Vacation Destinations Near Isle of Capri Casino Hotel Lula

Isle of Capri Casino Logo and Nearby Attractions

If you’re headed to Isle of Capri Casino Hotel Lula, odds are, you’re looking for a few more cool things to do during your stay in the area. Unfortunately, Lula is a rather secluded town and you will find little to do there.

However, if you head across the border into Arkansas, odds are you’ll find some fun things to do. Today’s post will tell you all there is to know about vacation destinations surrounding the Isle of Capri Casino Hotel Lula.

So, when you need an afternoon or even an entire day off from the casino gaming, there are more than a few hot spots to sink your teeth into. Again, we’re traveling to Arkansas here, but keep in mind that most of these vacation destinations remain within proximity of the casino.

Are you ready to go exploring? Keep reading.

Freedom Park

Head over to 750 Briscoe Street in Helena, Arkansas, and you’ll stumble right into Freedom Park. It’s a great place to go when you’re looking to also visit the Delta Cultural Center, Arkansas Welcome Center, or Fort Curtis, given its proximity to each location, with the farthest located just over a mile away.

While you’re getting quite a scenic nature experience, it’s not quite the place rich in recreation, as much as it is rich in history. It’s close to the nearby river and you’re getting a lot of Civil War Era history lessons here. So, if you’re into it, you’ll love your little jaunt to Freedom Park.

Historical markings at Freedom Park include sculptures and information stations along a paved path. And while you’ll find most guests, along with yourself, walking about quietly from station to station, a few reviewers have stated every now and again, a few knowledgeable souls come along.

And yes, they make themselves available to each guest, so feel free to approach and engage them in conversation.

Delta Cultural Center

You’re getting three buildings in one here at 141 Cherry Street. If you also plan on visiting Fort Curtis, the Helena Museum of Phillips County, or the Pillow Thompson House, you’re in luck here since they’re all within a half-mile of the cultural center.

But here at the Delta Cultural Center, if you’re a fan of music popular in the Arkansas River Delta such as the blues, gospel, country, or rockabilly, just to name a few, then you’re in for a real treat here as they contain state-of-the-art exhibits in each genre.

The more popular exhibits include a radio studio, information on the most successful musicians in the genre, listening stations, and photo galleries.

Delta Cultural Center

And if you won money playing casino games, check out their merchandise store. Here, you’ll find locally-made music and gift products, along with books featuring some of the hottest musicians featured at the location.

Arkansas Welcome Center

Head over to 1506 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in West Helena and you’ll stumble across the Arkansas Welcome Center. You’re going to find a lot of history here regarding the area and even the entire state, including artifacts with corresponding descriptions all over this location.

They also boast a solid collection of old magazines, many of which feature some of the smallest towns and their corresponding local businesses. Yeah, it’s definitely an interesting set of reads if you’re into small-town living.

And besides their free coffee (or hot chocolate if you’re here during the cooler months), they also have a set of brochures and pieces of information regarding an even greater number of attractions in the area. If today’s post gave you no new ideas, perhaps you’ll find a few at the Arkansas Welcome Center.

Pillow Thompson House

The Pillow Thompson House is at 718 Perry Street in Helena. And if you’re an architecture lover, then this location is definitely one you will enjoy. But besides the grand architecture, you’re getting yet another history lesson in this small town here.

So, again, if you love local history, this is a great location to pair with the Helena Museum of Phillips County. And best yet, the Pillow Thompson House is only a quarter-mile away from the museum. Make sure you pair the two together.

Pillow Thompson House

Some reviewers on TripAdvisor have noted the house hosts a luncheon on the first Thursday of every month. Make sure you check it out if you’re here at the appropriate time. Also, they give free tours, which makes the house a great option if you’re looking to spend little when you explore the region.

Fort Curtis

Seek out Fort Curtis at 3500 Columbia in Helena, Arkansas. So, what is Fort Curtis?

It’s a reconstruction of the original, which allows you to step back into history to see what life was like at the fort. The original Fort Curtis was located just down the road from the reconstructed fort.

At Fort Curtis, it’s still easy to picture what life was like for the soldiers who lived in the fort during the Civil War. They have posted numerous descriptions here at the fort, which also gives you a further understanding of its purpose along the Mississippi.

Oh, and they also have reenactors stationed there, which adds some authenticity to the experience. However, you won’t find an entire unit of reenactors; just a few people dressed as Union soldiers. But still, it’s always fun to watch and hear their demonstrations.

Helena Museum of Phillips County

Are you in the mood for some history on Phillips County?

Find it over at the Helena Museum, and spend an hour touring the small location. You’re getting a lot of history in the building itself, since it’s the oldest museum in Arkansas, having served as a staple in the area for over 90 years.

You’ll find the story of the Arkansas Delta over at 623 Pecan Street. Like any small-town museum, it’s not the largest by any means. But it tells a chilling tale of what life was like in the region over the past three centuries, all the way up until the present day.

If you’re a fan of local history, then it’s definitely one of the hottest vacation destinations near Isle of Capri Casino Hotel Lula.

Helena Confederate Cemetery

Yes, this one is yet another fantastic location if you’re interested in the history of the Civil War. But it boasts more than just interesting history, as several reviewers on TripAdvisor have enjoyed just spending the waning hours of the day here to walk amongst the stones.

If that’s something you’re interested in, then definitely check out one of the oldest cemeteries in Helena. However, if you examine the stones here, you’ll come to realize that many soldiers remain unknown—chilling, to say the least.

Helena Confederate Cemetery

You’ll also find more than a few interesting monuments here plus epic scenery. If you’re into picturesque, forested backdrops, this cemetery has what you’re looking for.

Regardless if you like history, the Civil War itself, or if you’re looking for a nice view of the surrounding countryside, the Helena Confederate Cemetery has all of it.

Stan Streets Hambone Art Gallery

You will probably find some hot entertainment at Isle of Capri Casino Hotel Lula. However, if you find nothing of interest, check out Stan Streets Hambone Art Gallery. You’ll find quite a nice array of live music and entertainment here at 111 E 2nd Street in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

Like many small towns, you won’t find world-class acts here. But if you’re into the local scene, then this is the hottest place in town when the sun goes down especially if you’re a fan of music popular in the Arkansas or Mississippi Delta.

Many area hotels recommend the art gallery, so it has credibility throughout the region. Besides the attractive entertainment, it’s also a great place to indulge in some local crafts and wines if you haven’t already done so over at Isle of Capri.

Oh, and of course, it is an art gallery, so if you’re not interested in jamming out to the area’s live local music scene but you identify as an art enthusiast, it’s the place to catch some unforgettable local works of art.

So, come on in, enjoy the brews, wines, music, or if nothing else, breathtaking pieces of local art.

Our Final Thoughts on the Area Near Isle of Capri Lula

You’re getting a lot of fine vacation destinations when you travel to the region surrounding Isle of Capri Casino Lula. Besides the historic references, they also include a fine array of nature, scenery, and even local entertainment.

And today’s list will just help you get started on planning your vacation to the area. Remember, what’s listed above is just a few slices to a larger pie. So, make sure you venture to the welcome center and find even more hot vacation destinations in the area if you did not find anything above.

Have you visited Isle of Capri Casino Hotel Lula? Or are you planning your casino trip? Let us know all about your experiences in the comments or share what you look forward to doing when you’re in the area.