What Are Reel Adventure Slots?

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Innovation keeps online slots fresh and relevant. Developers try new ideas and features to find the next big thing that players like.

Big Time Gaming (BTG) has done a better job at innovating than any developer in recent years. They’ve produced the Megaways engine and continue to reap the rewards of this invention.

In addition to Megaways, BTG has also produced the Reel Adventure concept. The latter combines Megaways slots with storytelling elements to create a truly revolutionary slots concept.

If you’ve never heard of Reel Adventure, then you can find out more about it here. You’ll also learn about the pros and cons to this idea and if it has a bright future in slots.

How Do Reel Adventure Slots Work?

A Reel Adventure slot features a small window underneath the reels. This window shows an adventure unfold when you play the game.

As you pick up wins, your adventurer will advance and collect items. These items help you level up and have chances at better prizes.

Once you collect enough items, you’ll have one of two options:

  • Take the currently offered bonus and go back to the beginning of Level 1 afterward.
  • Forgo the bonus and advance to the next level.

These choices force you to decide between taking short-term winnings or playing for bigger prizes down the line. Assuming you choose the latter, then you’re dealing with more volatility by waiting on bigger bonuses.

Most importantly, Reel Adventure slots include a story aspect that just isn’t available in most regular slot machines. The closest concept we’ve seen to BTG’s Reel Adventure is Rival Gaming’s I-Slots.

These games also tell a story as you keep playing a slot and triggering bonuses. However, I-Slots don’t include as dynamic of animations as the Reel Adventure mechanism.

Holy Diver – The Only Example of a Reel Adventure Slot

The biggest downside to Reel Adventure games is that they don’t exist in great quantity. In fact, BTG’s Holy Diver is the only such game.

Released in 2019, Holy Diver is a six-reel Megaways slot that offers between 64 and 117,649 ways. The vast difference occurs because each reel can hold between two and seven symbols.

The more symbols there are in each reel, the more ways you have to win. If all six reels are holding seven symbols, then you’ll unlock the maximum of 117,649 ways.

Megaways slots like these are nothing new. BTG has been producing these types of games for several years now.

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The unique aspect is its Reel Adventure engine. The screen underneath the reels shows a knight advancing down roads and through dungeons as you play.

Every time you spin the reels, the knight moves down the path towards treasure chests. He collects gems and triggers random features by opening the chests.

You can level up after collecting enough gems. Again, you can either choose a bonus at the end of a stage or continue towards the next level.

Here are the different number of ways that you can unlock through the bonuses in each level:

  • Level 1 – Up to 117,649 ways
  • Level 2 – Up to 396,900 ways (2x multiplier)
  • Level 3 – Up to 586,971 ways (3x multiplier)

You might wish to get as many bonuses as possible by always accepting the feature at the end of Level 1. Or, you can hold out and go for bigger prizes in Level 2 or Level 3.

Will More Reel Adventure Slots Become Available?

Big Time Gaming hasn’t released any information about upcoming Reel Adventure games at the time of this post. Therefore, I can’t definitively say whether they will or won’t produce more of these slots.

But Holy Diver has been a hit ever since its release. Both critics and players enjoy its detailed adventure themes and many other features.

The one thing holding Holy Diver back is that it’s confusing in the beginning. It features a complex help screen that requires some time to understand.

As long as you can get past this, though, then you should enjoy Holy Diver and the Reel Adventure engine.

My guess is that BTG is either working on another Reel Adventure slot or has plans to do so. This concept is the perfect way to take their Megaways format even further.

Pros of Reel Adventure Slot Machines

Holy Diver may be the only available Reel Adventure game. But it has already showcased several benefits that these types of slots can deliver.

Something New for the Slots World

You may be tired of seeing cascading reels, 243 ways, and even Megaways again and again in the gaming world. Reel Adventure offers something fresh that hasn’t been worn out in the slots industry yet.

These games offer even more entertainment beyond the reels. You get to watch an adventure unfold as you play a slot and collect certain items.

In Holy Diver, for example, your knight begins on country roads. He gradually advances into dark dungeons, where he fights deadly warlocks.

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I can only imagine that Big Time Gaming will have some other great stories in the works if they continue producing these slots.

Detailed Storyline

Most slot machines have a theme that vaguely tells a story. For example, you might play a fairytale game with symbols that convey a prince trying to rescue a princess.

But few slots actually go through the motions of showing how the story plays out. Instead, you’re left to put the pieces together yourself.

Reel Adventure doesn’t leave anything up to the imagination. Instead, it physically tells the tale as you keep playing.

Offers Lots of Features

This format doesn’t just rely on a good story. It also delivers just as many features as any other type of online slot machines.

For instance, Holy Diver turns regular symbols into wilds, offers stacked wilds, features up to a 7x win multiplier, and delivers free spins. This game also has the Megaways format and gives you the option to level up.

Cons of Reel Adventure Slot Machines

You can see that the Reel Adventure concept offers something totally new that’s not available in other slots. But like any groundbreaking idea, it also carries notable concerns.

Adds More Complexity to Slots

Most slot machines are simple affairs. You adjust your betting options and spin the reels with little time spent learning a game beforehand.

Reel Adventure slots aren’t like this. Instead, you need to invest some time into learning how the features work.

Of course, you can always play without studying the features. However, you’ll also be puzzled as to what’s happening.

You May Spend Lots of Time on the Help Screen

Odds are, you won’t pick up the intricacies of a Reel Adventure slot right away. Personally, I spent over 15-20 minutes figuring out how everything with Holy Diver works.

The challenge is in scrolling through over a dozen pages and determining how leveling up and the various features work. I doubt that future games like this will be any easier to understand.

You Must Wait on Better Bonuses

The downside to pursuing the next level is that you leave bonuses on the table. You increase the volatility every time that you cast off a bonus and advance to the following stage.

Of course, your patience can pay off as you move up and unlock more ways to win. But you’ll find yourself wishing at times that you could simultaneously get free spins and advance a level.


Reel Adventure slots aren’t the first breed to offer a story as you play. However, they’re the first class of slots to combine a detailed story, Megaways, and plenty of features.

BTG may be on to their next hit concept with Reel Adventure. They show what this engine can do through Holy Diver slot.

Holy Diver takes you on an epic quest that involves finding treasure and saving the world from evil warlocks. Along the way, you’ll pick up various bonuses and have the chance to move up levels.

Reel Adventure brings something truly new to the gaming industry. It also presents slots storytelling like never before.

Before you jump at the chance to play these games, you also need to consider the potential downsides.

Reel Adventure increases the complexity of slots, requires you to spend more time with help screens, and causes you to wait on better bonuses.

Even still, the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to giving these slots a chance. This being the case, you should consider giving Holy Diver and any future Reel Adventure games at least one try.