Warning! Are You Making These Roulette Mistakes?

Warning Sign With Roulette Wheels and Money

You can find professional blackjack players, pro poker players, and professional sports gamblers if you know where to look. But finding a professional roulette gambler is a rare thing.

The main reason you can’t find roulette pros is because it’s almost impossible to win at the roulette table over time. But this doesn’t mean that there aren’t some things every roulette gambler can do to improve their chance to win.

This article includes information about six mistakes that almost every roulette gambler is making. If you want to be the best real money roulette gambler that you can be, you have to eliminate these mistakes immediately. The good news is that most roulette mistakes can quickly be eliminated.

Playing Live Casino Roulette

When I say live roulette, I mean when you play at a table located in a land based casino or gambling establishment. This doesn’t mean that the base roulette game is different when you play live or online or in a mobile casino.

The basic roulette game is the same in all of these places. And the odds are the same whether you play online or live roulette, as long as the table rules are the same. Why is playing live roulette a mistake?

The reason why live roulette is a mistake is because you have to risk too much to play live. The smallest roulette table minimum I’ve seen in a long time is $10. And most tables have a minimum of $20 or higher.

An Active Roulette Game

When you play roulette in a mobile casino or online, there are many casinos that offer lower table minimums. In fact, you can play roulette for $1 a spin in many of these casinos.

The reason why this is important is because roulette tables are built with odds that you can’t overcome. In other words, every bet you make playing roulette is a losing wager. When this is the case, it’s a mistake to make a bet higher than you need to.

Play online and mobile roulette so you can make the smallest bets possible.

The Online and Mobile Roulette Trap

I know I just got finished explaining why you should play roulette in mobile and online casinos, but there’s a big trap that you have to avoid when you do. The online and mobile roulette trap can be just as costly as playing roulette in a live casino.

The trap when you play online and mobile roulette is that you have the ability to play far more spins in any given time period than you can play at a love roulette table. When you play more spins it puts more money at risk.

If you play 60 spins an hour at $10 per spin in a live casino you risk $600 every hour. If you play 300 spins an hour at $2 a spin playing online roulette you risk the same $600.

In both of these situations you’re risking the same amount of money, and you’re going to lose the same amount of money. But the problem is that you can play more spins online if you play too fast. It’s possible to play 500 or 600 roulette spins in an hour in mobile and online casinos.

You have to avoid making the mistake of playing to fast when you play mobile and online roulette. The solution is to simply play slower.

American, European, and French Roulette Rules

Roulette variations are available using three sets of rules. From the outside looking in, all three sets of rules look the same at first. But the set of rules used at each table is slightly different, and there’s only one set of rules that you should play.

The three sets of rules are American, European, and French. American rules roulette uses a slightly different wheel and table than European and French rules tables. American roulette rules use a wheel with 38 spaces. You can quickly identify this rule set by looking for a space on the wheel with 00, or double zero.

European Roulette Online Casino Game

European and French rules roulette tables use 37 spaces and don’t have a 00 slot on the wheel. Other than the extra space on the wheel, American and European roulette play exactly the same.

The French wheel is exactly the same as the European roulette wheel, but the table rules are slightly different. When you play French rules roulette any bet you lose on an even money wager is put in prison for one more spin. If you win the next spin you get back your loss from the previous spin. But this is true only on even money wagers.

This is why the only roulette tables you should play on are the ones that use French rules.

Roulette Betting System Mistakes

The mistake some roulette gamblers make that I want to talk about in this section is using a roulette betting system. Why are roulette systems a mistake?

Roulette systems look like a good idea at first. Many of these systems look like they can help you win when you play roulette. The problem is that there aren’t any roulette systems that actually work. In fact, most roulette systems end up costing more in losses than if you simply made a single wager on every spin.

Roulette systems don’t change the odds or the return percentages. And no gambling strategy or system that doesn’t change the odds or return helps you win.

Most roulette systems require you to make more than one wager at a time and/or require you to risk more money. These two things always cost you more money in the long run. This is why you don’t ever want to use a roulette system.

Roulette Gambling Bonus Mistakes

Some mobile and online casinos offer roulette gamblers a bonus when they play for real money. On the surface this looks like a good thing. But this isn’t always the truth.

Online casino bonuses can give you a bigger bankroll to play with, but they aren’t designed in a way that helps you win. They just let you play longer.

I’m not suggesting that being able to play roulette longer is bad. But the truth is that most roulette bonuses are designed to make sure that you lose all of your money instead of helping you win.

Roulette Chips Next to a Roulette Wheel

The key is the rules that you agree to follow when you get a roulette bonus. The rules require that you risk a certain amount of money when you accept a roulette bonus before you can get your money back from the casino.

The longer you play roulette and the more you risk, the more you lose. Casinos have done the math and know how long they need you to play and how much they need you to risk to take your entire deposit. This is what they use in the rules to take your money when they give you a bonus.

Roulette Casino Comp Mistakes

When you play roulette in a live casino you can usually earn casino comps. All you have to do is get a player’s club membership and present your card at the roulette table. The casino tracks your play and gives you a small percentage of your play back in comps.

On the surface this is a good thing. If you’re playing roulette you’re losing, so getting something back is good.

The mistake many roulette gamblers make is that they bet more and/or play longer in order to earn the next level of comps. And the money you lose chasing the next comp level is always going to be more than what the comps are worth.

Roulette comp schemes are designed to get you to gamble more, not reward you for your play. This is a fact that you can’t afford to forget or ignore.

Sign up and get comps when you play roulette if you can. But never play longer than you originally planned or risk more than you originally planned when you play roulette. Doing these things is exactly what the casino wants you to do.

Win More Playing Roulette

One of the worst gambling mistakes made by roulette gamblers is playing the game at tables that use any rule other than French rules. Any roulette table that doesn’t offer French rules should be invisible to you, because you must not play at these tables.

You can’t use any strategy or system to win when you play roulette in the long run. In fact, roulette systems just end up costing you more money over time.

Mobile and online roulette offers many advantages, but there’s one trap that comes with these roulette options. You have to learn how to avoid this trap if you want to avoid losing too much money.