What Are the Best Blackjack Casinos in Vegas?

Overhead View of Las Vegas Strip On Left and Blackjack Table on Right

Blackjack is by far one of the most popular casino games in Las Vegas. Not surprisingly, nearly every casino features this game.

This immense variety is great for the purpose of finding tables. You’re never far from a blackjack game in Vegas.

If your main goal is to win, though, you might not know where to begin due to the numerous blackjack tables. The following guide will point you in the right direction to finding the best real money blackjack.

It covers the best Vegas blackjack casinos for different types of players, including low rollers, serious low rollers, and high rollers.

Best Vegas Blackjack Casinos for Low Rollers

No gambling destination in the world offers cheaper stakes than Las Vegas. In fact, the following three casinos even allow you to play for just $1 per hand! If you’re willing to spend a little bit more, moving up to $5 on each hand, you have even more options.

1 – Lucky Club

Lucky Club by far has the best dollar tables. Its $1 blackjack only features a 0.64% house edge, which is unheard of for such a cheap land-based game.

Even if you played 100 hands per hour in this game, your theoretical losses would be just $0.64 with the minimum bet.

These tables are so cheap that you may feel like you’re playing machine-based blackjack. You get to enjoy machine-like stakes along with the feel of live blackjack.

2 – OYO

OYO features the second-best dollar game in Vegas. Its $1 tables carry a 2.0% house advantage.

The 2.0% house edge isn’t overly impressive. But hey, at least you only have to wager a dollar to play this game.

Other than the high house advantage, the other downfall to this game is availability. OYO only offers a single $1 table. With that said, you might want to get here early in the morning and hang on to your seat.

3 – Poker Palace

Rounding out the casinos that offer dollar blackjack, Poker Palace comes in third. The problem with its $1 game is the 2.79% house edge.

This 2.79% house advantage is among the highest in Las Vegas. Once again, though, you’re getting to play for a dollar.

Closeup of Blackjack Table

Poker Palace does gain some bonus points for offering favorable $2 tables. The $2 blackjack game only carries a 0.41% house advantage. I’d rather play dollar blackjack with a lower house edge, but I’ll settle for the favorable $2 game.

Best Casinos for Serious Low Rollers

The casinos covered above certainly give you an opportunity to play blackjack for cheap. However, not all of them feature favorable odds. The following casinos do combine fair odds with low stakes.

1 – (Tie) Bighorn and 2 – Longhorn

If you’re willing to bump up the stakes slightly, then you should head to either Bighorn or Longhorn casino. Both establishments are located on the Boulder Strip.

Additionally, both casinos feature a $5 game with a 0.26% house edge. These are the best $5 tables in Sin City.

3 – El Cortez

El Cortez is one of Vegas’ most-popular destinations for low rollers. So, it should come as no surprise that it lands on this list.

This downtown casino boasts a $5 game with a 0.30% house advantage. The latter is just shy of what Longhorn and Bighorn offer.

Aside from the low house edge. El Cortez sticks out due to its sheer quantity of $5 tables. It features nine tables that offer the aforementioned 0.3% house advantage. Most casinos with games like this only offer one to three tables.

Best Vegas Casinos for Blackjack High Rollers

If you’re willing to bet big, then you don’t have to worry about the shackles of minimum wagers. You can also enjoy the best blackjack odds that Vegas has to offer at the following casinos.

1 – M Resort

No Vegas casino offers more favorable blackjack odds than M Resort. Located on the Vegas Strip, M Resort features a couple of casinos with a 0.19% house edge.

The catch, however, is that the minimum bet at these tables is $50. Provided you’re up for some high-stakes play, though, then you can’t do any better than M Resort. Simply put, this casino offers some of the best blackjack odds in the world.

2 – (Tie) Treasure Island and 3 – Aria

These two casinos round out the high-roller scene in a tie for second place. Treasure Island and Aria each offer $50 tables with a 0.26% house edge.

Their games serve as rivals to M Resort’s $50 tables thanks to the extremely low house advantage. Both allow you to risk up to $5,000 per hand if the mood for huge wagers strikes.

Aria Las Vegas

Several other Vegas casinos offer high-stakes games with a 0.26% house advantage. However, they all want you to play for $100 per hand. This is where Aria and Treasure Island stand out thanks to their $50 minimum wagers.

Tips for Playing at the Best Vegas Blackjack Casinos

Before you try any of these casinos, you might be interested in some advice for navigating Vegas blackjack. The following tips will help ensure that you choose the right game for yourself.

1 – Don’t Jump for the Lowest House Edge

The house advantage is no doubt important in any circumstance. After all, the house edge determines your long-term odds of winning.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t play at a casino just because it features a low house edge. This is especially the case if you’re playing stakes that make you uncomfortable.

The best approach is to play a game that offers a mixture of favorable odds and reasonable stakes. This way, you won’t be nervous the entire time while playing.

2 – Play at Stakes That Interest You

On the same token, you don’t want to pick a game just because it has low stakes. Sure, a $1 table allows you to play really cheaply. Will you be happy winning a dollar at a time?

You might want to choose at least $5 or $10 tables. These games at least ensure that you’re winning a few dollars per round.

3 – Make Sure to Get Rewarded

Every Vegas casino offers a loyalty program to some degree. You definitely want to capitalize on these programs wherever you play.

To get started, you need to visit the player’s desk and sign up. Alternatively, you can register online and wait for the player’s club card.

Casino Player's Club Desk

After receiving a card, you can take it to whatever blackjack table you choose. The pit boss will eventually rate your play to determine what comps you deserve.

4 – Show Up Early to Low Stakes Games

The $1, $2, and $5 blackjack tables don’t stay empty for long in Vegas. If you want to play the lowest stakes, then you’ll need to hit the relevant casinos early.

Of course, some of these seats will open up throughout the day. However, other people will be waiting on them as well.

5 – Don’t Count Cards at Cheap Stakes

Low-roller casinos are quick to back off potential card counters. El Cortez, Lucky Club, and OYO are among the most notorious in this department.

When offering such favorable games, the last thing that these casinos want to deal with is counters. With all that said, save your counting for the $5 and/or $10 tables. Even a bet spread from $5 to $25 can draw heat at low-roller establishments.

Our Conclusions

Your definition of the best Vegas blackjack casino will differ based on what you’re looking for. If you’re seeking to play as cheaply as possible, then Lucky Club or OYO will top your list.

Maybe you’re looking for a combination of the best house edge and lower stakes. In this case, Bighorn and Longhorn are the top options.

Assuming you can bet up to $50 per hand, then M resort features the city’s best odds. Its $50 tables only carry a 0.19% house advantage. You can’t do much better than this anywhere else in the world!

Treasure Island and the ARIA also check in with favorable odds. Both casinos have $50 tables with a 0.26% house advantage.