7 Ways Casinos Take Advantage of Inexperienced Gamblers

Man With a Turned Out Pocket and a Casino Floor Background

Casinos are something to behold, especially if it’s your first time walking through the front doors: the sights, the sounds. The buzz of activity that is commonplace in casinos makes the environment somewhat hypnotic.

The feelings you get when walking through a casino are the product of the work casinos do to make sure their patrons are entertained enough to stay around.

First-time gamblers might feel slightly overwhelmed, but over time walking through a casino will feel familiar. However, in those the first few trips, you might notice you’re focusing on anything but the cards in front of you.

Once again, this is a deliberate move by the casino to keep you transfixed enough to continue to gamble and spend your money. Here are seven ways casinos take advantage of inexperienced gamblers.

1 ‒ Casinos Overstimulate Gamblers

The combination of the elements in a casino is purposefully mesmerizing. Land based casinos are genuinely like a theme park, mostly the larger casinos in gambling hubs like Las Vegas. Don’t believe me?

Some casinos even have roller coasters inside casinos. While the presence of carnival rides isn’t common in the casino business, the overall feel matches the sensation of walking through fairgrounds.

Casinos typically feature loud, repetitive music designed to lull you into a sort of rhythmic gambling. Additionally, flashing lights and over-the-top decorum are also mainstays at most casinos.

Bright Casino Lights

Even if you somehow overcome the temptation of these potential distractions, most casinos will have television screens situated in your line of sight within a few feet of most tables.

This is all to say that casinos do anything and everything to artificially conjure up happiness feelings in gamblers. The happier you feel and the more entertained you are, the longer you’ll stay at the casino.

New bettors must realize this before they stay too long and lose excessive amounts of money. There’s no fault in having a good time at the casinos, but make sure not to be tricked into gambling away money you didn’t intend to.

2 ‒ Offer Free Alcohol

Of all the tactics casinos engage in to increase their advantage over gamblers, the most obvious and popular one is offering them free alcohol while they gamble. You might think this is a generous offering by the casino as they’re demonstrating hospitality and quality customer service. You would be wrong.

It’s no secret that alcohol is a chemical that dulls the senses and takes you out of your normal state of mind.

Most casino games require solid gambling strategy and making and a diligent approach to frugality. When your drunkness increases, your ability to stick to a solid game plan decreases.

Depending on where you’re gambling, drink runners will go from table to table to take gamblers’ drink orders. They usually return in a matter of minutes with a fresh drink.

A new gambler is blissfully unaware of what’s taking place. You could easily find yourself getting belligerently drunk. Once again, it’s okay to take advantage of a few free beverages, but don’t fall into the house’s hands and overdo it.

3 ‒ They Create an Oasis Where Time Doesn’t Exist

Before I started gambling, several of my friends and family members warned me about the phenomenon that occurs in casinos. I was told repeatedly that time doesn’t exist in a casino. You can easily spend hours gambling without realizing how long you’ve been there.

The lack of clocks and windows is not a secret to gamblers. It’s very easy to fall into the blackhole casinos aspire to create.

I always recommend new gamblers wear a watch to a casino. This might seem old school since everyone has a smartphone nowadays. However, casinos make a point to limit cell phone use at tables and require gamblers to step away from the table to check their phones.

It’s shocking to find how quickly time seems to pass at casinos because of all of these reasons. The fast-paced gambling action, combined with the lack of natural light, makes it easy to get caught up in the experience.

I make a point to stand up from the table every 30 minutes or so. I do this to get my bearings straight and make sure I’m not staying past my intended departure time.

4 ‒ There Are ATMs at Every Turn

Say you walk into a casino with $200 to gamble. You tell yourself that’s all the money you will spend today, regardless of how you fare at the tables.

Unfortunately, if you happen to lose that money, you might stick to your initial plan and head for the exit. As you depart, you’ll most likely walk past several ATMs on the way to the doors.

The convenience of withdrawing more money from ATMs all around the casino makes it challenging to leave when your money is gone. However, casinos ATMs typically charge a very steep ATM fee.

I’ve seen countless gamblers blow through the bankroll only to sprint over to the nearest ATM to grab some more money to continue playing.

Leaving casinos is more challenging than you would expect. It can seem like a good idea to get just a little bit more money out to play for a few more minutes.

I’ll admit that I’ve fallen victim to the casino ATMs a few times. I’ve regretted it every time. It’s better to ignore the temptations and save your money for the next trip.

5 ‒ Slot Machines Dominate the Floor Space

Real money slots are the most popular (and highest grossing) games at the casinos. The second you enter, you’ll face rows and rows of casinos with inviting graphics and fun sound effects to lure you in.

I loathe slot machines because I find them to be boring and antisocial. (That’s just my personal preference) I also think that new gamblers shouldn’t spend all their time at the casino in front of a slot machine.

Large Digital Slot Machines

Once you sit down at a machine, it’s hard to leave. You’ll most likely find that most machines use visual and auditory stimulation to keep you playing for as long as possible.

Based on specific graphic sequences, you might think you’ve hit the jackpot. Unfortunately, in all actuality, most machines oversell your successes.

Even if you break away from the machines, you still have to walk through the casino that is lined with the machines. Casinos situate slot machines around each entrance and exit, hoping to either immediately draw you in upon arrival or keep you around the casino as you try to depart.

6 ‒ Casinos Are Built Like Playgrounds for Adults

I mentioned this earlier, but it needs repeating: casinos are just playgrounds for grown-ups. Most are filled with restaurants, bars, live entertainment, TVs, and other attractions.

It’s really no wonder that inexperienced gamblers find casinos to be so breathtaking. I’ll be the first to admit that I love to gamble, and I enjoy almost every trip I take to the casinos. What’s not to like?

When you’re first starting to gamble, always remember that the casino is a business. Their sole purpose is to make money.

Every single game in the casino has a house edge. You’ll most likely be leaving the casino with less money than you arrived with.

This might take some of the shine off the experience. It’s crucial to be aware of this, so you don’t lose too much money while gambling.

7 ‒ It’s Always Easier to Keep Playing

Casinos are all fun and games until you’re out of money. When you run out of money, it’d time to go. Avid gamblers like myself should know how hard it is to pull yourself away from the table and head home.

Even as an experienced gambler, I still struggle with knowing when it’s the right time to pull the plug, especially if I’m winning money.

Elevated View of a Casino Floor

New gamblers who are winning should always set an amount they’re comfortable with losing and winning. This means if you’re out of cash or if you’re fortunate enough to hit your winning amount, it’s time to go home.

As I said earlier, the enormous quantity of games and entertainment options always seems more enticing than the proposition of heading to the hotel or getting into your car to drive home.

Trust me, though; you’ll appreciate when you spend the right amount at the casino. There are few things worse than overstaying your welcome.


Casinos, at their core, are a business hoping to achieve higher levels of profit. They’re also a ton of fun and a great source of entertainment.

These two facts aren’t mutually exclusive. Inexperienced gamblers should always enjoy themselves responsibly and avoid falling into some of the traps casinos routinely attempt to set.

The spectacle of casinos involves a combination of visual and auditory stimulants designed to produce feelings of joy in their customers. The sights and sounds, combined with a constant alcohol flow, make casinos feel like a theme park for adults.

Remember to be on the lookout for these features, and when you think it’s an excellent time to head home, stick to it and don’t get sucked back in.