What Kind of Attractions Will You Find Near Silver Slipper Casino?

Attractions Near Silver Slipper Casino Hotel In Bay St. Louis Mississippi

Silver Slipper Casino Hotel is at 5000 S Beach Boulevard in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. And while you will have plenty of fun here at the casino, odds are you’ll look beyond the gaming venue to complete your vacation in the region.

Today’s post covers a few cool attractions that will keep you busy when you aren’t on the gaming floor. So, if you’re looking to get out and explore the region, keep reading. We will cover a couple of museums, state parks, and even a cool ghost ride.

Are you ready to discover more about Bay St. Louis and the region surrounding Silver Slipper Casino? Let’s get started.

1 – Buccaneer State Park

Also on S Beach Boulevard over in Waveland, Mississippi, you will find Buccaneer State Park. So, if you’re looking for an attraction within walking distance from Silver Slipper Casino, this is a great option in which to frequent.

Reviewers on TripAdvisor praise the campsites. And if you’re one who’d rather camp out as opposed to crash at the hotel, then you’ll love what Buccaneer State Park offers. However, reviewers have cautioned that they like to charge more for amenities.

Buccaneer State Park can go in one of two ways. With more expensive amenities, you’re getting a better product, or products, at least in theory. But at the same time, too expensive of amenities may be out of the price range for some. Visitors have also stated that they overcharge for concessions, too.

However, others have given the place a lot of pros, with one reviewer praising the diverse set of amenities that include over 200 sites featuring water and electrical hookups, 25 primitive campsites, close access to the Gulf, a nature trail, and even a disc golf course.

It’s also a great place for recreation, including fishing, biking, and sightseeing along the coastline. They also have a camper and wave pool, along with sensational views of the coastline and the Gulf.

2 – Alice Moseley Folk Art and Antique Museum

Head over to 1928 Depot Way and you’ll discover the Alice Moseley Museum. This museum is actually one of three attractions within the premises, but odds are, it’s the most popular of the trio.

If you’re looking for not just sensational works of art here by Alice Moseley, her claim to fame is even more inspiring, having started painting professionally at age 65 while caring for her Alzheimer’s-ridden mother.

Alice Moseley Folk Art and Antique Museum

It wasn’t until her mother’s death did she start showing off her works at flea markets and shows. She did so reluctantly, and never would have if it wasn’t for her son, Tim, an antique collector. Hence the name “Folk Art and Antique Museum” in the sub-heading, and it shows that you will see some of Tim’s collection, too.

Upon earning over $1,300 during her first show, her professional career really kicked off.

Some of her most popular works are on display right here at the museum—especially those works involving the history and culture of the Bay St. Louis region, where she did not move to and settle until the age of 79.

She became so popular within the region that when she died in 2004 at age 94, they held her memorial service right at the big tree in front of the depot in which the museum resides. So you can definitely think of the major significance she held within the town from 1988 until 2004.

As mentioned, the museum is actually one of three attractions in the L & N Historic Train Depot. It is here that you can also catch information on other local businesses and attractions, and they are also home to the Mardi Gras Museum.

3 – Waveland Ground Zero Museum

If you won nothing over at Silver Slipper Casino, come over and check out Waveland Ground Zero Museum at 335 Coleman Avenue in Waveland, Mississippi. It’s a great place to stop between games, since they’re only open from Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am until 3 pm.

They’ve coined the museum a “Tribute to Resilience,” and it tells the story of how the People of Mississippi rebuilt their towns following a natural disaster. They stress that the museum is not a memorial, but a tribute to those able to rebuild under the direst circumstances.

Besides acting as a tribute to the People of Mississippi, the museum also offers a nod to volunteers who poured in from across America.

Waveland Ground Zero Museum tells the story of courage, strength, and the resilience that is the human spirit, they have also added a humorous twist. So you’re not getting an overly emotional tale here, but an inspiring one filled with a few laughs between exhibits.

Current exhibits as of mid-July 2021 include the Katrina Recovery Quilt Collection, Backyards & Beyond, the Boy Scout Merit Badge, and Waveland School.

They also hold several events and one-off exhibits from time to time. So you may find a few cool things going on at the museum when you’re vacationing in the Bay St. Louis region.

4 – The 100 Men Hall

For an eclectic attraction, come out to 100 Men Hall, located at 303 Union Street in Bay St. Louis. A historic attraction in the area, it’s a hot place for entertainment if things aren’t quite up to par over at Silver Slipper Casino. And it holds even greater significance if you’re into the Blues.

The hall traces its roots back to 1894, and throughout its existence has become a popular stop for many in the music industry. The Chitlin’ Circuit made frequent stops here between the 1930s and 1960s, and it also hosted shows by Etta James, Big Joe Turner, Deacon John, and other legends.

It has also received a Blues Trail Marker designation from the Mississippi Blues Commission, and come 2018, it once again hit the live music circuit. Since its 2018 renovation and resurrection, artists like Cedric Burnside, Brian Jay, and Evan Christopher have hosted shows here.

Inside of the 100 Men Hall

While 100 Men Hall also serves as a hot destination for tours by appointment, it’s always open for public events. So, whether you’re looking to tour the place because of its history or to see a show, it’s a must-see attraction during your trip to Bay St. Louis.

5 – Mystic Ghost Rides

Are you looking to perhaps discover the haunted side of the bayou?

Check out Mystic Ghost Rides, and you’ll find several short and lengthy tours that will give you a thrilling break from the gaming floor over at Silver Slipper Casino. Embark on the one-hour Bayou Caddy and tour through the nightly mist, where you will meet a few residents who decided to stick around after death.

Head over to the Bordages Marina, which calls for a journey on a 24-foot passenger liner that seats six. Sit back and listen to the guides tell you their most chilling and disturbing tales of the bayou. The ride lasts for an hour, and you can refrain from bringing food or drinks, as the guides have you covered.

They charge a small fee, however, so keep that in mind before you head out. They also offer beer with a maximum of two drinks per passenger.

Rates begin at $79 per their website, and they welcome tourists as young as 12. So, if you brought some older kids with you but they’re not quite old enough to walk the casino floor, Mystic Ghost Rides is an excellent way to find something fun for them to do, along with yourself in-between your favorite casino games.

The ghost tour will teach you about the history behind the Bayou Caddy, the curse of the nearby Old Oak Tree (the guides will point this one out to you), plus those reptilian creatures that frequent the Devil’s Swamp. Yeah, you’re getting some twisted legends here, indeed.

Plus, they teach you about arguably the most popular legend in the area: that of Pirate Laffite and the Curse of the Lost Gold. They also save some chilling tales for specific seasons, so if you’re here during the fall one year and during summer the next, definitely take the tour again.

Just a few things: Dress warm if you’re indeed heading out during sunset or a nighttime cruise, and arrive 20 to 30 minutes before your departure time. And when the crew arrives, they will escort two at a time and make sure you have the proper lifejackets and waivers signed.

Explore the Attractions Near Silver Slipper Casino

You’re getting five sensational attractions here, but don’t just limit things to do in Bay St. Louis and around Silver Slipper Casino to what you see in today’s post. This is just the beginning of a remarkable vacation to the region and should just give you an idea of all of what there is to do here.

And if you’re looking for even more fun things to do outside the casino, make sure you check out Attraction #2 on today’s list, the Alice Moseley Folk Art and Antiques Museum, since you’ll find plenty of brochures and other details featuring area attractions.

When you visit Silver Slipper Casino or any of the above area attractions, let us know in the comments. Or if you’ve already been to any of these locations, share your experiences below.