What Are InfiniReels Slots?

Screenshot of Gods of Gold Online Slot

If you’ve played online slots before, you know that the number of reels is typically a static number. For example, a five-reel slot doesn’t suddenly grow an additional five reels.

However, the gaming world is always coming up with new and revolutionary concepts. InfiniReels is one of the latest additions to the gaming world.

The “Infini” part basically refers to “infinity.” In essence, you can add an endless number of reels to the grid.

This definitely sounds like an exciting prospect. I’m going to cover more on InfiniReels slots along with how they’ve managed to become popular already.

How Do InfiniReels Work?

At first glance, an InfiniReels game looks like a classic slot with three reels. However, these games are anything but classic.

InfiniReels slot machines add extra reels to the right of the grid. You simply need to win with at least one matching symbol in each reel to make the grid grow. Therefore, you can stretch your payouts into epic proportions by adding more reels.

Assuming you fail to extend a win further, the round ends and the reels will reset to the default 3×3 setup. You’ll start a new round at this point.

Of course, it’s always disappointing to see the reels go back to normal. But while the grid is growing, you’ll experience quite a bit of excitement.

Will You Truly Unlock Infinite Reels?

The name InfiniReels suggests that you can theoretically stretch the grid endlessly. The reality, though, is that these slots are limited to some degree.

You will certainly add a lot of reels and net huge payouts. However, the odds dictate that you’ll only add so many reels before finally ending a round.

Your win potential is curbed to some degree. NetEnt’s Gods of Gold can deliver up to a maximum payout worth 25,000x the stake.

It’s possible to get larger payouts through these games. However, the simulation that NetEnt ran lasted for 11.6 billion spins.

I suggest going with the simulation when trying to figure out how much you can win with an InfiniReels slot. 25,000x may not truly suggest infinity, but it’s still a very nice win.

Example of an InfiniReels Slot

The only InfiniReels game that’s available at the time of this writing is Gods of Gold. Therefore, your selection with these games is quite limited.

Gods of Gold takes you into a long, lost Arabian cave in search of treasures. Along the way, you’ll find various depictions of Arabian gods.

You can wager between $0.01 and $10 on 20 fixed coins. These options make the betting range run from $0.20 to $200.

The symbol graphics represent more nice work from NetEnt, one of the premier software developers in online gaming. The high-paying icons, including a godly king, queen, bull, and owl, especially feature nice designs.

You need at least three matching symbols to form a win and add an extra reel. Each reel must contain at least one matching icon for this to occur.

A wild symbol helps you complete wins by substituting for all regular icons. The wild only becomes available when the grid expands to 3×4 or larger.

Every round begins with a 3×3 default grid and 27 ways. The number of winning ways multiplies by 3 with each additional reel that’s added.

Gods of Gold Online Slot Reels

Theoretically, no limit exists to how many reels you can add to the grid. However, NetEnt’s simulation suggests that you won’t truly add an infinite amount of reels and win millions of dollars. Nevertheless, you can still look forward to some big wins when things really get going.

You’ll find it difficult to keep track of the grid when you keep adding lots of reels. Luckily, a handy minimap provides a reference for where you’re at.

Bonuses include Win Spins, Free Spins, Multi-Slam, and free respins. The latter can randomly happen when you spin the reels and fail to get a win.

A genie comes out to cover the last reel in green magic during the respin. This green magic essentially guarantees that you’ll earn a payout and extend the reels.

Multi-Slam can occur during a win. This feature randomly adds a payout on between two and three reels.

You trigger 10 Win Spins Free Spins by landing three pearl scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Additional pearls will give you another 5 Win Spins.

This bonus works much like the base game. However, the key difference is that a Win Spin guarantees you at least one payout.

Again, Gods of Gold is currently the only InfiniReels slot available. But NetEnt will likely cook up more of these games in the near future.

InfiniReels vs. Infinity Reels

InfiniReels games are often confused with Infinity Reels slots. There’s a good reason for this confusion. Both mechanisms are quite similar to each other. I’ve covered how InfiniReels work, and now, I’ll provide a look at Infinity Reels.

You might not be able to tell much difference between these types of slots at first glance. But there are a few notable differences.

You have to get at least one matching symbols across three reels to win in an InfiniReels game. Infinity Reels, on the other hand, only call on you to get five matching symbols anywhere within the grid.

However, an Infinity Reels slot does require that you land at least one matching symbol from a win in the rightmost reel before extending the grid. That said, you can get a payout in this game without also adding another reel.

These slots differ in terms of their bonuses too. An InfiniReels slot gives you guaranteed wins. Meanwhile, Infinity Reels game offers you a win multiplier.

Are InfiniReels Slots the Next Big Thing in Gaming?

Just a few years ago, Big Time Gaming introduced Megaways. Megaways games have since gone on to become of the most popular types of slots in the gambling world.

It appears that the industry may be ready for a fresh new concept that lights gaming on fire, though. InfiniReels could very well be the next big thing.

First off, this concept allows you to add countless reels to the grid. Therefore, you never know exactly how much you’re going to win from one round to the next. This uncertainty creates far more excitement than a static five- or six-reel game.

Screenshot of a Megaways Online Slot

Secondly, this idea offers big win potential and lots of volatility. Both of these aspects are definitely in among today’s real money slots gamblers.

The new mechanism alone will be enough to attract many new players over the years. The average player is always interested in something different, and InfiniReels are certainly unique.

Whether these types of slots truly take over gaming remains to be seen. However, they’re definitely going to be popular in any case.


The InfiniReels concept was introduced to online gamblers in early 2020. Available through Gods of Gold, InfiniReels have already become fairly popular.

This mechanism adds reels to the grid whenever players get a win. It works quite similar to ReelPlay’s Infinity Reels.

I can’t say for sure whether players will take to InfiniReels or Infinity Reels better. Most likely, gamblers will appreciate both types of slots.

Much like Megaways, InfiniReels slots (and Infinity Reels) figure to be hot in upcoming years. If big wins and the potential for endless reels sounds appealing, then you should definitely check these games out.