:1 17:1
Street 17.5:1 17:1
Corner 8.25:1 8:1
Six Line 5.17:1 5:1
Column 2.08:1 2:1
Dozen 2.08:1 2:1
Odd/Even 1.06 1:1
Red/Black 1.06 1:1
High/Low 1.06 1:1

A number of bets exist within each of these categories. For example, you have 36 options (1-36) within the single number umbrella. But knowing each category and the potential payouts is the best place to begin.

The next matter involves learning how the various wagers work. Dozen, for example, sees you bet on the ball landing on either 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36.

Corner sees you place chips at the intersection of four numbers. One more example is street, which involves putting your chips at the end of a three-number row.

A great way to learn how bets work is by playing free roulette online (or play for real money). The software highlights where you can and can’t place chips.

Free roulette is the perfect place to practice, because you don’t have a dealer and other players waiting on you. Instead, you can take your time learning the board and general rules.

What Is Touch Roulette?

Electronic roulette games are nothing new in the gambling industry. Land-based casinos have offered computerized versions of roulette for decades.

Touch Roulette Casino GameHowever, the touch variation is something entirely different. Although played through a machine, touch roulette has similarities with the classic game.

People got to see this unique version on display at Romania’s Entertainment Arena Expo in the summer of 2019, which really got gamblers talking. Dubbed “T84,” it features an 84-inch touchscreen, 23-inch info monitor, surround-sound system, and ergonomic design.

You begin playing by sliding your fingers across the touchscreen. You use this motion to place chips at desired spots on the computer-generated board.

The board is identical to a normal roulette table, meaning little time is wasted in getting acclimated to this game.

EGT, which developed the T84 table, uses proprietary technology to identify each player’s bet. This tech also determines winnings and makes payouts accordingly.

Currently, touch roulette is available in American and European Roulette formats. The American version features 38 numbers and a 5.26% house edge, while the European variant has 37 numbers and a 2.70% house advantages.

Where Is Touch Roulette Available?

T84 had a successful debut at the Entertainment Arena Expo. But it’s still a relatively new idea and not widely available at many casinos.

Red Sevens casino in Oradea, Romania, is one of the few locations that carries this game. Red Sevens is currently trialing the table to determine its popularity.

Assuming T84 is successful at Red Sevens, it could be rolled out to other casinos across Europe and beyond.

Advantages of Touch Roulette

EGT obviously developed touch roulette because they saw a market for it in casinos. Here are the main benefits that T84 offers players when compared to traditional tables.

New Way to Enjoy Roulette

Even if you love roulette, you must admit that the game can get a bit stale. The gameplay is the same every time and there’s little strategy involved.

T84 presents roulette in a fresh format that’s unique from the regular version. It offers a touch screen, electronic chips, and automatic payouts.

All of these elements combine to reduce the chances of you fumbling over players to make bets, something that happens often on traditional tables.

More importantly, touch roulette gives you another option for enjoying the game. You could even switch back and forth between different roulette variations for a really fun experience.

Less Intimidating

Any table game can give new gamblers reservations. These players often fear messing up and/or taking too long and being criticized by other gamblers.

Roulette is no less intimidating. One look at the board and the many players leaning over each other to place bets will inspire second thoughts about playing.

Colored Casino Chips Stacked, Roulette Wheel

Touch roulette, on the other hand, appears a little more player-friendly. All you need to do is slide virtual chips from your stack onto the board to play.

Offers Guidance for New Players

Assuming you have any trouble knowing where to place bets on the T84, the software will offer a guiding hand.

Much like online roulette, it highlights where you can place bets. The software automatically prevents you from making any mistakes.

Contrast this to normal roulette where there’s no guiding hand. Instead, the dealer may scold you for putting chips in the wrong box.

Downsides of Touch Roulette

This game looks pretty good so far when considering the aforementioned advantages. However, touch roulette also has some drawbacks that must be considered.

No Classic Vibe

Earlier, I described how roulette has a classic feel to it. The table felt, spinning wheel, and well-dressed croupier all give off an air of sophistication.

Touch roulette, meanwhile, doesn’t offer any of these traditional elements. It instead feels like a roulette game from the future.

You can still have plenty of fun playing this variation. But touch roulette lacks some of the refinement that the regular version has.

Limited Availability

The biggest drawback to touch roulette is that it’s in short supply. Romania’s Red Sevens is one of the few casinos that are trialing the T84 table.

Again, touch roulette could easily explode if it proves successful. But for the time being, it’s a novelty game with limited demand.

Some Versions Use the American Wheel

As mentioned before, American Roulette has a 5.26% house edge. This figure is nearly double the house advantage of European Roulette (2.70%).

Luckily, some T84 tables use the European wheel. But others feature the American wheel and its high house edge.

Does This Game Really Serve a Purpose?

The gambling world debuts a number of casino games every year. Many don’t even make it out of the expo stage.

EGT has already done well to get T84 onto casino floors. It also helps that the Bulgarian company is one of the industry’s largest game manufacturers.

That said, touch roulette should continue penetrating more markets. But is this game necessarily needed?

The roulette category already features plenty of options, including traditional tables, machines, and the online version. Touch roulette is vying for space in a very crowded market.

Casino Roulette Wheel

Nevertheless, this game does have its merits. T84 combines the setup of regular roulette (e.g. multiple players standing around the table) with smartphone-like touchscreen technology.

You can crowd around a touch table with some buddies for a casual gambling experience. Regular tables, in contrast, have a more formal feeling.

I don’t see touch roulette taking the gambling world by storm. However, it does appear to fill a specific niche and should hit more casinos in the coming years.


Even if you’re a diehard traditional roulette enthusiast, you might consider giving touch tables a glance. This is especially the case if you’re tired of playing roulette in the same manner every time.

Touch roulette presents the game in a new format, which is welcoming if you’ve always played the traditional and online versions.

Even if you’ve never played roulette, the touch variation has some benefits. It’s less intimidating than a regular table and offers a guiding hand for the betting process.

In summary, touch roulette isn’t the second coming of slot machines. But it should find reasonable success among casual players who are either learning the game or want to play it in a fresh way.