What Is There to See and Do at Blackbird Bend Casino in Iowa

Blackbird Bend Casino Front And Casino Floor

Blackbird Bend Casino is a smaller casino. But it’s the perfect place if you’re looking for intimacy entwined with a vibrant atmosphere. Think of Blackbird Bend as bringing all the thrills of your larger casinos into a smaller, more intimate setting.

Today’s post will cover everything that you will find at the casino. So, if you’re considering making a trip to Blackbird Bend, be sure to read today’s post in its entirety. We will discuss the gaming you will find here along with dining options, promos, events, and even nearby hotels and attractions.

The next section will provide an overview while the following sections will go into greater detail.

Ready for the tour of Blackbird Bend Casino? Let’s get started.

Overview of the Blackbird Bend Casino

Okay, so Blackbird Bend features your traditional staples like slot machines, table games, and even electronic table games. They have a solid dining option called Upstream, featuring events and specials a few times a week.

They also have more than their fair share of promotions that you can take full advantage of when you sign up and join Team Blackbird. They also have a cool membership deal when you sign up. So, be sure to ask and take advantage of the deals you’re getting when you sign up for Team Blackbird.

They hold a number of events throughout the year, such as career fairs. But they also cater to work events that include holiday parties, trade shows, lunch meetings, promotional events, cocktail parties, corporate parties, VIP dinners, conferences, and so much more.

If you’re in the area for an extended stay, be sure to book a room at one of the nearby hotels in the Onawa, Iowa, area. And set time aside to explore Onawa and discover all of what it offers.

Casino Games Available

As mentioned in the overview, you’re getting your fair share of slot machine, table, and electronic table games when you visit Blackbird Bend Casino.

So, whether it’s the classic themes or something modern you look for in the slots, you will find a lot of fine options at Blackbird Bend. If you’re looking for a different spin on your favorite table games, try those electronic tables.

And if you’re a regular at the casino, be sure to join Team Blackbird. Visit the “Players Service” and join today. Upon joining, you may even earn $15 in free play, a free beer, and even $5 off your next meal.

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And for the three weeks after you join Team Blackbird, you can even visit a kiosk to earn another $10 in free play. Be sure to claim it if you’re still in the area, because it will expire if you don’t.

Quality Dining from the Finest Chefs in the Region

You can also enjoy some quality food right at the Blackbird Bend location. Whenever you need a break from the casino floor and a quick, pick-me-up, head over to Upstream.

Here, you’ll find a relaxed, Cheers type of atmosphere. And best yet, they feature the finest chefs in the region.

At an affordable price, you’re looking at dining out to the area’s most reputable restaurant that will put away any and all cravings.

They also feature several special events. A few examples include the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Night Buffet. Specials include catfish filets, roasted chicken, jumbo shrimp, sirloin steak, chicken fried steak, bacon, and more.

If the above sounds appetizing to you, be sure to ask about the specials before you dine in and immerse yourself in rich flavor that only a few other outlets in the region can rival.

Events Hosted at Blackbird Bend Casino

Blackbird Bend Casino is always hosting events and it’s all happening at the events center. Sure, it’s likely that you’ll be in the venue for some local music and comedy acts. But they also feature so much more, including events like career fairs.

Also, if you’re local to the area and looking for a fine place to host your next work party, Blackbird Bend Casino can and will cater to your demands.

Just a few of what they list on the events page include holiday parties, lunch meetings, smaller trade shows, promotional events, corporate pirates, corporate meetings, cocktail parties, office parties, VIP dinners, board meetings, conferences, and even wedding receptions.

They also feature a full-service bar at the events center, and you can even rent out audio and video systems along with dance floor rentals.

And as mentioned, they’ll cater to you. You don’t even need to worry about your party finding out how they’re going to eat their next breakfast, lunch, or dinner, depending on the time you book the venue.

Meals range between $6 and $10 per person, so you’re not breaking the bank if you’d like to add some food and snacks to your work party.

Nearby Hotels

If you’re in the Onawa area for an extended stay, perhaps a trip to Blackbird Bend Casino is just a small sliver of a larger pie.

Las Vegas Caesars Palace Hotel Room, Woman on Hotel Bed with Bedding Covers, Caesars Palace Logo

If that’s the case, then you’ll need to find a place to stay when you’re not exploring the area’s many attractions or gaming at the casino.

With that said, they have more than a few solid hotel venues in Onawa, each ranging from economy to luxury. Whether you’re looking to kick back and crash in an economical setting or if you’re looking for the top luxury options in the area, you will find something to suit your needs.

Perhaps the most interesting place to stay, and I mean interesting, is the Loess Hills Bed and Breakfast.

Why do I say interesting? At least per TripAdvisor, the exterior made the place look like an abandoned structure. But overlooking this, the inside of the place is more than exquisite. It’s a quaint stay with a homey feeling that reviewers couldn’t get enough of.

Other fine options in the area include WinnaVegas Hotel, America’s Best Value Inn Onawa, Town Inn Motel, Logan Rooms, Wyndate by Wyndham Sioux City, Comfort Inn Sioux City, and Candlewood Suites Sioux City.

For more information on accommodations in the Onawa, Iowa, area, check out TripAdvisor, and you’ll find a complete list of places to stay that include amenities, perks, and even distance from the casino.

Also on the page, you’ll find nearby attractions, restaurants, and so much more. But speaking of attractions, let’s see what else Onawa, Iowa, and the surrounding area boasts.

Local Hotspots

Alright, so chances are, if you are heading to Blackbird Bend Casino, it’s one slice of a larger pie on your trip to the area.

One cool place to visit is the Lewis and Clark State Park. It’s even better if you’re looking for some fun recreational and outdoor activities. Best yet, it’s right on the river. It’s an exceptional choice if you’re looking to go for a hike in the middle of Iowa’s natural scenery.

Monona County Veteran’s Memorial Museum is another top attraction. It’s an even greater experience if you or someone you know is a veteran. Head inside and listen to the significance the memorial museum has given to the Onawa region.

If you’re looking to commemorate your stay in the area, be sure to check out Loess Hills Hospitality Association and gift shop. It’s one of those obscure, small-town American attractions that you just can’t pass up when you visit the area.

WinnaVegas Logo with Planes in Background

WinnaVegas Casino is yet another fine area attraction, and it’s a larger version of Blackbird Bend. If Blackbird Bend didn’t have what you’re looking for in the casino, be sure to book a trip to WinnaVegas and see what kind of fun games they’re boasting in nearby Sloan.

Preparation Canyon State Park is another fine place to venture if you’re looking for some more on the nature scene. It’s yet another great staple in the area to hike, bike, camp, and engage in recreation. If you can’t get enough of the Heartland’s scenery, it’s a definite place to stop.

Big Cottonwood Vineyards and Winery isn’t just a place to try some awesome local handcrafted wine; it’s one of the areas’ entertainment capitals. Master’s Hand and Woodland Trails Art Center are other good options in the area if you’re looking to crush an afternoon.

Our Final Thoughts on Blackbird Bend Casino

Blackbird Bend Casino provides a smaller, more intimate, yet vibrant setting. It’s the perfect alternative to the larger casinos in the state if crowds aren’t your thing. Plus, it has its definite perks through the Team Blackbird Club and its spacious event space.

Coupled with an exciting atmosphere that isn’t too far from the metropolis of Sioux Falls, Blackbird Bend is an excellent casino destination if you’re in the Northwestern portion of Iowa. So, make your plans today and head over to one of the more vibrant casinos in Iowa.

It’s not a complete vacation, but when you add it to the many attractions within a 25-mile radius, it will sure become part of a memorable experience.

Have you been to Blackbird Bend Casino? If so, be sure to share your experience with us in the comments. We’re looking forward to reading your stories.