5 Ways to Always Find a Good Jacks or Better Paytable

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Jacks or Better is one of the top five casino games if you want a game with good odds, but only if you find a machine with the right paytable. But finding a Jacks or Better machine with the right paytable is challenging.

The good news is that when you know a couple of simple tricks, finding the best paytable is easy. So in this post, you’re going to learn a simple five-step method to make sure you’re always playing Jacks or Better with the best odds.

Know What a Good Jacks or Better Paytable Is

The first step in making sure you always find the best Jack or Better paytable is knowing what a good paytable looks like. The good news is I can teach you what a good Jacks or Better paytable looks like in this section.

You only need to look at three things on the paytable. The first thing you need to look at is how much it pays when you get a flush. Look in the section under the five-coin bet. If the machine pays 30 coins, it’s time to look at the next section.

The next area to look at is under the five-coin bet payment for a full house. The number you’re looking for is 45 coins. If the flush and full house match these numbers, it’s time to look at the final place on the machine.

The final thing to look at is the payment for a royal flush with a five-coin bet. If the pay is at least 4,000 coins, you’ve found a good Jacks or Better paytable. In fact, if the machine doesn’t meet these three requirements, you should find a different machine to play with.

Most Jacks or Better video poker machines that meet these three requirements pay 4,000 coins for a royal flush. But a few machines either have a set payment higher than 4,000 coins or use a progressive jackpot, and the pay can climb over 4,000 coins.

If you find a progressive Jacks or Better machine and the jackpot is under 4,000 coins, you shouldn’t play.

The last thing you need to understand about playing Jacks or Better when you find the right paytable, if you want to receive the highest possible return, you have to use the right strategy. It’s a waste of money to spend time finding a good paytable if you’re not going to use the best strategy.

Find a strategy chart online or buy a strategy card at Amazon or in a gift shop. It’s an easy-to-use strategy when you have a list, and if you use a list, it won’t be long before you memorize the right plays.

Scout Local Casinos

I play a lot of different gambling games, including blackjack, poker, and sports betting. But no matter what I plan to play when I go to one of my local casinos, I always take a look at the Jacks or Better machines.

When I find a Jacks or Better machine with a good paytable, I add it to my list. I recommend keeping a list of everywhere you find a good paytable on a Jacks or Better machine. I also keep a list of Deuces Wild machines with good paytables because I play both games. But this post is about Jacks or Better, so I’ll get back to the correct subject.

It’s disappointing to plan a trip to your local casino to play Jacks or Better, and when you get there, you can’t find a machine with a good paytable. Unfortunately, not every casino offers good paytables, so it’s a good idea to keep a list, so you always know where to find what you’re looking for.

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The other thing that happens, though it’s rare, is casinos switch machines out. So that’s why I always look at the video poker machines when I’m in a casino.

Some casinos offer a machine with a good paytable but only have one or two machines available that you want to play. So if someone else is playing on the machines where you want to play, it can take a long time before a seat opens up.

When I plan a trip to a local casino, I always have at least two or three different games I’m willing to play, so if the good Jacks or Better machines are being used, I can play blackjack or poker.

Scout in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has more good Jacks or Better machines than any other area in the world. But there are also more casinos in Las Vegas than anywhere else in the world, so it can be like a treasure hunt finding good Jacks or Better paytables.

Every time I’m in Las Vegas, I try to visit several casinos. And in every casino I visit, I check out the Jacks or Better machines. But just because a casino has a good machine on one visit doesn’t mean the machine is going to be in the same place on my next visit.

Before I traveled to Las Vegas, I used to visit online forums to see if anyone had information about where the best machines were located. Sometimes I could get a good lead, and other times, it wasn’t helpful.

If you know any gamblers who live in Las Vegas, you can ask them to keep an eye open for good paytables, so you don’t waste time looking when you arrive.

Online Casinos with Jacks or Better

The easiest place to find Jacks or Better machines with good payables is online casinos. Of course, not every online casino offers machines with good paytables, but many do.

But you also need to be careful when you play video poker in an online casino. Some online casinos offer machines where you can play more than one hand at a time. The paytable isn’t always the same when you play more than one hand at a time.

I was playing on a machine with the right paytable in an online casino, playing one hand at a time. I decided to play 10 hands at a time, so I hit the 10 hand button and kept playing. After playing for quite a while, I noticed that the paytable for the 10 hand game wasn’t the same as for the single-hand game.

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I felt this was a dirty trick, and I’ve never played at that online casino again. But it was really my fault for not checking the paytable when I switched to 10 hands.

Just like when you’re looking for good paytables in land-based casinos, keep a list of online casinos you play in that have good Jacks or Better paytables. The good news is that if you see what software a casino uses that does have good paytables, you can usually find other casinos using the same software.

But always check the paytables before you start playing because some software solutions offer the casino owner a choice of which paytables to use. You don’t want to end up on a machine that doesn’t pay the best odds.

Mobile Jacks or Better Casinos

Mobile Jacks or Better casinos are basically the same as online casinos. Some of them offer good paytables, and some of them don’t. The same rules apply to mobile casinos as apply to online casinos. You’re looking for the same key pay schedules.

Always check the paytables before you start playing, and don’t assume the paytable is going to be the same every time you play or when you play at a different casino using the same mobile software.

It only takes a few seconds to check the tables, so you won’t waste much time. And if you don’t find a good table, simply grab your list and start playing somewhere else. With so many options for reputable mobile casinos, you never have to play Jacks or Better on a machine with a poor paytable.

Our Conclusion About Jacks or Better

If you don’t know what the best Jacks or Better paytable looks like, you’re going to have a hard time finding the right machine. But Jacks or Better paytables are easy to read when you know the two most important lines.

Once you learn about the best paytable, all you have to do is look and keep track of what you find. Soon you’re going to know exactly where the right paytables are, so you always know where you need to play.

Once you find the right machine, the only other thing you need to do is use a strategy card to get the best available odds.