What Is Proprietary Online Casino Software?

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The online gaming world is filled with different software providers. These many developers produce and supply games to online casinos.

This relationship accomplishes goals for both sides. The casino benefits by not having to produce their own games. In turn, they can focus on marketing, finances, and staffing.

Meanwhile, developers have outlets to share their games. They simply make their games, supply these products to casinos, and benefit from the licensing revenue.

However, not all gaming sites go down this path. Instead, some produce proprietary software. I’m going to discuss more on what the latter means along with if proprietary casino games are worth playing.

Basics of Proprietary Software

Most real money online casinos simply license games from established developers. But a small portion of operators create their own games. Such gaming sites produce what’s known as proprietary software.

Going the proprietary route is definitely not easy. Casinos need to pour lots of money into a development studio and marketing their games.

Even after all of this, a gaming site may not reap the rewards of their products. This is especially the case if they fail to produce any hits.

The upside, though, is that they can run their own games without having to pay a developer. The casino takes full gaming profits in this situation.

A site can also produce unique games that nobody else has. In doing so, they differentiate themselves from the pack and potentially draw more gamblers.

Proprietary vs. Mainstream Online Casino Software

The gaming industry’s status quo involves casinos paying established developers to provide them with games. They can call on any number of game providers to serve them.

Here’s a list of some of the most notable developers in the industry:

  • Big Time Gaming
  • Blueprint Gaming
  • ELK Studios
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Red Tiger Gaming
  • Rival Gaming
  • Yggdrasil

Keep in mind that this is only a small portion of all the available providers. Simply put, casinos have no shortage of options when looking for developers.

Gaming sites reap plenty of benefits when they use established companies. Namely, they don’t have to sell players on their games. Instead, a developer’s reputation and game library will do all of the selling.

Proprietary software doesn’t offer the same advantages. It forces operators to both make games and market them afterward.

Nightmare on Elm Street Online Slot

Of course, a casino can also use these original games as a selling point. They can tout how players won’t find their slots anywhere else.

888 Casino is one of the best-known examples of an online casino that features their own software. They’ve managed to produce a few hits slots, including A Nightmare on Elm Street, Irish Riches, Millionaire Genie, and Oktoberfest Spins.

Pros of Proprietary Software

Proprietary games offer casinos perks over simply licensing software from a third-party. Otherwise, no gaming site would brave the development world.

The biggest advantage that casino stand to gain is originality. They can make and offer games at their site that nobody else features. For example, a gambler can’t enjoy Millionaire Genie outside of 888. Instead, they can only play this game and chase its large progressive jackpot through the 888 network.

The proprietary path also has the potential to save a casino money in the long run. If a gaming site continually makes solid games and draws players, then they’ll save a fortune on paying developers.

Of course, the casino doesn’t need to choose one or the other when they have proprietary software. Instead, they can mix things up by featuring their own games alongside products from popular developers.

888 has gone down this route in recent years. In addition to featuring their games, they now offer software from Big Time Gaming, Microgaming, Play’n GO, Yggdrasil, and more.

Cons of Proprietary Software

Developing and offering online casino games isn’t easy. If it were, then every online casino would simply make a bunch of hits and cut game providers out of the equation.

The first problem with proprietary software involves the development costs. A casino needs to pour money into a design studio, which can be very expensive.

Long-time game providers already have the infrastructure in place. Therefore, they can make games at cheaper prices than novice studios.

This leads me to another point in that casinos may actually spend more money than they save by creating their own games. They might sink a fortune into launching a development studio and ironing out the kinks in the production process.

Nothing guarantees that a casino’s proprietary games will be hits. They might go through all the hassle of developing a game and wind up with mediocre results.

At least with an established studio, a gaming sites knows what they’re getting. They don’t have to worry about going through painstaking details to create games, only to have them flop.

Should You Bother Playing Proprietary Games?

Proprietary software doesn’t always work out the way it’s supposed to. In fact, some gaming companies have been ruined by trying to make their own games—most notably in the industry’s early days.

Therefore, you may be tempted to stick with what you know. You can find plenty of great games from notable studios like Betsoft, Play’n GO, RTG, and Thunderkick.

Of course, you may eventually grow bored of playing games from the same developers over and over. Proprietary options give you something fresh to try.

After all, a proprietary studio doesn’t license its games out to every casino that’s willing to ante up fees. Instead, it only offers games at a single site or network of casinos.

Millionaire Genie Online Slot

That said, playing proprietary games can be worthwhile in terms of enjoying a new experience. You can look forward to a different style of design and graphics with proprietary software.

In some cases, you can even play for really large jackpots. Millionaire Genie, for example, offers a jackpot that’s currently worth over $831,000.

If you’re like most players, you’re probably just going to play at casinos that offer well-known games. Assuming you’re up for some adventure, though, then you might check out a casino or two that offers proprietary products.


The vast majority of gaming sites continue to tab outside developers to provide their game selection. However, a brave few operators have chosen the proprietary route.

The latter is risky when considering everything that could go wrong. A casino must make a significant investment in proprietary software and take the chance that their games won’t ultimately be popular.

Nevertheless, some operators have tried and succeeded with proprietary games. Again, 888 provides a shining example of a casino that’s experienced success with their own software.

By and large, though, most online casinos like going the safe route. They’re more comfortable paying experienced third-party companies to supply their games.