Wealth Attraction Tips for Blackjack Players

Man Adjusting His Suit With a Casino Blackjack Background

Wealth attraction is about making money. And the goal of blackjack players is to make money. The question is, can you use wealth attraction techniques to help you make money playing blackjack?

The good news is that there are some things that cross over from wealth attraction to blackjack play. The key is figuring out which things cross over and how you can use them.

I’ve put together seven things about wealth attraction that you can use when you play real money blackjack. It’s going to take more than just thinking about playing profitable blackjack, but with the right actions, you can quickly change your results.

What Wealth Attraction Has to Do With Blackjack

What does wealth attraction have to do with blackjack? If you study wealth attraction you learn that you have to work on the way you think about things and then take specific actions that are different that what you’ve been doing.

It turns out that you can use these same things related to blackjack to become a better player. You need to think about blackjack in a different way than you’ve been thinking about it and you need to change the way you play.

Online Real Money Blackjack Game

And the truth is that it’s easier to improve as a blackjack player than it is to use wealth attraction to become a rich gambler. This is because there are specific steps blackjack players can take that are proven to work.

All you have to do is learn what these steps are and then follow them. It takes practice and work, but it’s a proven process that others have used. And you can use it, too.

Study Winning Casino Players

If you want to learn how to be a block layer, you study under a block layer. If you want to learn how to fix cars, you learn from other people who fix cars. So, if you want to learn how to win when you play blackjack, you need to learn what winning players are doing.

You don’t have to find a winning blackjack player to mentor you, but you do need to learn the same things that they know. You can learn the important things about winning blackjack using books, articles, and videos.

Winning blackjack players understand how rules change the casino edge, know how to use perfect blackjack strategy, and know how to use card counting to flip the casino edge.

These are the exact things you need to learn how to do. I cover each of these areas in more depth in the remaining sections in this article.

Rules for Blackjack Wealth Attraction

Winning blackjack players know the rules inside out. They don’t just know what the rules are, but they also know which rules help them and how much the rules help them and which rules hurt them and how bad these rules hurt them.

This is the level you need to be at in understanding blackjack rules. Every rule is either good for you or bad for you.

You need to know absolutely everything about the rules because you have to play at blackjack tables that give you the best chance to win. This means finding blackjack tables that have a low casino edge or high return to player percentage.

If you don’t find the right blackjack tables with good rules, nothing else you do is going to overcome the casino edge.

Wealth Attraction Starts With Gambling Strategy

Once you learn how to find the best blackjack games with the best rules, the next step is using the strategy that gives you the best chance to win. Winning blackjack players know the best strategy for every possible combination of cards they can receive and cards the dealer can have.

Every hand has a single way it needs to be played. If you play a hand wrong it costs you money. If you don’t know the best way to play a blackjack hand you need to get a strategy chart and start memorizing it immediately.

Active Casino Blackjack Hand

I found the best way to memorize blackjack strategy was to get a chart and use it playing free online blackjack games. I kept playing until I had every hand and the proper strategy memorized.

Using the proper strategy lowers the house edge at least 0.5% over the way most blackjack players play, and it can be over 1% depending on how bad your decisions were before you started using strategy.

Make a commitment to using the proper strategy right now or you’re never going to be a winning player. This is what winning gamblers do, so proper wealth attraction is doing the same thing.

Accurate Tracking of Your Blackjack Play

Another important way to set yourself up for blackjack success is to track your results. And this means taking things a step beyond guessing how much you won or lost. You need to know exactly how much you won and lost when you play.

Not only do you need to track your blackjack profits and losses, but also the table rules, where you played, how long you played, and roughly what your average wager amount was.

The more information you track, the better chance you have of using the information to improve your results. You need to use every tool available when you’re playing blackjack if you want to maximize your profits. This includes knowing where you make mistakes and where and how you can improve.

Card Counting for True Wealth Opportunities

If you learn how to find good tables and you use strategy, you can play with a low casino edge. But you’re still not going to win in the long run. However, winning players know an additional strategy that you can use to make a profit.

The best strategy is called card counting, and the good thing to know is that it’s easier to learn how to do than it sounds. You need to do some research about counting systems and pick the system you plan to use. You need to do this first so you practice the right way. All you do with most systems is track a ratio between low and high cards. This is done by subtracting and adding one to a number, so it’s not overly complicated.

Because of the way blackjack is played—and the relative value of some cards over others—if you make bigger wagers when the count is in your favor, you can eliminate the casino edge.

When you bet more with an edge than you do when the casino has an edge, this adds up over time and you make a profit. The edge you get is small, so this doesn’t guarantee that you win every time you play. But it does mean that if you do it right that you win more when you win than you lose when you lose.

Counting cards is what winning blackjack players do. When you learn to do it the same way you’re going to win too.

Advanced Blackjack Wealth Attraction

If you’ve mastered everything in the previous sections, you’re already using wealth attraction techniques to make a profit playing blackjack. But there’s another level that you can try to enter that increases your blackjack profits more.

Counting cards is an advanced blackjack technique, but there are a few other advantage plays you need to know about. I’m going to introduce them in this section, but they each require quite a bit of research and practice to use.

Blackjack Dealer Shuffling Cards

  • Blackjack shuffle tracking – Shuffle tracking is something you can use in blackjack games that are hand shuffled. By tracking where certain groups of cards go into the tray and then watching where these groups end up after the shuffle, you can get an idea of when good cards are getting ready to be dealt.
  • Blackjack ace sequencing – Ace sequencing tracks aces as they’re discarded. Then, using this information to predict when aces are coming after the shuffle.
  • Blackjack hole card playHole card play is when you take advantage of poor dealer technique and can see the value of some cards that are dealt facing down. If you can see the dealer’s face down card value every once in a while, you can get a big advantage.


Now that you know how to use wealth attraction strategies when you play blackjack, you can see that it’s not that hard. In fact, all it takes is the right knowledge backed by consistent action and wealth attraction can easily be used to improve your blackjack results.

Study winning blackjack players and learn what they know. And then, start using what you learned to pick the right games and play them in a particular way. Once you learn how to count cards effectively, you can explore more advanced blackjack techniques to win more often.