What Waits Through the Doors at the Seven Clans Casinos?

Casino Front at Seven Clans Casino in Oklahoma

The Seven Clans Casinos are a group of five casinos scattered about Oklahoma, and they’re operated by the Otoe Missouria Tribe of Indians. These five casinos vary in size and atmosphere. But if you’re looking for a fun time in any of the following areas, or if your type of fun comprises a set of casino tours, keep reading.

Today’s post will cover all five of the Seven Clans Casinos, stylistically known as the 7 Clans Casinos. We’ll discuss what you can expect from each and which one might be the best fit for you. We will go over types of gambling offered, dining options, promotions, entertainment, and even accommodations, if applicable.

Are you ready to discover what awaits through the doors at the Seven Clans Casinos?

Let’s get to it, starting with First Council Casino Resort.

Seven Clans First Council Casino Resort

Head over to Newkirk, Oklahoma, and you’ll find 7 Clans First Council Casino Resort at 12875 North Highway 77 and you will stumble upon our first location.

Here, you will find 1,200 real money slot machines, featuring state-of-the-art games, classic themes, and multiple denominations. They also include table games that feature live craps, blackjack, and roulette.

Along with the number of gaming options, you will discover a plethora of dining outlets waiting for you through the doors of this Seven Clans Casino. You can find grab-and-go options at the snack bar, or try a local or imported craft or cocktail over at one of their full-service bars.

Head over to FlatWater Bar and Grill for an outstanding rotation of entrée options and enjoy a sitdown dinner.

The First Council Casino Resort location also boasts a stellar luxury hotel option. So, if you need accommodations for the evening or even the weekend, it’s a convenient place to set up base camp for the night.

Besides the 146-room hotel, they also feature an outstanding new waterpark. Since it’s indoors, you’re in for fun water activities regardless of the time of year.

And if that isn’t enough to pique your interest, check out the First Council Bluffs Event Center and look at the world-class acts gracing the stage.

Check the web page to learn more about Seven Clans First Council Casino Resort.

Paradise Casino

At 7500 Highway 77, you’ll discover Seven Clans Paradise Casino. Per the website, they’re minutes south of Ponca City, and 20 miles north of Stillwater. If you’re in the area, take the trip to Seven Clans Paradise Casino.

This is a smaller venue, with just 450 slot machines. You also won’t find table games or anything else here. So ,if you’re a slot enthusiast, it’s the place to be. However, if you prefer more diverse table gaming action, look to the other locations.

Paradise Casino

As for food and drink, you will find plenty of dynamic options at the full-service Paradise Bar. Discover your favorite beer, mixed drinks, and even local crafts here. And head over to Lucky 7 Diner or 7C Land and Cattle Steakhouse if you’re looking to catch a lunch or dinner break between gaming.

Perry Casino

This is their latest gaming location, located at 511 Kaw Street in Perry, Oklahoma.

As a small venue, they feature just 240 slot machines among 4,500 square feet of gaming space. Along with its limited gaming options, the venue also possesses a cafe, bar, and smoke shop.

If a more intimate gaming experience is your thing, head over to Seven Clans Perry Casino.

It’s not the ideal place if you’re looking for the huge resort, table gaming, or fine dining options. However, if you’re an avid slot player, that is cool with casual dining locations, Seven Clans Perry will suit your needs.

To stay up to date on everything happening at Seven Clans Perry Casino, including hours, dinner options at the cafe, and gaming updates, check their website.

Gasino Chilocco

You will stumble across Seven Clans Gasino at 12901 North Highway 77 in Newkirk, Oklahoma.

So, what is a “gasino?” Enter this Seven Clans Casino, and you’ll find out.

Okay, if you really want to know, it’s just a fancy name for a casino slash gas station. But hey, they feature the lowest gas prices around. If you did not hit it big at the 300+ slot machines at the location, luck will remain on your side for a fill-up.

Gasino Chilocco

But this casino features more than just a few hot slot machines and low fuel prices. They also own the Seven Clans Travel Plaza that features convenient, grab and go food items. Plus, Silhouette Bar has several stunning must-have drinks.

It’s a small venue. But if you’re looking for fewer crowds or just a convenient place to grab food or fuel, it’s worth visiting.

The web page will show you Seven Clans Gasino Chilocco’s main page.

Red Rock Gasino

Seven Clans Red Rock Gasino is our fifth and final location. You will find it at 8401 Highway 177 in Red Rock, Oklahoma. This is the smallest of the Seven Clans Casinos, featuring just 95 casino games that contain some of the area’s finest classic and modern themes.

Along with the limited gaming, you will also come across the 7C Deli Mart, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

Regardless of when you take your trip to Red Rock Gasino, they always have something waiting for you.

Besides hot meals, they offer snacks, beer, and tobacco products at the attached convenient store. And since it, like the Chilocco location, classifies as a gasino, expect low fuel prices if you need to fill back up before exploring the rest of the area or the other Seven Clans Casinos.

Classifying the Seven Clans Casinos

As you could guess from the above sections, each of the Seven Clans Casinos vary in size, scope, and even purpose.

If you’re in the mood for a weekend or weeklong getaway, consider the first casino on today’s list, First Council Casino and Resort. It’s also the most family appropriate casino given its luxury hotel and accompanying waterpark.

The First Council Casino and Resort is also a great location if you’re someone who loves table gaming and a diverse set of dining options.

Head over to Paradise and Perry for fewer amenities, and strictly slot offered casino gaming. These two locations offer about a combined 700 machines featuring interesting themes and multiple denominations, and they are great for an all day outing.

Seven Clans First Council Casino Resort

Finally, Chilocco and Red Rock are better options if you’re looking for just an hour or so of casino gaming, or if you’re looking to fill up and would also like to see what these casinos offer.

You will find few frills at the final four casinos on today’s list, while the resort has everything and then some. So, book your vacation at First Council, spend the day at Paradise and Perry, and have some odds and ends fun at Chilocco and Red Rock.

But to maximize your fun, visit the next section, which talks all about the casinos’ players club and promotions.

Promotions at the Seven Clans Casinos

This last section will show you what the players club at the Seven Clans Casinos can and will do for you. It’s free to become a member, and you can sign up at any location to take full advantage of those promotions while you earn loyalty points for playing your favorite casino games.

Head to your favorite Seven Clans Casino, insert your players club card into your favorite slot machine, and earn those points. Once you earn enough loyalty points, you can redeem them for fuel perks, food discounts, hotel stays, food discounts, concert tickets, and even exclusive VIP events.

The more you earn, the sweeter those promotions get. You can even earn Council Cash, which they deliver straight to your machine that will give you even more ways to win.

Best yet, they have divided these rewards points into six-month tiers, so you receive credit on points earned between January and July 1st, and from July 1st to January 1st. Once the new tier date kicks in, you will need to earn your points. So, get there as early as you can, and earn.

Our Final Thought on Seven Clans Casino

The Seven Clans Casinos feature five gaming venues of varying sizes and atmospheres. Whether you are looking to go long with a vacation, mid-length with an all day stay, or short at one of the convenient gasinos, Seven Clans has what you are looking for.

Plus, their players club program is one of those that you can use at any location, meaning you can collect tier points in one venue and use them in another. There are zero limits here, and it makes joining the players club worth it—especially if you play in the area casinos often.

Have you visited any of the Seven Clans Casinos? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments and let us know which one you visited. We are looking forward to reading your stories.