What Exciting Attractions Will You Find Near Southland Casino Racing?

Attractions Near Southland Casino Racing

Southland Casino Racing is a sensational spot to have some fun when you’re looking for a complete casino resort to go along with some of the most breathtaking greyhound racing in the state. However, you’ll find several exciting vacation attractions near the venue, and it’s what today’s post covers.

So, if you’re hanging out in West Memphis, Arkansas, and you’re looking to transform your getaway to the casino into a fun vacation outing, today’s post will provide you with several exciting attractions located in the area.

And you won’t just limit yourself to little West Memphis, given its proximity to the larger, more vibrant city of Memphis, Tennessee. Odds are, the majority of our attractions reside across the state border.

Ready to build your next vacation itinerary? Keep reading, starting with a welcome center that will kick off your tour in style.

Arkansas Welcome Center at West Memphis

Odds are, you’ll find some brochures and other tidbits regarding every attraction listed in today’s post at the Arkansas Welcome Center. So, head on over to 704 N Service Road in West Memphis, and you will find the venue just four-fifths of a mile away from Southland Casino Racing.

Many visitors also like to use the place during road trips as a pit stop to stretch their legs during long road trips. While others prefer to visit the welcome center as a way to pick up valuable information regarding the latest events going on in the area when they book their stay.

While Southland Casino Racing offers a decent variety of food and drink options, you’ll find plenty of food-rich pavilions at the welcome center if you need to grab a bite before you explore both West Memphis and Memphis.

Along with free cotton candy and coffee served at all times, you can’t go wrong when you stop here before venturing into and exploring the area. So, grab those brochures for some information, and odds are, you’ll find plenty more to do than what today’s list entails.

However, you’ll probably find some information on our next attraction, located in nearby Marion, Arkansas.

Sultana Disaster Museum

Head over to 104 Washington Street and you’ll stumble across the museum, which will teach you all about the history of the Sultana. And better yet, you don’t need to hit it big at the races, the slots, or the tables at Southland Casino Racing if you’re looking to visit, since they offer donation-based admission.

However, they do strongly encourage suggested minimum donations, so if you have extra cash to spare, help them out. One reviewer on TripAdvisor stated that they suggest $5 per adult and $3 for children. And that these donations will help them expand the small museum, given their vast collection.

Sultana Disaster Museum

Among the venue’s hottest artifacts, you will find a model of the Sultana along with recovered artifacts, a model of the boat, and even tidbits regarding the history of the Civil War.

And make sure you bring cash if you’re looking to invest in some memorabilia afterward, as the venue sells a cool collection of books, postcards, mugs, shirts, and even plush toys.

Metal Museum

A recipient of the 2020 TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Award, the Metal Museum is a good place to spend an hour or two when you need to take a break from the gaming floor at Southland Casino Racing. Better yet, you’ll find it at the easy-to-remember address of 374 Metal Museum Drive in Memphis, Tennessee.

Now, just to be clear, this is metal as in things like alloys, not metal music. So you won’t find any dedication to Nightwish or Twilight Force at this exciting attraction.

Instead, it comprises 3.2 acres of real estate that provides picturesque views of the nearby Mississippi River, near the historic Downtown Memphis. The grounds feature a sculpture garden, a modern-day blacksmith shop, a foundry, and even a library.

The museum also holds a permanent collection of metals along with rotating exhibits. So, if you’ve been here in the past, you may want to make a return trip to check out some new exhibits the place is sure to bring about.

Not only do they preserve the metal craft here; another part of their mission deals with advancing it. You’ll see some old works at some of these exhibits, but don’t be surprised if you stumble across some rather new works of art during your trip to the Metal Museum.

Chickasaw Heritage Park

Even in a bustling city like Memphis, Tennessee, you’ll find several remarkable ways to entwine yourself with the Mid-South’s natural beauty. Chickasaw Heritage Park is one of those outlets.

And among the attraction within the attraction, it’s located at the spot where Hernando De Soto viewed the Mississippi River in May 1541. Yeah, so the history here dates back nearly 500 years in terms of European exploration.

However, it also serves as a heritage spot for Native American ceremonial grounds, and with it, the history dates back even further.

Chickasaw Heritage Park

Some reviewers will tell you that you need not spend much longer than 15 to 30 minutes frequenting the park. However, if you’re looking to spend some quality time outdoors or if you’re looking for a spot where the youngest in your travel group can run around, plan to spend at least an hour here.

Where is this Memphis gem? You’ll stumble across it right beside the Metal Museum. If you ventured to the venue, a trip to Chickasaw Heritage Park makes for yet another sensible stop on your agenda when you’re taking a day or just an afternoon off from Southland Casino Racing.

Big River Crossing

Yet another Memphis Gem, you’ll find Big River Crossing just a half-mile away from the Metal Museum, and it’s a great place to view the sundogs on the horizon as you walk, hike, or bike across the Mississippi River.

Having opened in October 2016, it has since become the largest public pedestrian slash bike bridge on the Mississippi. If you make frequent return trips to Memphis, you need to check the place out multiple times, since it provides stunning seasonal views of the surrounding landscape and skyline.

Oh, and if you’re looking to stretch those legs from Southland Casino Racing as opposed to driving to this major metropolis from West Memphis, the crossing links the towns together. And as implied earlier in this section, you’ll also get a taste of both the urban and rural portions of this region.

If you’re looking for even more fun things to do after you cross over into Memphis, check out the National Civil Rights Museum and when it’s going on, the Beale Street Music Festival, as the latter takes place near the crossing.

The C.H. Nash Museum at Chucalissa

If you’re looking for a sweet cultural history center regarding the region’s local Native American tribes, the C.H. Nash Museum at Chucalissa will paint a vivid picture of how they lived between 900 and 1600 A.D.

The C.H. Nash Museum at Chucalissa

A must-see if you’re into Native American history, this small but informative museum provides several outstanding displays. You’ll also come across a nearby hiking trail if you’re here on a nice day, but the cheap admission price makes this one a steal even if you did not win over at Southland Casino Racing.

You’ll start the tour with a six-minute film, before they take you over to a gallery depicting an entire history of the Chickasaw Tribe, literally from prehistory until today.

Beale Street Music Festival

This three-day event is a must-visit if you’re spending time in the Memphis, Tennessee area in early May, and it kicks off what is known as the Memphis in May Celebration. They draw over 100,000 fans worldwide annually, so brace yourself for large crowds if you decide to check it out.

You’ll find a vast lineup of world-class musical acts over at nearby Tom Lee Park, right at the intersection of Beale Street and the Mississippi. Besides the world-class acts, you’ll find street performers, local live acts, and much more during this annual celebration.

If it’s something you’re interested in, you must take at least a day if not more off from the racetrack and the gaming floor over at Southland Casino Racing. And odds are, a few casino goers may follow your lead to witness one of the largest events in Memphis, Tennessee.

Our Thoughts on the West Mephis and Memphis Area

Southland Casino Racing is a definite draw if you’re in West Memphis, Arkansas, or Memphis, Tennessee. But if you need to take an afternoon or even an entire day off from the hustle and bustle of the racetrack or casino floor, today’s list will give you at least a general idea of what you will find in the region.

And remember, today’s list is just a snippet of exciting attractions in the area, so use it as a way to start your vacation to one of America’s most vibrant regions. Then branch on out to other attractions you’re guaranteed to stumble across on virtually every street corner.

Have you visited Southland Casino Racing or Memphis, Tennessee? How about any of the other casinos in Arkansas? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments. We are looking forward to reading your stories.