What Awaits You at WinStar World Casino and Resort’s Beijing Gaming Plaza?

Beijing Gaming Plaza at Winstar World Casino and Resort

Today’s post will break down the Beijing Gaming Plaza at WinStar World Casino and Resort. As you may have discovered, WinStar World Casino and Resort comprises nine different gaming plazas, each with something unique to offer.

With over 8,500 slot machines and 100 table games among other casino games and amenities, it only made sense for WinStar to further break its casino into these gaming plazas. They named each one after an international city and yes, you’ll find elements of those cities and regions within each plaza.

The Beijing Plaza is no different. You’re getting a taste of the Far East, plus a horde of gaming, dining options, and amenities. We will begin with an overview of all you will discover in the Beijing Plaza at WinStar World before we break down the gaming, nearby dining options, and nearby amenities.

Ready to discover one of WinStar’s most exciting plazas? Keep reading.

Overview of the Beijing Gaming Plaza

The Beijing Gaming Plaza boasts a larger selection of gaming at WinStar World Casino and Resort. Here, you’re getting electronic gaming plus table gaming. So, whether you’re an avid slot player or a card sharp, their gaming floor is for you.

They also offer two distinct dining options, one of which provides rich flavor from the Far East called Khan’s Fire Fresh Kitchen. They also offer the town’s hottest Dallas Cowboys-themed restaurant called Dallas Cowboys Bar and Grill. It’s a good place to catch the big game when the Cowboys are on.

You can also use your Club Passport Card here at the Beijing Plaza if you’re looking to maximize all the promotions that the casino offers. If you haven’t signed up for MyWinStar to obtain the Club Passport Card, do so before you step onto the floor at the Beijing Plaza.

You will also find several amenities both on the plaza itself, along with a broader array of activities nearby, plus hot accommodations. You will find everything here in the “Amenities” section of today’s post.

Now, it’s time to dive into all the Beijing Plaza at WinStar World offers, beginning with perhaps the finest attraction, the casino gaming.

Beijing Gaming Plaza Casino Floor

The casino floor at the Beijing Gaming Plaza offers the latest and greatest electronic games. You will discover more than a few of the most popular themes here, along with an array of denominations that will keep the avid electronic gaming player in you busy for quite some time.

If you’re a card chaser, then you will love the table gaming options here at the Beijing Plaza. Featured table games include Criss Cross Poker, Jackpot Hold‘em, Blackjack Match, plus Dai Bacc. So, come on in and catch a classic favorite with a solid game of real money blackjack.

Or if you’re looking for something new, come in and see why Jackpot Hold‘em and Dai Bacc are receiving substantial attention here in the gaming plaza.

Winstar World Casino and Resort Beijing Plaza Casino Floor

Although the Beijing Plaza features a more diverse gaming floor, it’s not the only draw. The next section will break down both well-known dining options at the plaza, plus a third near it that serves as the highest-profile restaurant at WinStar World Casino and Resort.

Dining Options

Khan’s Fire Fresh Kitchen serves up the finest Mongolian fare in the area. They feature fresh ingredients along with the hottest dishes from the Far East nation—all for reasonable prices. They ask for nothing more than a casual dress code here, and no, it’s not necessary to reserve a spot either.

Dallas Cowboys Bar and Grill features the best seats in the house to watch the big game. If you’re a Cowboys fan or if you’re craving NFL action, head over to the venue and see what’s happening.

They have pricier options rich in American fare. However, you don’t need to dress a certain way to visit the premises. They welcome fans of all sports teams at this venue. Enjoy the chef-inspired menu, local crafts and cocktails, plus the game on those huge LED televisions.

And if you’re staying at the WinStar World Casino Hotel, check out Mickey Mantle’s. This steakhouse features some pricey options, some of the priciest in the casino. However, you’re in for a fair share of rich flavor along with the venue’s finest cocktails over at the luxury bar.

Trust me, it’s worth the extra few bucks to send your taste buds into the stratosphere at Mickey Mantle’s.

Nearby Amenities

You’ll find several ATMs plus cashiers throughout the Beijing Gaming Plaza, making it convenient if you’re looking for a quick way to get in on the action.

However, if you’re looking for a place to stay at WinStar World Casino and Resort so that you’re close to the Beijing Gaming Plaza and others in the casino, consider doing so at the Fun Town RV Park. If you’re a road warrior, you’re more than in luck here—especially if you’re thinking about taking that long vacation.

The second you pull into Fun Town, you will have thought that you pulled into a permanent RV settlement it looks so much like a neighborhood. Just pull in, hook up, and that’s all there is to it.

Oh, and even if you don’t own an RV, you can also have fun with primitive camping right here at WinStar. It’s a great place to experience nature at the Oklahoma-Texas line, and you’re still just steps away from the Beijing Gaming Plaza and other gaming venues at WinStar.

RV Park at Winstar World Casino and Resort

So, what does Fun Town offer? Well, you’ll find 160 RV sites here, along with 20, 30, and 50-amp service along with water and sewer dumping stations. As a resident of Fun Town, you also have exclusive access to the pool, the sand volleyball court, walking trails, a playground, plus an outdoor pavilion featuring a 1,400 square-foot clubhouse.

Oh, and if you’re a first-time guest, you could also win a complimentary one-night stay. It pays to take this route here at WinStar World Casino and Resort.

Promotions and Players Club

Okay, if you’re looking to take advantage of all the promotions at WinStar World Casino and Resort as opposed to those limited to the Beijing Gaming Plaza, sign up for My WinStar and get that Club Passport Card before you do anything else.

Club Passport, just like any other loyalty program out there, is the best way to at least earn tier points that you can put toward a variety of perks and benefits. Even if things didn’t go your way at the slots or tables at the Beijing Gaming Plaza or another plaza at WinStar World Casino and Resort, you still walk away with something.

Enter exclusive casino promotions as a member of the program or exclusive giveaways that will grant you with more ways to win than ever before. Just play your favorite slot machine and table games, and earn those points.

Other awesome perks and benefits include invites to exclusive events, hotel discounts, green fee waivers at the WinStar World Golf Course, and so much more.

The more you play your favorite games at the Beijing Gaming Plaza and WinStar World Casino and Resort, the better those benefits will become. So, it pays to play, even if luck wasn’t on your side.

Other Gaming Venues Near Beijing Gaming Plaza

WinStar World Casino and Resort offers nine gaming plazas, with the Beijing Plaza being just one of them.

If you’re looking for top-notch gaming, then the Beijing Plaza is just one of a few that will pique your interest. Other great gaming plazas in the venue that offer good deals here are the Vienna, New York, and London Plazas.

You’ll also find lesser gaming that is best for the avid Bingo or electronic gaming player in the Cairo, Rome, Rio, Paris, and Madrid Plazas. However, if you’re looking for the finest selection of entertainment, make sure you head over to the Rome Gaming Plaza.

You will also find that each plaza represents an international city, and therefore, new themes will accompany each. If you’d like a taste of the Middle East, Cairo is it. Looking to enter the tropics? Play at the Rio Plaza. Romance? Paris is where it’s at, and so on.

In short, you will never come across a shortage of gaming at the Beijing Gaming Plaza or any of the nine venues at WinStar World Casino and Resort. You can seriously make a vacation out of this.

Our Conclusion About the Beijing Gaming Plaza

And that’s a wrap on the Winstar World Casino and Resort Beijing Gaming Plaza. As you can see, it has among the higher selection of casino gaming at WinStar World Casino and Resort with its electronic gaming and table gaming. Plus, you’re near some of the hottest dining options at the venue—epecially that Dallas Cowboys Bar.

Along with a stellar Players Club and eight more dynamic casino venues nearby, you have a lot to love here at WinStar World Casino and Resort’s Beijing Gaming Plaza. So come on in, catch some gaming, outstanding food, and frequent all the amenities that this gaming venue offers.

Have you visited the Beijing Gaming Plaza at WinStar World Casino and Resort? If so, tell us about it. Did you visit the other plazas? Let us know in the comments and tell us which one was your favorite. We are looking forward to reading your opinions.