What Roulette Games Can You Play in Vegas?

Roulette Table

Las Vegas is the best gambling destination for casino games of all types. Thanks to its 140+ casinos, Vegas features the largest game variety.

You can even enjoy plenty of variations within each game. Real money roulette, for example, features several different variations in Sin City.

The following guide discusses what roulette games you can play in Vegas. It also covers which of these variations is the best option.

American Roulette

American roulette is by far the most common version in Las Vegas. As the name implies, it features an American wheel.

The American wheel contains 38 pockets. Of these pockets, the zero and double zero favor the house on almost every bet.

This game features a 5.26% house edge. Here’s a look at how this figure is determined:

  • 38 pockets
  • 2 house-friendly zero pockets
  • 2 / 38 = 5.26% house edge

European Roulette

European Roulette is the least common version in Sin City. True to its name, it plays out on the European wheel.

A European wheel contains 37 pockets. Out of these numbers, only the zero favors the casino on every wager.

Two Different Roulette Wheels

European Roulette carries a 2.70% house advantage. You can see how this figure is determined below:

  • 37 pockets
  • 1 house-friendly zero pocket
  • 1 / 37 = 2.70% house edge

French Roulette

French Roulette (a.k.a. “Euro” in Vegas) is almost identical to the European wheel. After all, it plays out on the exact same wheel.

The key difference, though, is that the French version features a “la partage” rule. This rule sees you receive half of an even-money bet back when the ball lands on zero. It reduces the house advantage to 1.35%.

You do have to stick with even-money wagers to benefit from la partage. Otherwise, you’ll be dealing with the same 2.70% house advantage in European Roulette.

Here’s the math on French Roulette’s 1.35% house edge:

  • 70% house advantage on the European wheel
  • La partage cuts the house edge in half on even-money wagers
  • 7 / 2 = 1.35% house advantage

Triple Zero Roulette

Triple Zero Roulette went extinct from the American gaming scene for a while. However, it’s back and is now the second most common version in Vegas.

The triple zero wheel features 39 pockets. Of these pockets, the zero, double zero, and triple zero all benefit the casino.
Roulette Wheel Neon
This game features a horrendous 7.69% house advantage. Here’s the math on arriving at this figure:

  • 39 pockets
  • 3 house-friendly zero pockets
  • 3 / 39 = 7.69% house edge

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Vegas Roulette Game

French Roulette is the most desirable roulette game from a house edge perspective. However, you want to consider more than just the odds of winning when choosing a Vegas roulette table. You should consider a mixture of all the following factors.

Minimum Bet

Las Vegas provides a wide variety of roulette stakes. You can enjoy this game for as little as $2.

Of course, you may feel like risking more money and chasing bigger payouts. In this case, you’ll want to wager more than the table minimum.

If you’re trying to make your bankroll last, though, then you should care about the minimum bet. Ideally, you’ll play on a table that offers $5 stakes or less.

House Edge

Again, you don’t want to rest your decision solely on the house advantage when picking a game. Nevertheless, the house edge does play an important role in your winnings.

French Roulette and European Roulette will see you lose less money on a per-dollar basis. They offer the lowest and second-lowest house edges in roulette, respectively.

Triple Zero and American Roulette, meanwhile, will cause you to lose the most money over time. They feature the highest and second-highest house advantages, respectively.

Available Tables

Some Las Vegas casinos only offer one roulette table. In this case, you have to take the stakes and odds that are given.

Other casinos, in contrast, boast two, three, or even more roulette tables. This larger variety provides a chance to explore more stakes and games—if available.

Multiple tables also offer more opportunities to enjoy this game on a crowded night. Most roulette tables only allow around seven players to bet at once.

Person Making an Outside Bet in Roulette

This capacity is limiting during the more crowded evening hours and weekends. Two to three tables, though, ensure that more people have a chance to play.


Many of the best Vegas roulette games are located away from the Strip. You’ll probably want to avoid the Strip when looking for the lowest stakes.

On the other hand, you might not be up for a trip to North Las Vegas, downtown, or the Boulder Highway. These are the less-glamorous parts of the Vegas casino scene.

Assuming you want to enjoy Sin City’s lavish side, then you might consider playing on the Strip even when you’re not getting the best deals.

Loyalty Program

Most Vegas casinos are similar in terms of their loyalty programs. They typically offer around the same comp rate for roulette players.

However, some casinos stand out in this regard and reward roulette gamblers better. El Cortez, for example, is known for offering solid rewards even for low-stakes players.

Why You Should Consider American Roulette Above All

You can see that there are plenty of factors to consider when picking a Vegas roulette table. Any one of these aspects could be more important to you than others.

Overall, though, American Roulette is the best version to play in Sin City. It may not offer the lowest house advantage, but it does have the following factors going in its favor.

The Lowest Stakes

You might be a high-stakes roulette player and not really care about the minimum wager. If you have a large enough casino bankroll, then you can afford to bet big.

Assuming you’re like most Vegas roulette players, though, you must stick to a budget. American roulette provides the best opportunity to do so.

It’s the only game that offers a chance to play for $2 per spin in Vegas. You can play for just $2 per spin at both Club Fortune and El Cortez.

A Busy Roulette Table

Boulder Station also allows you to play for cheap. It features a $3 minimum bet on its roulette tables.

European and French roulette, meanwhile, both have higher stakes. The Plaza has the cheapest European roulette game with a $10 minimum wager. Cosmopolitan offers the next-cheapest European tables with a $25 minimum bet.

Treasure Island has the cheapest French roulette game with a $50 minimum wager. You’ll need to bet $100 or more to play the French version at any other casino that carries it.

You Won’t Lose as Much Money

The American wheel may carry one of the game’s higher edges. Its lower stakes, however, will still reduce your theoretical losses.

Here’s a comparison between different Vegas roulette variations and their lowest minimum bets In terms of theoretical losses:

American Roulette

  • You play 50 rounds an hour
  • You bet $2 per spin
  • 50 x 2 = $100 wagered per hour
  • 100 x 0.0526 = $5.26 in hourly theoretical losses

European Roulette

  • You play 50 rounds an hour
  • You bet $10 per spin
  • 50 x 10 = $500 wagered per hour
  • 500 x 0.027 = $13.50 in hourly theoretical losses

French Roulette

  • You play 50 rounds an hour
  • You bet $50 per spin
  • 50 x 30 = $2,500 wagered per hour
  • 2,500 x 0.0135 = $33.75 in hourly theoretical losses

Triple Zero

  • You play 50 rounds an hour
  • You bet $3 per spin
  • 50 x 3 = $150 wagered per hour
  • 150 x 0.0769 = $11.54 in hourly theoretical losses

American Wheels Are All Over Vegas

You don’t have to look hard to find an American wheel in Sin City. After all, Las Vegas is full of this variation.

The vast majority of Vegas casinos offer American roulette. Some of them also feature multiple American wheels.

This variety does two things:

  • Ensures that you have a good chance to get into a game right away
  • Provides more options regarding stakes across the city

In Summary

Many gaming destinations only offer one or two types of roulette. Las Vegas goes above and beyond this by featuring four different roulette variations.

You can enjoy American, European, French, and Triple Zero Roulette. However, not all of these games are ideal for one reason or another.

The French version offers the lowest house advantage. It also requires you to bet the most, though, to play.

Triple Zero Roulette features reasonable steaks. The downside, however, is that it carries an awful 7.69% house advantage.

European Roulette is a good game to play at the Plaza with a $10 minimum wager. However, you’ll have to bet much more to play it anywhere else.

American Roulette has the second-highest house edge behind the Triple Zero version. However, it also boasts the lowest stakes in Vegas. You should definitely consider starting with this game if you’re unsure of where to begin.