Ways Discipline Leads to Better Casino Gambling Results

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Winning gamblers use discipline to help them win. Losing gamblers rarely use discipline for anything when they gamble. If you don’t know how discipline can help improve your gambling results, I have good news for you.

Here’s a list of three ways that discipline leads to better gambling results. I’ve also included a section about how you can quickly improve your discipline.

Possibly the best thing about learning how to improve your discipline is that it’s not only going to help your real money gambling results, but it’s also going to help you in many other areas of your life.

Never Give In and Always Hold the Line

Discipline is important for many different reasons, but one of the most important reasons is because it helps you to hold the line. Holding the line means never giving in, no matter what. When you build this type of discipline it helps you become a better gambler.

The most important point about never giving in, that most people miss, is that you have to be smart when you draw your line to never cross. If you don’t know all of the important facts before you draw your line, then the outcome isn’t going to be what you expected.

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For example, if you decide that you’re going to play a slot machine until you win a certain amount, you’re missing an important fact. You can’t beat the slot machine in the long run, so instead of reaching your profit goal, you’re just going to keep losing money until you run out of money. This isn’t a smart line to draw.

Instead, learn what you need to know, then set your line.

You can beat games like blackjack and poker if you know what to do. So, a smarter line might be that you’re going to study and practice blackjack or poker until you’re winning on a consistent basis. These things are realistic, where beating the slot machines isn’t realistic.

Once you know what you need to do to win, set your line and never cross it. Set a good goal backed by a winning plan and decide that you’re never going to give in or give up. This is going to help you become a winning gambler, and it can help you in other areas of your life.

Use Discipline to Prepare and Never Get Lazy

Casinos and other gambling establishments love lazy gamblers. Lazy gamblers take the easy way out, and the easy way out means more profit for the casino. But you don’t have to be lazy when you gamble.

The best way to eliminate the lazy gambling habit is to prepare before you start gambling. Winning gamblers put in preparation time to learn how to win. Then they practice what they learned so when they start gambling they have a realistic chance to win. And they know what they need to do to win.

Lazy gamblers never prepare before they start gambling, they don’ know what they need to do to win, they don’t have a plan, and they lose. What does preparation look like for winning gamblers?

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They study all of the gambling options to find the one or two best options. These options are the ones that give them the best chance to win. Once they find their best options, they learn as much as possible about how the games work, what strategies and techniques work, then make sure that they know how to use these strategies and techniques.

Even if it takes hour after hour of study and practice, winning gamblers do what it takes before they gamble so they have the best chance of winning when they start gambling.

The only thing standing between you and what winning gamblers do is laziness. I know this might not be what you want to hear, but all of the information you need to be a winning gambler is available. All you have to do is find it, learn it, and use it.

Decide right now if you’re going to be a lazy gambler, or if you’re willing to do whatever it takes to win.

Use Discipline to Stop Gambling When You Need To

Many times, losing gamblers get ahead early during their gambling session, keep gambling, and lose money. They not only lose the money they were up, but they start losing and chase trying to get back up and end up losing even more.

It’s easy to say that these gamblers should have quit while they were ahead, but this is misleading. The problem isn’t that they should have stopped when they were ahead, because they have no way of knowing when the tide is going to turn.

And this is the problem. They don’t know when they’re going to start losing because they didn’t prepare. They don’t even usually know if the game they’re playing can be beat. And even if it can be beat, they don’t know how to do it. So, they end up relying on luck.

The first thing you need to do is learn what you can beat and how to beat it. Then, the decision on when the best time to stop comes down to being able to maintain focus and your edge. You stop when you start losing your edge and/or your focus.

But even if you don’t know how to win in the long run, you can do a few things to limit your losses. You can use a budget, stop-win limits, and stop-loss limits. But even if you use these things, you still need to have the discipline to stop when you reach your limits.

When you use preparation like I covered in the previous section to find games that give you a realistic chance to win, and when you play them the right way, you still need to have the discipline to stop when you need to.

The biggest danger is usually when you get tired or fatigued, then you start making mistakes. Most gambling activities that give you a chance to win only give you a small edge. So a momentary lapse in focus can be costly. Learn your limits so you have the discipline to know when to stop gambling.

How to Improve Your Casino Discipline

Talking about the benefits of discipline is easy. But actually improving and building your discipline can be quite difficult. In this section, I’m going to help you start building your gambling discipline.

Discipline is a practice of control that you have to learn. Nobody is going to discipline you when you gamble except for yourself. You have to take control of that aspect of your mind in order to become a better gambler.

This starts by recognizing and admitting whether or not you have a discipline problem. Don’t be too proud to admit you have a discipline problem. I’ve been working on my gambling discipline for years, and I still have a trouble from time to time.

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I’m much more disciplined than I used to be, but I still need improvement. Now that you know you need to improve your discipline, the best way to get started is to simply think about it all of the time. The more you think about your discipline, the more you’re going to work on improving it.

Start using the discipline of preparing before you gamble. Start studying right now to become an expert gambler. Set aside time every day to learn and practice.

Create a plan for your next gambling session and stick with your plan. Even if you can only stay on track for 15 minutes, it’s a start. Work on extending this to 20 minutes, then 30 minutes, and build up to an hour.

The only way to build your discipline is to work on it constantly. Don’t give in when you start to waiver. Refocus your mind and make a commitment to being more disciplined. This is how you build discipline in gambling and in life.


If you want to accomplish anything important in your life, you need to develop strong discipline. Becoming a better gambler is no different. The stronger your discipline gets, the better you’re going to do when you’re gambling.

You need to build a gambling mindset of never giving in. When you give in, the casino wins the game. This means that you need the discipline to walk away if the casino isn’t offering what you’re looking for.

It’s easy to get lazy, but you can’t ever do it. Do everything you need to prepare before you gamble. And finally, you need discipline to stop gambling before your bankroll starts to look a little scarce.