Weekly Poker Update: June 14, 2021

Weekly Poker Update June 14, 2021

Poker players all over the world dream of hot streaks that last for months at a time, where every move you make seems to be the right one and it’s more surprising when you lose than when you win.

Most of the time, streaks like that don’t ever cross over from the realm of dreams. But Ali Imsirovic is living that dream so far in 2021.

Ali Imsirovic Is at It Again

This past week, Imsirovic rolled to victory in one of the high-stakes buy-in events at the ongoing U.S. Poker Open. That, in itself, would normally be big news.

99 entries bought into the Hold’em event at $10,000 apiece, and Ali Imsirovic walked away with a hefty purse of $217,800 for his troubles.

But it’s the totality of what Imsirovic has been doing lately is the real story here. The victory was already his sixth this year on the professional poker circuit. And it’s not like he’s been all or nothing, as he has now appeared in 14 final tables in 2021.

The winnings this past week pushed him over $2.3 million for the year in purse earnings.

In every one of those categories (wins, final tables, purse), Imsirovic is tops in the real money poker world. And remember that we’re not even halfway through 2021, which means he might have more in store for us.

US Poker Open 2021 Card

In his win this past week, he topped a pretty star-studded final table that included Erik Seidel (5th place) and Vanessa Kade (4th place.)

He also came from behind to beat Andrew Lichtenberger, who had entered head-to-head play with the lead. The last thing Lichtenberger wanted to see was the red-hot Imsirovic staring at him across the table.

We can’t wait to see what Imsirovic does in the future, with the World Series of Poker still looming in the second half of the year.

At some point, it seems like luck would dictate that he comes back down to earth to an extent. But until that time arrives, we as spectators can enjoy watching this streak while Imsirovic keeps it alive.

Phil Ivey’s Return

That sub-heading isn’t really accurate, as Phil Ivey really hasn’t gone anywhere. But in the past few years, it seems like he’s been in the news for topics that weren’t really poker-related. That included his longtime legal battle surrounding his controversial play.

Since that latter incident appears to finally be in the rearview mirror, Ivey seems to be emerging once again in the format that made him famous. When the poker boom of the early 2000s hit, Ivey was one of the guys who earned almost instant celebrity from it.

During the poker boom, it seemed like you couldn’t turn on a televised event without seeing Phil Ivey in the midst of the action, and his stoic demeanor amidst some of his high-energy counterparts made him stand out from the crowd.

Ivey has started to make himself more known once again in the poker world in recent months. He was one of the players involved in the recent return of the High Stakes Poker series this past year.

And now, he has confirmed in a recent podcast interview with Joey Ingram that he is likely returning to the World Series of Poker.

It would certainly be a lot of fun to see Ivey mixing it up on televised poker events such as the WSOP like in the old days. Who knows if he can recapture the magic against some of the game’s talented younger guard?

But considering his track record, it wouldn’t be wise to bet against him (and knowing his track record, he’d probably take that bet).

Ivey’s is scheduled to make a high-profile appearance this coming week in the WPT Heads-Up Championship presented by Poker King. He’ll be joined by 31 other pros ponying up $25,000 to battle for the crown of best heads-up player in an elimination tournament.

Fans will be watching Ivey closely, since it’s been a while since they could enjoy his brilliance at the table.

Poker Is All About Priorities

The top pro poker players have been known to put everything aside if there’s a chance they can win big. Harlen Miller pushed that to the extreme recently when he risked years of family disharmony, all to play in a poker tournament in Vegas.

But considering the outcome, it’s doubtful that he regrets his choice.

It seems that Miller was supposed to head to Montana for the weekend to celebrate the wedding of his niece. But the siren song of big winnings in Vegas proved too tough to resist.

Miller instead decided to enter the Mid-Stakes Poker Tour’s event at the Venetian, buying in for $1,100 and facing a field of 2,790.

Pro Poker Player Harlen Miller

Those odds might seem daunting, especially considering the fact that Miller doesn’t have a long history of big-money victories in his past. But he claimed that there was something about this tournament that spoke to him somehow.

Hence, the decision was made to bag the wedding and hit the felt.

Harlan Miller ended up not only performing well in the Venetian poker tournament, but he won the darn thing. To prove that his feeling was correct, he got a lucky draw on the final hand for a straight to defeat second-place Ryan Dodd, who has a much more extensive poker track record.

And the end result was a first-place purse of $367,801.

There is no word yet on whether or not Miller’s niece, Macie Vogel, was on board with this decision or if she had any lingering hard feelings. The guess is that once Miller ponies up for a big wedding gift, all will likely be forgiven.

If he had busted out early, well, that likely would have been another story—one that may have included some awkward family holidays in the future.

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