What Slot Machines Pay the Best?

Row of Slot Machines on Left With a Question Mark with Money Behind It on Right

People always want to know what slot machines pay the best. I try to answer their question patiently, explaining the differences between slot machines, the ups and downs of progressive jackpots, and even a little tidbit or two about bankroll management. But all they really want to know is – which slots pay the best?

I have a few answers to this question. The highest-paying slot machines are the big progressives like Megabucks that sometimes payout jackpots in the tens of millions of dollars.

The slots that pay the most frequently are higher-denomination slots with high RTP figures, usually slots at the $5 or $10 per credit level. Slot machines with high fixed jackpots could also be considered to “pay the best” – these are games like Microgaming’s Immortal Romance with its top fixed prize of 12,150x your total stake.

This post is dedicated to those slot machines that can be said to pay the best, whether that means in terms of player odds, progressive jackpot size, or fixed payout size.

The Highest-Paying Progressive Slot Machines

When you think of the best-paying slots, do you think of the headline-grabbing multimillion-dollar jackpots?

The biggest slot payouts in history have all come from a small collection of progressive games in and around Las Vegas.

Here’s a quick guide to the three highest-paying progressive slot machines.


The biggest-ever slot payout, worth some $39.7 million, came from Megabucks. It’s the huge-jackpot game that every other huge-jackpot game wants to be. It’s a legend unto itself.

At three coins per spin for a max bet, Megabucks is surprisingly affordable, provided you stick to the smaller available denominations. It’s progressive top prize regularly breaks the $10 million mark.

The only thing you have to do to make yourself eligible is bet that max of three credits. You can do so for as little as $1 per credit.

Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune is famous in the huge-jackpot community for its prize payouts on mobile casino sites.

Two European players both won well over $10 million American playing Mega Fortune for a few bucks a spin on their smart phones. Plenty of land-based players have had $10 million+ progressive payouts on Mega Fortune, but those mobile payouts really sting. The idea of someone winning millions of dollars from their couch is a little infuriating.

Mobile Phone With Online Slots

Mega Fortune has all the typical modern slot trappings – wild symbols, two free spins bonus rounds, a scatter symbol, and jackpot multipliers.

The big draw here is the progressive top prize.

Mega Moolah

One of the biggest slot wins of all time was on a Mega Moolah game – again using a mobile app on a smartphone. The payout, worth a little more than $11 million, came from a $3 spin on Mega Moolah by a woman playing using the Zodiac Casino app.

The game itself is nothing to write home about – it’s a typical 5-reel 25-pay line slot with all the typical bonus rounds and special features you’d expect.

But nobody plays Mega Moolah for those things – they’re chasing the ever-increasing progressive jackpot, which has turned dozens of people into multi-millionaires with a single spin of the reels.

The Best-Odds Slot Machines to Play

Slots relative odds are usually compared using the theoretical RTP figures provided by their designer or, in rare cases, by the proprietor of a casino.

There are issues with comparing slots using RTP figures, but for now, this is probably the best tool we have to rank games in terms of their odds.

Below are three examples of fun slots that also happen to be designed with relatively good odds.

By many people’s definition, these are the slots that pay the best, since they (theoretically) keep less of your money over time.

Ugga Bugga by Playtech (99.07% RTP)

Playtech’s Ugga Bugga has a high RTP because there’s a little bit of a skill element to the game. That’s a good tip for people hunting the slot machines that pay the best – look for slots with some skill element that allows you to increase your edge with a side game or other feature.

I don’t have the space to describe Ugga Bugga entirely – just know that it’s an unusual slot from start to finish. There’s a video poker element, allowing you to “capture” certain symbols and re-spin for another shot at winnings.

That feature of the game is what pushes the RTP up. Provided you “capture” the right images, you can come very close to a positive expectation game.

Buffalo Grand by Aristocrat (98% RTP)

There’s a new version of Buffalo Grand that includes a three-tiered progressive jackpot system.  I’m not talking about that version, which has a much lower RTP than the original.

Aristocrat offeres the original Buffalo Grand that is a simple game with simple rules and relatively small payouts. As a result, it has a pretty high RTP for a slot machine.

Buffalo Grand is a 5-reel Megaways slot with a really loose American Frontier animal theme. The big draw on this game, besides its relatively good odds, is the free spins feature, which some reviewers say occurs more frequently on Aristocrat games than with other manufacturers.

Texas Tea by IGT (97.85% RTP)

It’s sometimes really easy to identify a high RTP slot – look for a low top fixed jackpot and an affordable bet range, and that’s almost always going to be one of the best slots on any casino floor.

IGT’s Texas Tea has a modest top payout of 100x your stake, for a max payout of $4,500 at $45 per spin. The largest denomination is $5 per credit, but with just 9 credits for a max bet, the bet range is clearly ideal for a best-paying slot machine.

The theme of the slot is cute enough – pumping oil across a Southwestern vision of frontier Texas. The game’s two bonus rounds keep things interesting for players.

Try These Slots With Big Fixed Jackpots

It’s fair for people to say that they prefer to play fixed-jackpot slots.

Progressive slots tend to have the lowest RTP figures in the industry – progressive slot games that give the casino a double-digit edge are the norm.

If you’re looking for slot machines that pay the best using a fixed jackpot instead of a progressive one, consider the three games below, then try them out for yourself.

Immortal Romance by Microgaming

Microgaming’s Immortal Romance is a vampire-themed slot with lots of cool Goth imagery and a nice dark color scheme that’s easy on the eyes.

It also has among the highest fixed jackpots I’ve ever seen – 12,150x your stake, which could mean a payout of as much as $364,500 if you’re betting the max number of credits at the biggest denomination.

The game’s advertised RTP of 96.86% is also high relative to other online slots and to other Microgaming games.

Book of Captain Silver by All41 Studios

The top fixed payout in The Book of Captain Silver, after the application of a 10x multiplier, is $285,000, which is on the scale of a mid-range progressive jackpot. All41 Studios’ Book of Captain Silver has the volatility of a lower-payout slot because it doesn’t include a progressive options.

There’s not nearly as many pirate-themed slot games as there should be, and Book of Captain Silver is a top-tier example, with nice illustrations and a theme that’s barely-there enough to let me focus on the game and get into the slot zone.

Book of Captain Silver is a 5-reel slot with 10 fixed pay lines, so you don’t have quite as many options in terms of cost-per-spin as with other popular high-jackpot slot machine games.

Golden Egypt by IGT

IGT’s Golden Egypt is a 5-reel 25-pay line slot with a wide range of available credit sizes and an RTP of around 96%.

The top fixed prize on Golden Egypt is available through a multiplier feature that turns the max payout of 300 credits into a 3,000-credit prize. If you’re betting $20 a credit, that’s a $60,000 prize, which is pretty high for a fixed jackpot game.

Golden Egypt’s fixed jackpot isn’t obscene – that’s what makes it perfect for this list. It’s easy to find run of the mill games that, thanks to their features, can pay out progressive-like prizes for fixed jackpot play and volatility.

Our Final Thoughts

My goal with this post was to prepare people looking for slot machines that pay the best to choose a slot game that suits their specific needs.

The truth is that your list of the best high-paying slot machines will likely look a little different from my own.

When people ask me “What slot machines pay the best?” I steel myself for a quick and difficult conversation, attempting to explain things like return-to-player, volatility, and basic statistics in a way that doesn’t come across as snobby or elitist.

The answer to this question depends a lot on what you mean by “best-paying,” and a bit little on your game preferences.

If you’re looking for slots with gigantic progressive jackpots, they’re available. Also available are high-paying slots that reward players frequently – if in smaller amounts. Finally, if you want to chase the largest-possible fixed jackpots, plenty of slots online and in land-based casinos exist for you to play.