Weekly Poker Update: November 9, 2020

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A major head-to head matchup between two of the biggest names in poker finally got underway this past week. Read all about that and everything else that took place in the week that was in poker.

Head-to-Head Poker Begins

If you had believed the hype, you might have assumed that the head-to-head showdown between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk would be more contentious than the recent election. After all, for more than half a decade, these two poker titans have been sniping at each other on social media.

On top of that, the process of agreeing on the specifics of the matchup was protracted and messy. This thing was first agreed upon in the summer, and yet they didn’t deal the first cards until a week ago on Sunday.

But once it finally began with a head-to-head session, the two combatants were downright cordial to each other.

Pro Poker Player Daniel Negreanu

It wasn’t quite a mutual admiration society, of course. But to watch Negreanu and Polk go at it, there was never a moment where you thought the table would be tipped over and chairs would be thrown.

That means it was all about what would transpire on the felt. Coming into the match, Negreanu was a 4 to 1 underdog on most top gambling websites. The main issue was that the head-to-head format seemed to favor Polk, who was much more comfortable in that setting.

Negreanu came out firing on Day 1, with the first 200 hands held in a live setting. Perhaps that benefited Kid Poker, as someone who is more of an old-school type in terms of tournament settings. With the help of some effective bluffing, while also calling Polk on some bluffs, the underdog jumped out to a lead of just shy of $117,000.

Jumping to any conclusions based on a small portion of the match seemed to be hasty, especially since the action was moving over to a format that was much more in line with Polk’s favored style: multi-table and online.

So, it was that Polk took control with an excellent performance in that second session, outdoing Negreanu over 424 hands of action by over $218. That now puts him out in the lead by slightly over 100,000 after two sessions.

The Element of Luck

The interesting thing about this is that it wasn’t that Negreanu played poorly or that Polk played particularly well. Instead, it was just a matter of luck. Polk pulled some excellent cards that often left Negreanu running straight into a brick wall with hands that weren’t that bad at all.

And that’s an element that is bound to come up in shorter sessions like these first two that have begun this matchup. That’s why the bigger picture is the important part when judging between the two. Remember that the parameters of the showdown require, at the very least, for 12,500 hands to be played between the two (only 624 have been played so far).

Professional Poker Player Doug Polk

At that point, the player losing can call it a day. Or they could continue through 25,000 hands, possibly even doubling the bet along the way. By the time Polk and Negreanu play that much, all the luck should have evened out by then, and we should have a better understanding of who the better man is at this stage.

As you might expect with these two, things remained fluid right up to the first cards dealt. Negreanu had balked, at different times during the runup to the match, about hole-card reveals and pre-flop charts being used. But both were in evidence once play began, and there isn’t any indication that might change.

When the action resumes, we might see tempers flare at some point. The fact that they are playing online poker, however, helps to put a lid on that to an extent. That would leave any sniping that does take place to transpire online.

To this point, even that has been relatively quiet. About the only interaction they’ve had on Twitter to this point has been to admit that they both struggled a bit during the online session with mis-clicks, leading to plays that they hadn’t intended.

It’s nice to see that they have found some measure of agreement during this battle. Let’s see how long the good vibes last.

Games People Play

Poker simulations have long been a part of both the PC gaming and console scene. But a new one that is arriving in November could be a real game-changer. And it’s just not because of how the game plays, but also because of how it looks.

Courtesy of Ripstone Games, Poker Club arrives with considerable hype in the gaming world. In terms of the poker play, there seems to be the kind of variety involved that you would want in simulation. You can play just about any way you want at all levels of play, either in one-offs, tournaments, larger tours, etc.

You can also take your time and learn how to play poker if you are relatively new to the scene. That kind of tutelage can certainly come in handy, and then the game play will help you try out these different techniques.

But what is really striking about Poker Club is the way that it looks. It uses ray tracing technology for its visuals, which is something that is usually used for games with a bit more visual action. But who says that poker players should be left out of the fancy stuff?

Based on the trailer for the game that has been released, it is quite striking indeed. The cards themselves look unbelievably crisp and colorful, and the overall settings are inviting and scenic. You can even watch the shadows on the table change as the game advances and time passes.

In addition, the game promises excellent AI, so that Poker Club finds the sweet spot between being too demanding for newcomers and too easy for veterans. And the trailer also promises that the cards that come during game play will be random and represent a fair and realistic experience.

It remains to be seen if this game will be able to make it through the deluge of offerings that will start to pop up during the runup to the holiday season. But what is certain is that Poker Club definitely looks the part of a top poker simulation. Time will tell if it can indeed hold up under that scrutiny once actual poker enthusiasts dig in and start to play.