What Is Blackjack Party? Is It Worth Playing?


Online casinos have been offering blackjack for well over two decades. Most of them focus on the classic version and feature an atmosphere that’s designed to replicate land-based blackjack tables.

Standard online blackjack is fun if you enjoy the strategy and gameplay above all. However, you may sometimes yearn for more excitement from your internet blackjack experience.

Enter Blackjack Party. This game lives up to its name by creating a lively atmosphere and unique social experience.

Internet blackjack isn’t typically known for offering social elements. Blackjack Party changes this by bringing a gambling fiesta into your living room.

Assuming you’ve never heard of this game, then you can keep reading to find out more about Blackjack Party and if it’s worth playing.

Fun Version of Blackjack Available at Live Casinos

Many gaming sites now feature live dealer casinos. A live dealer outfit streams blackjack games from a land-based studio or even casino.

This form of gaming has become extremely popular, because it features a real dealer, tables, and cards. If you can’t make it to a land-based casino, then you can get the next best thing by playing live blackjack.

Of course, the average live table is still based on the classic version of blackjack—just like software-based online tables. It offers a single dealer, laidback atmosphere, and no theatrics.

Party blackjack serves as an alternative to standard live tables. It features a host, dealer, music, and unique studio backdrop.

But the house and dealer are key to the party experience. The host’ job is to spark up conversations with the croupier and also answer players’ chat questions and comments.

Oftentimes, the dealer and host get interesting conversations going. For example, they may discuss movies, video games, and vacations.

The music serves to further this excitement level. It livens up the atmosphere and keeps you in the mood to continue playing.

Pros of Blackjack Party


This version of blackjack is unlike any other in the online gaming world. It features some unique advantages over virtual and traditional live blackjack. You can read about these benefits below.

Banter Between Dealer & Host

If you’ve played live blackjack before, you’re probably used to a single dealer who doesn’t say much. They commonly work long shifts by themselves and aren’t always in the mood to chat with players.

The live version is still worth playing, because it offers some level of social element. However, you can’t always get interesting discussions going with the dealer.

Blackjack Party, in contrast, usually features interesting table banter. The dealer and host talk almost nonstop with each other.

They also respond to your questions and comments. In summary, the host adds much to the Blackjack Party experience.

Chat with Two Casino Employees

Again, live blackjack dealers don’t always have much to say. You may find yourself bored when the croupier isn’t talkative.

Blackjack Party solves this problem by featuring two casino employees at the tables. One of the employee’s entire job revolves around striking up entertaining discussions.

Assuming you’re not getting much conversation from the dealer, you can always direct your comments towards the host.

Interesting Backdrop

Most live dealer studios feature modest backgrounds. Blackjack Party tables, on the other hand, offer animated backdrops.

For example, you might see moving graphics on the wall behind the host and dealer. Or, you may play at a table with a Caribbean Beach-style background.

This novelty effect may not seem like it makes much of a difference. But it does present something different from the average live blackjack table.

Low House Edge

Live dealer studios weren’t the first ones to think of this type of blackjack. Party tables have existed in land-based casinos for a couple of decades.

The latter features blaring music, lightly clothed dealers, and even women dancing on nearby pools. Land-based party blackjack is as much about ogling women as it is the game.

If you’re a red-blooded male, you may think that these party tables sound enticing. However, you’ll also pay for this experience in the form of terrible rules.

Land-based Party Blackjack features 6:5 natural payouts, dealers hitting on soft 17, double-down restrictions, and other unfavorable rules. All told, you’ll be facing well over a 2% house advantage.

Live Party Blackjack is toned down compared to its brick-and-mortar counterpart. However, it does easily outdo land-based party tables in terms of the house advantage.

You’re normally face around a 0. 5% house edge with live dealer Party Blackjack. This house advantage is competitive with virtual online blackjack and much better than what you’ll find at the average land-based table.

Cons of Blackjack Party

For the most part, Blackjack Party adds innocent fun your gaming experience. Before you play, though, you should consider the following drawbacks.

Distracting Environment

Assuming you’re somebody who can think well amid distractions, you may have no problem with the vibrant atmosphere at Party Blackjack tables.

However, you should have second thoughts about playing this game in the midst of distractions. These tables feature a lot going on, from the background graphics to the host and dealer chatting.

You may lose concentration and begin making poor strategy decisions. If lowering the blackjack house edge is one of your main goals, you won’t appreciate the times where you make blunders due to the distractions.

Not Available at Most Live Casinos

So far, you may feel like jumping onto the first party table you see. Unfortunately, most live dealer casinos still don’t offer this game.

The party variation is only available via a limited number of studios. Therefore, it hasn’t had much chance to spread throughout the gaming world.

You might still find Party Blackjack at one of your favorite casinos. But you shouldn’t automatically assume that you’ll be able to play this game.

Seats Are Often Taken

Not surprisingly, Party Blackjack has proven popular among gamblers. This popularity, combined with limited availability, makes it difficult to find a seat.

Party tables are typically full during primetime European gambling hours. Therefore, you may need to wait until the morning or late-night hours to enjoy this game.

Of course, you can always use the bet behind option. The drawback to bet behind, though, is that it doesn’t let you actually play hands. You’re merely gambling on somebody else’s action.

Do the Pros Outweigh the Cons with Blackjack Party?

You can see that Party Blackjack features both highs and lows. I firmly believe that the advantages outweigh the drawbacks in this situation.

The main problems with this type of blackjack—including limited availability and a distracting atmosphere—may not bother you at all. Assuming you’re okay with these minor downsides, then you’ll likely enjoy this game.

Party Blackjack is the most-social casino game available through a smartphone or computer. It allows you to enjoy exciting blackjack action and some interesting conversations on the side.

This version takes what standard live blackjack hopes to be and magnifies the social elements. The host is critical in this enhanced experience.

They are key to starting discussions and making the games feel like a party. Meanwhile, you can interact with both them and the dealer through the chat box.

If you’ve ever felt that online blackjack is a lonely experience, then you should definitely try the party version. It’s by far the next-best thing to visiting a brick-and-mortar casino.


For years, all online blackjack games featured software-generated tables and dealers. This situation changed when live dealer casinos launched in the mid-2000s. For the first time, players could enjoy brick-and-mortar blackjack action from home.

Party Blackjack isn’t quite the revelation that live dealer gaming was. However, it does feel like its pushing the wheel further.

As explained before, regular live blackjack doesn’t always present the liveliest atmosphere. Your experience suffers if the single dealer working the table isn’t feeling sociable.

The party variation solves this dilemma by employing both a dealer and host. The latter facilitates many of the conversations and keeps the game interesting.

Assuming you’ve played at land-based tables, you may be expecting the live dealer version to feature bikini-clad women.

This scenario isn’t the case with live Party Blackjack. However, the live party game does feature much-better rules and more chatting than the land-based version.

In summary, Party Blackjack brings something new to live dealer gaming and the online gambling world in general. You should consider trying this game if you already play at live casinos anyways.