What Will You Find Near the 3 Smaller Chickasaw Casinos?

The Chickasaw Nation Logo and Attractions

There are several Chickasaw Casinos out there that are small and in smaller areas. Today’s post will discuss a few points of interest near the smaller Chickasaw Casinos that include Ada Gaming Center, Madill Gaming Center, and Chisholm Trail Casino.

So, if you’re visiting these smaller Chickasaw Casinos and you’re looking for some entertainment outside of gaming or before you head over to one of the Chickasaw Nation’s higher-end gaming resorts, today’s post is one you must read.

Given the scope of these small towns, you’ll find mainly odds and ends placed among these regions. But they make reasonable stops on your voyage across the Chickasaw Nation on your way to the larger gaming destinations.

Some of the following attractions will take little time to venture through. So, even if you’re looking to just stretch the legs, they make for interesting pit stops.

Let’s discover some hidden gems near these Oklahoma casinos.

Chickasaw Pointe Golf Club

If you’re looking to enhance your golf game, look no further than Chickasaw Pointe Golf Club. You will find this destination near Madill Gaming Center in nearby Kingston, about 10 miles from the casino.

This golf club, located on 12428 Chickasaw Pointe Road, features many locals who have made return trips to the course over the last decade. You’re looking at a challenging course featuring well-maintained fairways, but rather bumpy greens, giving you a unique challenge here.

And if you’re looking for some epic scenery, Chickasaw Pointe Golf Club does not disappoint. Take in the illustrious view as you await your next swing at this popular course.

It’s appropriate to pair this local attraction with our #3 attraction on the list, the Texoma Lake State Park, given its proximity to one another. If you’re looking for a day’s worth of the outdoors and recreation, play a round of golf, then head to the lakes.

Lake Texoma State Park

You will find a lot of cool stuff here at this Kingston-based state park. While locals state that it doesn’t offer as much as the older park had, it’s still a great place to frequent if you’re looking for a fun day on the lake or if you’re into fishing or boating.

Lake Texoma State Park

It’s a great place to spend the entire day if you need a break from the casino games at Madill Gaming Center or the other Chickasaw Casinos. And it’s a fine place to view the sunset from a relaxing spot on the beach’ Lake Texoma State Park is it.

Head on over, have fun in the sun during those warm months in the heart of Oklahoma and return to the casino floor refreshed and ready for more gaming action.

Wheelock Academy

You’ll find the Wheelock Academy at the intersection of 16th and Locust Streets in Millerton, Oklahoma. Besides the illustrious setting surrounding it, Wheelock Academy boasts an important historical tale to the area. So, if you’re a fan of history, you will fall in love with this attraction.

The Wheelock Academy touches on local Native American history that remains relevant to this day, telling a tale on the treatment of the Native American girls who attended the school, which remained open until the 1950s, per one reviewer on TripAdvisor.

Unfortunately, the vast building is deteriorating, so you can only access certain sectors on the property. However, as implied above, you will leave the Wheelock Academy with an increased understanding of the atmosphere within Native American schools of the era.

In the future, they are hoping to fully renovate the main building. If you come across today’s post a few years from May 2021, luck may fall on your side, even if it did not at the Chickasaw Casinos.

Wintersmith Park

Head over to 1501 Wintersmith Drive in Ada, Oklahoma, and you will run right into this fine park, which features a sweet Roman-era amphitheatre, among other phenomenal attractions.

Wintersmith Park Oklahoma

A great place for the family, the park also features playground equipment, a small number of water activities, paved trails amidst a scenic backdrop, small bodies of water and river rocks, plus a few small forested trails.

It is an ideal place to spend some time during an afternoon off from Ada Gaming Center or one of the larger casinos in the Chickasaw Nation. Plus, if you’re looking to connect with nature, Wintersmith Park is a fantastic opportunity to do so.

Lazer Zone Family Fun Center

If you’re looking for a fun time for the entire family, head over to 733 W 15th St. Latta Road at the intersection of W 14th Street and you will find it.

This family-friendly venue features batting cages, a mini golf course, bowling, lazer tag, and so much more.

It’s one of those places where you will need to stay for an entire afternoon. Your kids will love it—especially if they can do little during your time on the casino floor and the other parents in your travel group’s idea of fun is to keep them busy with an iPhone or an iPad on a nearby bench.

So, be the cool parent and take them to Lazer Zone Family Fun Center, which rivals all the thrills on the casino floor.

McSwain Theater

Another gem in Ada, the McSwain Theater is the top entertainment venue in the area to catch a cool show or concert. It’s near Wintersmith Park, about 2 miles away, so you can head over to pass the time while you’re waiting for the big show to start at McSwain.

McSwain Theater Oklahoma

They have an outstanding lineup of live productions that relates to viewers of all ages and interest levels. So, whether you have kids with you or a group of senior citizens, they welcome everyone to McSwain Theater for an evening of entertainment.

Venture over to 130 Main Street in Ada and you will run right into the theater. Enjoy the shows.

Chisholm Trail Heritage Center

If you’re looking for a history lesson, look no further than the heritage center. Here, you will learn about the famous Chisholm Cattle Trail that swept the land in the 1870s and 1880s. At the site, you will find life-sized statues of cattle drives, newspaper clippings, plaques, and so much more.

Head inside the Garis Gallery to view a cool photo collection, artifacts, maps, murals, recreations of general places of business, and even life-sized renditions of bison.

Like many attractions near these three small Chickasaw Casinos, you’re looking at family-friendly venues. You will find the heritage center at 1000 Chisholm Trail Parkway in Duncan, Oklahoma. Head on over, and prepare for a fun and engaging experience.

Rock Island 905 Railroad Museum

If you’re a railroad enthusiast, you will love what you will discover at the Rock Island 905 Railroad Museum. Or if you’re looking for a quick outing near Chisholm Trail Casino, you can venture through this museum in less than one hour.

Rock Island 905 Railroad Museum

Head over to 314 N Duncan Street and you will run right into it. This venue is also worth visiting if you planned a trip to the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center, given its proximity. The Stephens County Historical Museum is another nearby attraction to this attraction.

But while you are here, come on out and view the old steam engines, and head inside for a take on the models and artifacts at this small but interesting attraction near Chisholm Trail Casino.

Stephens County Historical Museum

If you’re looking for a cool lesson on local history, the Stephens County Historical Museum is where you will find it.

A one- to two-hour visit in length, this old museum features several wax scenes of yesteryear along with an immense collection of dolls. The latter appears to be what most visitors discuss.

However, it’s a great way to gain insight on the area if you’re looking to take a quick break from the slot machines at Chisholm Trail Casino. Within 1 mile of our two above attractions, you can visit this history museum on the same afternoon if you opt to tour the town as opposed to spending an afternoon at the casino.

Explore the Attractions Near the Chickasaw Casinos

Our three Chickasaw Casinos discussed in today’s post pale in comparison to some of the larger gaming venues that the Chickasaw Nation owns, and the areas in which they are in reflects this fact. However, they still make for an interesting outing if you love small-town attractions.

Or if you need to take a few hours off the casino floor, most of the attractions listed on today’s post won’t take long to venture through. So, step away from the casino for a bit, see what’s out there, and brace yourself for another round of gaming after you’ve relaxed a bit.

Have you been to any of the three Chickasaw Casinos mentioned in today’s post, or the local attractions near them? If so, let us know in the comments and tell us about your experience.