What Kind of Gaming Awaits at Creek Entertainment Gretna?

Outside of Creek Entertainment Gretna

Creek Entertainment Gretna is yet another smaller Florida-based casino that does not go much further beyond the basics. So, when you visit Creek Entertainment Gretna, you’re getting a decent selection of poker and simulcast gaming, dining options, but not much else.

However, this casino has enough gaming options to where you can spend an entire day and never grow bored. And it’s the focus of today’s post.

So, what will you find at Creek Entertainment Gretna? Keep reading for a solid overview of what the outlet offers and the following sections will dive into deeper detail regarding gaming, dining, and more.

Finally, we will discuss some area attractions and other accommodation options near the gaming venue if you’re in town for an extended stay.

Let’s see what kind of gaming awaits.

Overview of Creek Entertainment Gretna

Head over to 501 RaceTrack Drive in Gretna, Florida, for a day of fun at this gaming outlet. Within its walls, you will discover a fine number of gaming options if you’re into Poker.

And they offer a lot of sensational Poker and traditional card-based table games out there. So, if you’re a fan, check out the gaming section of today’s post for more details.

Besides the action-packed card games, Creek Entertainment Gretna also offers a solid number of simulcast betting from tracks all across America—from Florida to New York, and even West Virginia. Once again, if this type of betting is your thing, you will find a lot of it here.

Unfortunately, you will find no slot machines or electronic games since this casino is more of a card room and simulcast racing venue. But if you’re a card sharp, you will love the options provided.

You will also find some basic promotions that we will cover in the promotions section of today’s post. If you’ve come to the gaming outlet for some poker or other entertaining card games, you’re in luck if you’re in the mood to try and maximize your winnings.

And since this is a rather small venue, they don’t have much when it comes to dining apart from basic appetizers, sandwiches, salads, baskets, and drinks. For more information, check out the dining section.

And of course, we will cover some nearby places of interest near the casino along with nearby accommodations if you are here for an extended stay.

Ready to learn more? Keep reading.

Gaming Options

Like many Florida-based casinos, you’re getting live poker action at Creek Entertainment Gretna. Check the casino’s poker calendar, where you’ll find plenty of poker-related events and promotions.

Curious about the table games they offer here at Creek Entertainment Gretna?

You’re getting Alligator Open-Faced Pai Gow, Three-Card Poker, and Ultimate Texas Hold‘em if you’re looking for table gaming options equivalent to what you will find on those larger gaming floors at resort-style casinos.

As for live poker games, they offer Texas Hold‘em, Omaha High, Omaha High-Low, Big O, three varieties of Seven-Card Stud, Razz, Crazy Pineapple, A-5 Draw, 2-7 Draw, and One-Card Poker. Yes, you’re getting perhaps more variety at the poker tables here than perhaps any other Florida-based card room.

Slot Machines at Creek Entertainment Gretna

If you’re interested in simulcasting, you can check out the greyhound and horse simulcast calendar. You’ll catch notable greyhound racing at places like UK Greyhound, Wheeling Island, Tri-State, and others.

As for options for betting on horse racing, you’ll find simulcasting options from horse racing tracks like Yonkers, Mountaineer, Northfield, Monticello, and more!

And if you’re a fan of Jai Alai, they have simulcasting for the world’s fastest sport, too. Depending on the season, you can catch all the action going on in Magic City Casino, Casino Miami, and others that host this game that once again appears to be surging in popularity.

On-site Dining Options

Would you like to check out what’s on the menu?

You won’t find any fancy food, either, but they offer a decent selection of starters, popular baskets, salads, and different soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Best yet, you’re getting everything at an affordable price here. Whether you’re into hot dogs and chips, fries, grilled cheeses, cheesesteak or burger baskets, house salads or chicken salads, or if you’d just like to slug down a Red Bull, you’ll find all of it right here at the casino.

But if you’re looking to travel out into the area for some food, head over to nearby Quincy and you’ll find a solid selection of cafes, seafood restaurants, and specialty outlets that serve Mexican and Chinese fare. Oh, and you’ll also run into a few local fast-food outlets.

Creek Entertainment Gretna Promotions

As mentioned earlier, you are not getting much more than the basics when it comes to gaming promotions at Creek Entertainment Gretna. They feature promos in the poker room like $100 High Hands, which occur every hour beginning at specified times in the afternoon.

Depending on the day of the week, $100 High Hand can start as soon as 12 pm, or it won’t begin until around 4 pm, while end times range between 6 pm on the early days, and midnight on the later days. So, again, it’s not much, but you can still maximize your winnings during these special times if luck is on your side.

Local Accommodations

Are you staying for a while in the area? This section will give you a few ideas of where you can relax in ultimate comfort if you’re staying overnight in Gretna or the nearby region. Just like we mentioned in passing up in the dining section, you will find most of these accommodation outlets over in nearby Quincy, Florida, about five miles from the venue.

First up is Allison House Inn, and yes, it’s a bed and breakfast. So, if that’s your thing, head over to 215 North Madison County Street in Quincy and see if they have a room available.

Messy Hotel Bed With In Room Dining Tray

This non-smoking outlet comes with complimentary Wi-Fi, pet-friendly rooms, free breakfast, and free parking. If you enjoy a quaint, charming design with room features that rival top hotel chains in the nation, Allison House Inn is the place for you.

McFarlin House is another good bet if you’re looking for a bed and breakfast. You will stumble across it at 305 East King Street in Quincy, and this quaint hotspot features some breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. If that’s your thing, you definitely need to check this one out.

They don’t have the same room features as Allison House Inn, but the non-smoking outlet offers special bike rentals, a special diet menu, free Wi-Fi, and free breakfast among other popular amenities.

If you’re looking for a well-known chain, you can always stay at Hampton Inn Quincy. Take your pick between family rooms and non-smoking rooms, with features that include a microwave, safe, flatscreen television, and air conditioning.

You’re also getting pool access, a free breakfast, a fitness and business center, meeting rooms, and baggage storage spaces among other property features. If this sounds good to you, head over to 165 Spooner Road and set up base camp in one of America’s most well-known hotel chains.

Attractions Near Creek Entertainment Gretna

You won’t find much to do in this small town. But if you’re here to see family or friends and you need to find a few more points of interest other than Creek Entertainment Gretna, you have a few cool things to do in the area.

Once again, you’re in other towns as opposed to, but if you’re staying in Quincy, the first place of interest on your itinerary should be Perry Lynns, especially if you’re looking for something local. If you’re looking for a good place to sample some local crafts and cocktails, it’s the place to be.

Plus, they have a non-smoking atmosphere although they do allow for smoking in the back room. Besides the smoke-free atmosphere, they have pool tables, dart boards, and open mic nights. So, it’s a great place to chill, have fun, and even mingle with some of the locals.

And if you’re hanging out in Quincy, you’re really not far from Tallahassee. If you’re looking to have fun in the Florida state capital, head on over to the city and you’ll find places like the Lake Tribe Brewing Company, Lake Talquin State Forest, Lewis Spring House, Lake Jackson Mounds, and more.

So, if you’re finished gaming at Creek Entertainment and you’ve frequented Perry Lynns, take the 20-minute trip into the next county and discover all of what Tallahassee offers.

Our Thoughts on Creek Entertainment Gretna

Creek Entertainment Gretna does not provide much in the way of gaming unless you’re into poker or simulcast betting. They also have nothing more than basic dining and promotional opportunities. However, it’s the perfect outlet if you’re an avid fan of Jai Alai, greyhound, or horse racing.

Also, if real money poker is your thing, you will find a lot of it here at the venue. And best yet, you’re also not far from one of Florida’s most exciting cities if you do want to go out and have some fun during your stay in the area.

Have you been to Creek Entertainment Gretna? If so, tell us in the comments and let us know about your experience.