What Are the Hottest Things to Do Near the Seminole Casinos?

Seminole Gaming Logo In Center With A Casino on Right and the Riverwalk on Left

The Seminole Casinos are a group of casinos in Tampa, Hollywood (2), Brighton, Immokalee, and Coconut Creek. And while you can turn your vacation into a complete vacation getaway at the Hard Rock locations in Tampa and Hollywood, there are plenty of fun things to do all around the Seminole Casinos.

Today’s post will suggest a few cool things that you can do near each of the six Seminole Casinos. We will cover two fun things to do in Tampa, two in Hollywood, and at least one in Brighton, Immokalee, and Coconut Creek.

So, if you’re headed to any of these areas and you’re looking to build a vacation itinerary, today’s post is well worth the read.

Are you ready to discover a few fun things to do near the Seminole Casinos? Keep reading for more ideas.

Tampa – Bayshore Boulevard

If you’re into hiking trails, then you definitely want to check out Bayshore Boulevard. However, it’s not like your typical hiking trail. Instead, Bayshore Boulevard is a scenic walk around the city unlike any other in the state of Florida, dubbed “The World’s Longest Sidewalk.”

It’s also a good place in Tampa to visit since you will find about 74 other attractions in the area within striking distance of Bayshore Boulevard. Notable attractions include the Tampa Convention Center, Tampa Riverwalk, and Henry B. Plant Museum.

There are also a plethora of restaurants nearby, including Four Green Fields, Yah Mon, and Zudar’s on Platt.

If you’re looking for a scenic way to get to know Tampa, especially when you need a few hours to unwind from the casino floor at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, this is the place to do it. Head on out to this recipient of TripAdvisor’s 2020 Travelers Choice Award and get your walk on.

Tampa – Tampa Riverwalk

The Tampa Riverwalk is yet another notable scenic tour in the city, and it’s a good way to release some of that extra energy and adrenaline you’ve without a doubt built up over at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

Head over to 33602 Ashley Street and you will run right into the Riverwalk. Just like Bayshore Boulevard, you have over 70 nearby attractions surrounding the place, including MacDill Park and the Tampa/Hillsborough Convention Center.

Popular nearby restaurants include Samaria Cafe, Eddie and Sam’s NY Pizza, and First Watch.

Tampa Riverwalk in Tampa Florida

Best yet, it’s one of those attractions where you can take a few long walks if you’re looking to really burn those calories. Or you could just take a short stroll if your goal is to return to the casino floor in record time.

You’re getting breathtaking scenery in all four cardinal directions. And odds are, you will spend a few hours on the Riverwalk because of all the nearby attractions surrounding it.

Hollywood – Topeekeegee Yugnee Park

Yes, the name of this park is Seminole for “meeting or gathering place,” and it’s one of the hottest places to gather if you’re a road warrior looking to park that RV. However, the RV hookups are just the beginning of all there is to do here at 3300 N Park Road in Hollywood, Florida.

This 138.6-acre urban park comprises shady picnic areas, shelters, a gazebo, Conway Island Waterpark, open picnic tables, and open fields for you to set up shop with your own activities like cornhole.

They also have a two-mile loop which is ideal for walkers and runners, but bikers and skaters have also taken advantage of the loop. They also have what’s called the Memorial Fitness Zone, which consists of 11 pieces of outdoor fitness equipment, and anyone 14 years old and up can use them.

Other cool fitness-related activities here include basketball and tennis courts, and a playground area. And if you’re into recreation, check out their pier, fishing, and scenic lake.

They do charge small fees for weekend and holiday parking, so be aware of that when you venture into Topeekeegee Yugnee Park.

Hollywood – Yellow Green Farmers Market

Sure, you can always head over to 1940 N 30th Road in Hollywood, Florida, to sample fresh, local produce and fare. But you’re on vacation, so you’re probably more willing to a.) tour the place, and b.) check out those fine arts and crafts. This is especially true if you’re looking for ideas to spend those winnings.

But you may also find yourself interested in all the seasonal foods that the local vendors offer.

Yellow Green Farmers Market

Designed to “inspire, engage, and offer a sense of earthly discovery,” it’s an attraction near two of the six Seminole Casinos that epitomizes the culture and spirit that the State of Florida brings. If nothing else, or if you’re looking for a crash course in Floridian culture, Yellow Green Farmers Market is where it’s at.

Brighton – Taylor Creek Stormwater Treatment Trailhead

You’ll find a couple of cool flea markets nearby along with the Okeechobee Battlefield within a two-mile radius.

But the Taylor Creek Stormwater Treatment Trailhead promises a scenic view near the banks of Florida’s largest lake. You’re in a prime place to go birdwatching here, along with opportunities to mingle with locals and catch scenic views of the lake, and the boats.

It’s a great place to spot many different forms of wildlife while you hike, bike, jog, or run the trails. But as some reviewers have stated, some of these trails are long. So, make sure you take some necessities with you. However, they have plenty of picnic tables and shelters along the routes.

Reviewers have also urged readers to bring bug spray, even during the cooler months of January and February.

Immokalee – Pioneer Museum at Roberts Ranch

We’ve covered the fact that many trails are surrounding the Seminole Casinos, whether you’re in Tampa or out near the Brighton location. However, we have yet to cover many indoor venues except for the Farmer’s Market over in Hollywood.

This section will touch on one of the more interesting museums near the Seminole Casinos.

You will find the Pioneer Museum at Roberts Ranch at 1215 Roberts Avenue in Immokalee, Florida, and it’s about 1.25 miles from the Immokalee Casino. You can literally walk here if you want to!

This 15-acre dwelling originally served as the home to Robert Roberts and his family. To this day, it serves as the longest-running ranch in South Florida history, per TripAdvisor.

Pioneer Museum at Roberts Ranch

If you’re into history, you will love this outlet since it provides a glimpse into daily working life reminiscent of the early 20th century. You will discover plenty of exhibits, living history programs, and 20 buildings that have been on the ranch since its formative days.

So, come in, catch a glimpse of the pioneer spirit, and immerse yourself in the unforgettable story of the region’s cow hunters and ranchers.

Find it in Downtown Immokalee. And if you have time, they highly recommend you take that scenic, 44-minute drive to nearby Naples once you’ve finished with your history lesson.

Coconut Creek – Butterfly World

This is arguably the most sought-after attraction near Seminole Casino Coconut Creek, and it’s definitely one of the hottest locations in the state of Florida.

Butterfly World is located at 3600 West Sample Road Tradewinds Park, close to other area attractions like Tradewinds Park and Stables, Festival Marketplace, and Promenade at Coconut Creek.

Anyway, prepare to spend at least two, if not more, hours here at the park. It has several attractions within the attraction. Hence the name, you’re getting over 20,000 species of exotic butterflies, several species of birds, including parrots, and more. And yes, you can hand-feed them at the Lorikeet Encounter.

You will also find the Butterfly Museum at the location, along with Botanical Gardens, the Live Bug Zoo, outdoor cafes, a gift shop, and a garden center.

If you’re looking for a cool place that’s fit for every member of your travel group, Butterfly World is the perfect place to put onto your vacation itinerary.

We mentioned a few nearby attractions toward the top of this section, but you will find about 25 within three miles. After you’ve spent a few hours here, definitely check out some other popular locations in the area.

Butterfly World is another attraction on today’s list to have received recognition among the 2020 TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Award. And one look around the hot spot is all you need to see why that is the case.

In Summary

The Seminole Casinos are all located in pretty vibrant areas and there are many cool things to do around each of them. Use today’s post as a nominal starting point, but don’t stop there! Check out some of those other attractions mentioned in passing and you will build quite the vacation itinerary.

And once you’ve had enough touring for the day, head back into the gaming venue and see if you can hit that next jackpot or win that next poker tournament!

Have you visited any of the Seminole Casinos? If not, let us know your plans! Is there anything you’re looking forward to visiting? Reply in the comment section below.