5 Ways to Practice and Improve Your Gambling Skills

Man Holding Cards at a Poker Table

Have you ever heard the phrase that practice makes perfect? While practice might make perfect in some areas, the fact is that even if practice doesn’t make you perfect, practice can still help you a great deal.

When I decided I needed to improve my gambling skills, I first researched ways to improve. I found that practicing helped me as much as anything, and I found as many inexpensive ways to practice as I could.

Here are five ways I practice improving my gambling skills. You can do the same things I do to help you win.

Playing Free Online Games

One of the best ways to practice and improve is to play more. But it costs money when you gamble for real money. But what if there was a way you could practice for free?

When I started playing Jacks or Better video poker, I learned that there was a way to use strategy to improve my returns. So I picked up a strategy card for the game and started playing for free at an online casino. I checked the strategy card on every hand until I had all of the plays memorized.

While it didn’t happen as fast as I wanted, it only took me six or seven hours of play to memorize the right strategy. I did the same thing when I started playing blackjack, and then again when I started learning how to count cards.

When I started trying to improve my poker strategy, I found online poker rooms that offered free money tables. So I’d read about strategy and then play for free while trying to learn how the strategy worked and how I could get better results using the strategy.

You can play almost any gambling game for free online. You can also play most gambling games for free on mobile devices. Playing free games is a great way to practice, and it doesn’t cost any money.

Using Free Online Strategy Tools

I mentioned that I used free online blackjack games when I started learning how to count cards in the last section. Of course, you can’t use card counting to win playing online blackjack, but you can practice counting playing the free games.

But I eventually found a better online tool that was designed for card counters. I used the tool, and it helped me refine my card counting skills until I was good enough to use the skills in real money play at a local casino.

I’ve also used video poker training software that shows when you make a strategy mistake and blackjack software that also showed when you make a mistake in strategy.

Some of the best gambling software programs designed to help you improve your skills cost money, but there are a lot of free tools available online you can get started with.

I always look for a free tool that does what I need it to do before looking for a paid version. Of course, I still buy a tool that helps me improve sometimes, but I’ve found plenty of free tools that help over the years.

Buy a Deck of Playing Cards

A simple deck of playing cards is one of the most valuable tools you can have as a gambler. Many gambling games use cards, and you can use a deck of cards to practice and improve your skills.

I buy decks of playing cards that have been used in casinos in dollar stores. The cards have been used, but they’re high-quality cards and only cost $1 a deck.

You can practice blackjack, card counting, Texas Holdem poker, Omaha poker, seven-card stud, baccarat, most casino table games, and even video poker variations with a deck of playing cards.

Blackjack on Laptop

For example, if you want to practice playing Jacks or Better video poker. Shuffle the cards and deal five cards. Then, decide which cards you want to keep and replace the other cards. You can even look through the other 47 cards to see how many cards give you a winning hand.

When you’re learning how to use blackjack strategy, deal hands just like a blackjack dealer and decide what the best strategy play is on each hand. If you’re learning how to count cards, do the same thing and keep a running count based on the system you’re using.

With a total investment of $1, you can use free online games, free online tools, and a deck of playing cards and practice for 100’s of hours to improve your gambling skills. And if you run across a business giving cards away as part of their branding campaign, you might not have to spend $1.

Learn Some Simple Gambling Math Skills

Most gamblers don’t like to think about it, but gambling uses a lot of math. And if you can learn some simple gambling math skills, it can improve your results by a large margin.

The best way to start is using the deck of cards I suggested acquiring n the last section. A deck of cards is the best tool to help you understand how odds work in gambling games.

For example, if you’re practicing playing blackjack, you can look at all of the cards to see the odds of certain things happening. For example, if you deal two cards and have a total of 12, you can look at all of the cards left to see how many make you bust and how many help your hand. It turns out that there are 16 cards that make you bust and 34 cards that help your hand. And 20 cards give you a total of 17 to 21.

Using this information, the odds of busting when you have 12 and draw another card are 16 out of 50, or eight out of 25. And the odds of getting a total of 17 to 21 are 20 out of 50, or two out of five. So you have a better chance of getting 17 to 21 than busting in this situation.

As you deal hands and look at what cards can help and which cards hurt your hand, you learn the best ways to play your hands.

The same is true if you’re practicing other games like Jacks or Better video poker. For example, if you have a flush draw, nine cards complete your flush out of the 47 remaining cards.

If you play poker, you can learn how the odds work using the same methods and how to use pot odds. Once you learn how pot odds work, you can start learning how expected value works and how to use it to make the best decisions when you play poker.

The more you learn about how math works in gambling, the more you can use the information to make better decisions and improve your results.

Free Online Tournaments

Playing in free online tournaments is of the most value to poker players. Of course, you can play free online poker in poker rooms, but the play at the free tables is pretty bad.

The play is so bad that it can be hard to improve your poker skills because when you play for real money, there aren’t as many players in each pot, and the strategy is a little different when six or more players play every hand.

But many online poker rooms offer free poker tournaments where you can win real money. The poker rooms usually call these tournaments freerolls.

Laptop on Casino Gaming Table, surrounded by poker chips

The play in free poker tournaments is still pretty bad, but the play gets better as you get closer to the money. And you can learn a lot about strategy in these tournaments.

I’ve seen a few other types of online tournaments over the years, so you can check different online and mobile casinos for other games. For example, I recently played in a free online blackjack tournament, and other games you might be able to find include video poker and slots.

Our Conclusion

You can continue getting the same results you’ve been getting when you gamble, or you can do something to change your results. I recommend making a few changes because it directly influences how much you lose or win when you improve your gambling results.

If you use any of the five ways to practice listed in this post, it will help you. Practicing is the best way to improve any skill, and there are many good ways you can practice gambling.

The five ways to practice gambling listed in this post are either free or inexpensive, and they all can make a big difference in your skill level.